Eat with me I'm lonely - 7/26/19

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I can't get over the fact that she refuses to stop stuffing her fucking face with carbs. Not to rant but she, or anyone for that matter, can lose a shit ton of weight if they cut out most carbs from their diet, and by that, I mean anything white. So, no bread of any kind, rice, etc. The only thing that I would recommend is maybe some Quaker Rice Cakes as a snack.

But we all know that wont happen.

p.s. gorl still looking massive as fuck

Fucking. Sad.

It's so telling that when Amber's left alone for longer than it takes to fetch more mcdonalds she goes all depresshun mode and feels abandoned. You can see it, the even more unkempt appearance, the tone of voice that's even more "I give up" than usual.

As for the food. It's Amber "this is LOW CAL so Imma have DOUBLE!" with the sandwiches. Also that sneaky little jump cut when she goes to get a drink, before it cuts, you get just a little glimpse of just how much of a struggle it is for her to stand up. That swivel motion where she was trying to use her whole body's weight to sort of throw herself up on to her feet because she can't just.. stand up, like a normal human. Yeah I see why she wants to edit that out.


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Why is she lonely? Isn't Becky there to like "eat" her?
Becky left for 3 days.

It's so telling that when Amber's left alone for longer than it takes to fetch more mcdonalds she goes all depresshun mode and feels abandoned.
This is how you know she's full of shit when she claims she's an introvert.

nothing must disgusting than her bra in this video... i don't understand why she eats with her mouth full!!! totally gross for our dainty gorl...

nothing sadder than her life. where everyone has plans and she has to stick up all summer to her bed or chair because is so fat that is not fitting anywhere...

the most interesting part of this video is to see her delussion and sadness to have to make a muckbang with 2 sandwiches... if you realize she is looking and talking about her food with disgust...

This bitch to be grown in a poor environment and a lot of foster care homes has nothing of humbleness and thankfulness to have food at her table... totally ungrateful
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This is pleasure!
she looks like a mess here
imagine if this cunt lived by herself, she'd off herself by drowning in a jar of Mayo
If she lived by herself she'd drop 300lbs in record time. Most of these death fats would. They'd either die of infection from being unable to clean themselves or lose a lot of weight.

I don't think I've ever seen a person over 500lbs doesn't have at least one committed enabler.

Haesindang Park
She looks like she wanted to kill Eric.
You don't like pizza either but I'm sure you would have chowed down on Hardee's if Eric brought you back something, just like you do pizza or eggs.
Shading Foodie Booty.
Calls her eat with me for what it is, a mookbong on accident, it's not even a mookbong you guys.
What is a frisco, is it chicken.?
**This is boring, it's putting me to sleep. She definitely wants to eat Eric's food. She also, maybe brought a plate that she forgot about and now it's a mystery.
YES YOU'RE CRAP VIDEOS ARE BORING. ALL. OF. THEM. You're too boring to even be basic.
That ain't baby oil, it's that you haven't washed your hair in a week. Wait, you end it just like that?
She's so boring, her videos causes clinical depression. How much Xanax, Prozac, and Zoloft are needed to cure oneself from watching her videos?