Eat with me I'm lonely - 7/26/19

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Dont you guys think I should choose my own foods?
I am so damn late to this video but did she really say two of those sandwiches were low in calories? Maybe one, but she just needlessly added at least 200 extra calories with the two extra pieces of bread. That's at least 400 calories in bread alone. Boo boo, instead of two sandwiches just put the extra meat on one, jesus. I don't know why that has triggered me the way it did but she needlessly just added empty calories.
She lied and said the bread was 45 cal a piece when it was 70 cals. Not that it matters but people can see the bread she used in the previous video and look up the cals, everything out of her mouth is a lie. Same with the "low cal mayo" shes using is a normal mayo jar.

I think we got a little insight into how AL would act in a controlled diet habitat. She is having thoughts of dying and being condescending to people around her because she cant have 3 crunch wrap supremes. She looks like someone who is kept in a cage and fed scraps under a door holy shit

EH 110

"I don't like Hardee's." Shut up, Amber. You'd kill for a Thickburger. You eat a lot of pizza for someone who claims to hate it. :lol:

Eric could've brought home Burger King and she would have snottily said she doesn't like their food. If I lived there, I'd be parading by with bags of fast food every day.