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I truly think that big gorl has forgotten what actual soap/cleanser feels like as opposed to lotion. Just gives a little more insight on how infrequently she must bathe now, and how she considers deodorant, lotion and perfume her "hygiene routine".

However, watching her smear that cleanser all over her already irritated face and leaving it to dry gave me the major giggles.

a llama weighs 450lbs

amber's hump #1 fan
she developed her new sensitive skin condition after her reaction to whatever makeup wipes she was using recently

i dont think it was the makeup wipes so much as the absolute filth she lives in (pillow mountain)

perhaps becky might want to give amber a spritz with that urine remover bottle we saw and tell her it's rosewater toner or something

the exceptionals of r/amberlynn also noticed that her water bottle that she apparently refilled from the water cooler is still sealed2zxlr7dm32041.jpg
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