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Slappy McGherkin

You Halloween idjiots gonna pay for this!!
True & Honest Fan
Dogs don't "walk themselves" *sigh*
The entire point of a dog walk is letting the dog experience something besides their own yard. It's super positive for their mental health. They're migratory creatures, ffs.

Poor Twinkie.
Not to mention getting YOU off your lard-ass, raising your heartbeat a little, burning some of that 5000 calorie intake and getting some (say it with me) E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E. Instead, she'll flail those useless little dumbells around like a hambone she's already chewed to a nub. "Why aren'ts I losing more waaayt?"

LU 010

I wish I could just rewrite all kinds of logic to make myself feel better too
No you don't. Then you'd be a Jabba the Lard like Hamber over here, or a gambling addict or whatever your personal equivalent is. This capacity for ceaseless self-deception is one of the most effectively self-sabotaging personality traits out there.


True & Honest Fan
Millions of people don't walk their dogs. It's unfortunate but hardly a tragedy. And their dogs aren't necessarily obese. Bored or even depressed, sure. But Twinkie doesn't look the way she does because Amberlynn Becky lazily opens the door to let her wander around the yard for ten minutes a day.

The real problem is Amberlynn gives twinkie some of whatever it is that she's eating--and she's always eating. Twinkie has her own dog treats on top of that. And I'm sure she is free-fed, (kibble never measured out). This is what pisses me off about owners of obese pets. Yes the lack of exercise is not ideal. But it's so easy to NOT feed your dog scraps and treats until they bloat up like a prized pig. I don't understand how people can do that to their beloved "furbabies". Thank god Amber doesn't actually give a shit about the cats, otherwise they'd be deathfats just like Twinkie.

Dry Gorl

Thoughts slip in my mind like maggots on a train
Imagine giving up your youth and health for some pink slime in pig intestines.
Amber's love of sausage is hilarious. As tempting as it is to make a phallic joke, she really only likes it because it is greasy and salty and processed (her favorite flavors), while still being somewhat "healthy" in her warped brain. (Unexplainable, I know.)

All of her food looks like shitty pig slop, because she is too lazy to learn how to cook. And why would she? I suspect that the food she "cooks" makes up about 1/15 of her calorie intake, while the rest consist of fast food delivery. It takes way less effort to order some chicken McNuggets than "slave over the stove" as Hamber puts it in this video (as if she's ever done that... :biggrin:)


everything is terrible
True & Honest Fan
she is saying the weight loss hasn't stopped...I am pretty sure she means she hasn't regained 100% of the 19 elbees? losing and gaining the same 5 pounds again like the 497 saga? Her ability to see success when she fails is fucking astounding.

Ugh this whole video I just wanted to punch her in her smug face. I knew this was coming, I knew the cycle was continuing. But still ticks me off, gorl get up and get a damn drink of water. The fridge is behind you, the sink is right next to you, your bedroom is down the hall, just get up! She wants to go on a hike, but can't, gorl walk, get up and just walk every day. 18:18 that face kills me lol

Dog Prom 3D

I had to get away from those anuses for a while.
True & Honest Fan
that one eye is really getting wonky. I kept getting distracted by it.
It's alarming. Not quite Amy Slaton level of eye-fuckery but still bad enough that makes me wonder if she's had a series of mini-strokes.

Goddamn it, Amber! This was one of the saddest meals yet. That overlooked mess took forever to stop steaming. At first I thought it was kung pao shrimp with five times the normal green bell pepper but then I had to laugh at myself, thinking Amber would ever cook something like that. Yet steaming canned green beans with garlic powder and chicken sausage is somehow more outrageously sad than assuming Amber would cook herself an Asian inspired meal.

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