Eat with me I'm lonely - 7/26/19

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Queen of Moderation
I take it AL was Bovine non grata at Becky's family reunion type thing? I mean, think about it- Where do you put a 600 lbs gorl especially at an event that is probably an outdoor barbecue. If she stayed indoors, she'd wreck the furniture and then there is her undeniable funk from not being even remotely hygienic. I imagine if Becky's family watched her play home health aid wiping ass and moping out folds, they would be even more unhappy with Becky's life choices. I wonder if they outright told Becky leave her at home or if they came up with some lah like the trip would be too much for our dainty queen and they were only serving Optavia.

so she gets all lonely and depressed when necky isn't around for more than one day, just a bullshit excuse for her to do a mukbang

she really looks like shit in this video

her eyebrows are barely visible

can you imagine being eric and you just walk inside the house and see a 600 lb beast sitting on the floor just eating some sandwiches in front of a camera?

and i like how she points out that the bread is "whole grain" like that makes any fucking difference

"i only put mayo on one side"


excuse me, what

I never almost drownded

I came here to drink milk and kick ass
Jesus H. Christ.
I can't believe she's acting so "woe is me" because Necky has been gone 3 hours. In that time, she has texted Eric her tragic soliloquy of wanting to film or die, or wanting to swim, or watch Fixer-Uppers, or cry. She's saying that like it's so cyuute and funny and relatable. Nah gorl, even Eric thinks it's pathetic and annoying. That's why he didn't reply to such cringe.

Also I kinda want to high five Eric for buying Hardee's on the way home as a passive aggressive f-you to the Hambeast.
He knew exactly what he was doing :shit-eating:

Strawberry Pocky

If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.
Just a few things that will never be seen or confirmed, but of which I am (personally) certain:

> Fatty BoomBoom has spent 2.75 out of the 3 hours The ThumbTard has been gone aggressively texting and blowing up her phone, being a mean cunt a d guilting the life out of her for leaving. HamLard cannot stand even one tiny whiff of a loss of control and now her bloated, sluggy Thumb Servant isnt just GONE (no McDonnies or Wormart for Hammy!) but lots and lots of strangers are around to influence TurboTard ThickAss Necky's dumb autistic sped brain against her

> Eric, useless mush-mouthed despicable slob Muppet he might be..... has always come through on being a shady backbiting cunt. Waving a fucking takeout bag of fast food in front of the binge-starved Sea Cow's buttery moonface was absolutely on purpose and i guarantee he is going to ha e the time of his life while Thumbo Jumbo is gone antagonizing the fuck out of 600 lb Big Bertha

Turd Blossom

Intuitively dumpster diving for expired Rolos
True & Honest Fan
This video might be devoid of anything resembling content, but at least Amber found a way to showcase a few of her unique talents:
  • Shrieking inane shit at her roommates
  • Shriek-laughing at absolutely nothing
  • Getting food all over her face and clothes and hair because she eats like a rëtarded tasmanian devil
  • Somehow managing to make eating a couple dry dainty sandwiches sound like she is a starving pig in the middle of a sloppy-joe eating competition.
I also love how she had a poll on her Twitter asking if we prefer her "sit-down" videos to vlogs. Awhile back she informed us that "vlogs" are where she leaves the house and goes places. So essentially she is asking us to pick between kitchen chair videos and front-seat of the car videos (or a Cheesecake Factory-adjacent hotel room toilet, if we're lucky!). That's a real Sophie's choice, Amber, how could we possibly choose?!


I hate this
She a lah; as has already been pointed out, low calorie bread is smaller and thinner.

"Why didn't you ask me if I was hungry"
I wonder how many years it's been since she actually had an empty stomach. Like if I know I'm going to eat something like a favorite meal and I'll want to stuff myself, I'll skip breakfast and lunch so I go in with plenty of room.

I'm interested to see if poop bun appears during the no Becky days. It's a scary paradox, if she wants to attract a new butler she needs the current butler to keep her somewhat groomed.

There is nothing about her that isn't disgusting.

Also the smacking talking with food in her mouth gross shit is so unacceptable. How does anybody put up with that?


Phthalo green is a basic bitch.
True & Honest Fan
Weird how normal adults functioning at even the most basic level can eat alone but ALR struggles.

It has nothing to do with her having to eat alone; given her obvious food aggression issues, she probably pigs out alone all the time. Instead, it has everything to do with the fact her enabutler is not there to wait on her hand and foot hoof as normal. I agree with the theory that this whole video was uploaded specifically to make Necky feel bad for daring to leave Big Al for longer than it takes to get the Hyundai to the nearest fast food drivethru. We all know she ordered Dominos or the like as soon as she was done pouting and huffing for the camera.