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That Lolcows Guy
True & Honest Fan
Nov 27, 2014
Eatdatpussy445 (EDP445) is an infamous YouTube personality who is mostly known for his hilarious reactions to happenings in the sports world. He also likes to post unrelated non-sports videos which usually involve him bitching about being a virgin with rage or talking about his pornography habits. These also turn out to be quite unintentionally hilarious. He is a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, so a lot of his video revolve around the happenings of that NFL organization.

Below are some of his antics before 2016:

When Chip Kelly (Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles) traded their star running back McCoy to the Buffalo Bills. He made this video which went viral:

When the Philadelphia Eagles traded their quarterback Nick Foles to the St. Louis Rams for Sam Bradford. He made this video as a reaction which also went viral:

As you can see, he basically thinks Chip Kelly is a dumb ass who is hellbent on destroying his favorite football team. Now, onto some non-NFL stuff.

He also has an interest in WWE wrestling, and particularly hates John Cena. He made a video about how he's going to WrestleMania 31 at Levi's Stadium and how he will intentionally hurt John Cena fan's "feelings" who sit in the same row as him:

He then makes a video at the event titled "Fuck John cena" [sic] while swearing near children about how much he hates John Cena (and probably blocking the view of the children because he's not sitting down):

Now for some non-sports related stuff. He made a video detailing how he creepily stole some woman's bra and how he still has possession of it:

His reaction to the whites doing weird porn while wearing a fedora:

As of recently (5/27/2016), EDP445 has been more angry about being a virgin than usual. He thinks that women should just accept an obese virginal Eagles fan as their boyfriend without expecting him to improve his lifestyle:

Here's a video about how he feels that he is entitled to black women, and how black women have entitled attitudes. The irony is delicious:

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Steven Feelsperg
Mar 13, 2015
They're known for being spergs?

Dunno about spergs...but Philadelphia sports fans have the reputation of having the charm of your average incel. There even used to be a courtroom at the old Eagles' football stadium to try the hooliganry. They also proudly threw snowballs and booed Santa Claus.

Short about the booing Santa Claus incident.

Sarah Palin gets booed at Flyers game

Phillies Fan Vomits on Girl

Feb 3, 2013
His seats at WrestleMania were hot garbage. I went to WrestleMania 27, and my seats cost about $200...but I could actually see people in the ring. A quick look shows that he probably spent about $35-50 for a ticket in the nosebleeds. Those tickets are actually the first to go typically, so he must have had pre-sale. if he spent $2,000, he would have had ringside seats.


Domo Arigato
Oct 1, 2013
This man makes me laugh. I think it's because of how easily he chimps out over sports shit. I dunno.

Also, by god, his appearance looks just as funny as his video content. Apologies if that's me A-Loging, but that's also the truth.

As for Philly fans in general, if I have to feel sorry for Sarah Palin of all people, you know you done fucked up your credibility. Not like they had any to begin with, but still.

Feb 3, 2013
I'm not a fan of John Cena, but what annoys me more is the "OMG, I HATE JOHN CENA, AND WILL NOW VERY LOUDLY LET EVERYONE KNOW THIS!" fan.

Yeah, we get it guy, you're not a fan of Cena....

I'm a fan of his work-rate...the fact is this guy is doing almost every show (and there's a house show almost every night) and then doing charity meet-and-greets, appearances promoting the shows, and filming commercials/TV/movies, and he's been doing it for almost a decade (more if you count the time he spent with WWE before he was a main eventer). Are his matches boring? Sure, but the guy is someone that just doesn't stop working.

As for this knuckle-dragger...if he HAS to see a wrestling event before he dies, there are a LOT of good promotions around the Cali area...Pro Wrestling Guerilla, NWA Hollywood, All Pro Wrestling...not to mention a TON of other promotions around the Cali area, to include Rikishi's promotion out of Vegas. He's just too lazy and cheap to actually go to a show.

Also: Every other promotion that tours and is worth a damn (Ring of Honor, DragonGate USA) and just about every other promotion in California have shows wherever WrestleMania is for the weekend and usually for dirt cheap. He has options, he's just too lazy to get up and go to a $5 wrestling show.