Eat with me I'm lonely - 7/26/19

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What is this video?

  • Eat With Me

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Ssssshhhhh I said ssssshhhhhhh. Tee Hee!
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She starts off with two sandwiches.

Her hair is even worse looking in this video.

0:16 - Amber is lonely without Necky and the fags are out of the house so she is alone. She pulls back a piece of bread and has this O-face situation going on. She was probably imaging that was Miley Cyrus' beef curtains.

0:39 - This face as she takes the first bite of her healthy mostly dry sandwich

1:00 - This isn't ummm a mook-bong. Really Amber?

1:14 - Amber shows us the front cover of a People magazine and their faces have been doodled on with a pen. Amber suspects Eric or Necky. I did this stuff in Elementary school.

1:34 - Our gorl takes another bite and we get 10 seconds of dead air (Woah Kemosabe) as we are serenaded with the sounds of lip smacking and heavy breathing.

1:52 - our gorl asks a camera permission to get a drink. She leaves and returns with a drink (better be that coldest water bottle sis).

2:30 - we get a conversation between Amber and Eric. It lasts about 20 seconds and I counted 5 uses of "booboo" in that 20 second period. Also Amber is salty because Eric came home with Hardees and didn't get her anything.

2:45 - Eric begins retelling his harrowing story of how hard it was to buy fast food. Amber is captivated in the story probably because she is eyeing Eric's hardees bag.

2:55 - Awwww hell nah ( a couple of potential avatars)


4:25 - Here is the money shot for @Null

4:27 - She just randomly starts laughing?

5:07 - this is an eat with me not a mook-bong!!!!!!! Look at my plate.
by Amber logic a mook-bong is when you can see a person's plate as they eat. What type of logic is that?

5:22 - Our gorl starts to throw some shade a Flobby Bobby. You go sis.

7:26 - Amber refers to her mook-bong as a mook-bong before realizing her slip and just calls it a don't know what I'm filming video. You treat your fans with such respect. Nothing but the best entertainment for your ass patters.

7:41 - We hear mumbles barely get a legible word out of his mouth.

8:08 - Amber reveals that Becky has only been gone for 3 hours.

9:11 - We get this face. No, the surprise face is not that Eric brought Amber a meal but that Wasabi jumped on to the table.

9:45 - We see a piece of bread fall out of her mouth because she is a savage neanderthal who never learned to never talk while chewing food and never learned that smacking lips = bad.
Here is her face right before it falls out:

Here is the bread out of her mouth. I circled it to find it easier:

10:55 - We find out our gorl does not like ketchup or mustard. Also I grabbed this screenshot. It has it all. Cleavage, beetus knuckles, hamhock, Amber shoving food while looking away, etc.

11:17 - Time for the muh-muh-muh-money shot for the feeders

12:40 - This video is the most pointless thing I've ever seen. why did you upload it then?!?! Oh yeah for the YouTube shekels.
General revaltion to me in this video: Amber and Eric are really really alike. That is probably why they get along well together.

Amberlynn Timeline:

This video was filmed before the video of Eric and Ricky setting up the pool. At 7:05 Eric discusses the pool.
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She looks like she wanted to kill Eric.
You don't like pizza either but I'm sure you would have chowed down on Hardee's if Eric brought you back something, just like you do pizza or eggs.
Shading Foodie Booty.
Calls her eat with me for what it is, a mookbong on accident, it's not even a mookbong you guys.
What is a frisco, is it chicken.?
**This is boring, it's putting me to sleep. She definitely wants to eat Eric's food. She also, maybe brought a plate that she forgot about and now it's a mystery.
YES YOU'RE CRAP VIDEOS ARE BORING. ALL. OF. THEM. You're too boring to even be basic.
That ain't baby oil, it's that you haven't washed your hair in a week. Wait, you end it just like that?

eat with me i'm lonely - 7/26/2019 (Day 38 of this 100-Day Nightmare)

Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch things so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- Hamber is lonely and needs "companee". Geez, is this the SAME sandwich mentioned TWO VIDEOS AGO?

- Hamber NO LIKEY BLAND FOOD. Eat with her, but it's not a MOOKBONG.

- Someone drew on a People Magazine. Can't guess who (though it wasn't done with a crayon, so her guess of Necky must be wrong).

- Diet Orange Crush.

- Another reminder that Necky is on a family trip.

- Eric is back and picked up fast food (Hardee's) but did NOT get any for Hamber! Much sadness! Boring conversation with off-screen Eric!

- Oh, 4 and a half minutes in, Hamber calls this a "white noise" video because it's a lot of chompin', heavy-breathin', and ComplainLynn ranting nonsense at a camera by herself. "Boo-boo", your entire CHANNEL is "white noise" at this point.


- "This is going to be one of those videos when I have nothing else to upload. So when you see this, just know your gorl ran out of videos" - So in the remaining OVER FOUR WEEKS since this video was recorded, you filmed NOTHING? Your 100-Day nonsense is DONE? (Who the fuck are we kidding, you just a LAH and needed more money so here's 14 minutes of NOTHING to bring in the AD MONEY.)

- GossipLynn has someone in PARTICULAR who uploads boring nothing content, but not gonna say who!

- More boring conversation with off-screen Eric! More reminder she misses Necky!

- "You doing the pool tonight?" (Pretty much confirms this is THE SANDWICH she started making in the video uploaded TWO DAYS AGO, further fucking up the "timeline")

- "You wanna go in the MOOKBONG?" OH BUT THIS IS NOT A MOOKBONG!

- It WOULD be exercise to fill a pool with water from cups from the kitchen sink! That's why 1) it won't happen and 2) even if it DID happen, Hamber would not participate!

- Necky gone 3 hours at this point - has texted Hamber that she misses her. (Probably because it's almost Toilet Time in the day for Hamber and Necky misses that bonding experience.)

- More boring conversation with off-screen Wasabi!

- "People are watching this video and are so annoyed. 'Why are you side-talkeen?'" (Hamber, the reasons why people are annoyed at this video are TOO NUMEROUS TO COUNT, BOO-BOO!)

- Hamber got sandwich bits in her hair - guess the cockroaches get to participate in this Not-Mookbong video as well!

- After almost ten minutes, Hamber actually exerts energy to move the camera and show something other than stuffing her moon-face. It is Wasabi and Twinkie Storr. That lasted 10 seconds.

- Hamber is "Plain Jane" when it comes to condiments. Why bother TASTING food, anyway? Also, she qualifies as at least 4 or 5 "Plain Jane"s.

- where did this plate come from? oh god i can't even go on this is so fucking boring boring boring...

- "#FallApart" (Impending loss of limbs/digits from the 'Beetus)

- Them Youtubers have no concept of what day of the week it is because they are ALWAYS WORKEEN.

- "You don't want to have a hiatus so people are like, 'Amberlynn WHO?' So you have to keep up your appearance and I do that on Twitter like a lot a lot" (Coincidentally, Hamber REACTIVATED her Twitter last night! Hard to plug your Twitter and your a-lot-a-lot posting in a boring-ass video if it's not fucking active!)

- "I have baby oil in my hair" (Grease is like a TYPE of oil!)


TL;DR - Amberlynn eats sandwiches for 14+ minutes and refuses to call it a mookbong.
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