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Manosphere Eatdatpussy445 / EDP445 / Bryant MorelandVirginal Eagles fanboy

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Bernard, Apr 1, 2015.

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  1. He opens a lot of his videos greeting his audience as "no life, trolling ass mothafucka's" and he's mentioned people making fun of him for the Vaseline incident irl, so I think he is.
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  2. Alright, I can’t contribute much sources, but years ago, he actually got on 4chan. See, some /sp/ users love to laugh at him getting mad, but EDP didn’t know that and jumped in, I think he even had a trip. The visit was a disaster, some anons spammed NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER, and then EDP complained on twitter about 4chan being racist. He also held a few streams on livestream and referred to total strangers in the chat as his “friends” when one of his parents asked who he was taking to. I don’t think there is an archive of these events anymore, but there are other anons that recall EDP’s visit to /sp/.

    His off season videos are just plain weird, he would be much better off not doing them at all. There was one in the last NFL offseason he did, called “I don’t understand homosexual people” - I wouldn’t be surprised if he deleted that.
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  3. No one has been updating this, so I'll try

    From October:
    The friendship with EDP445 and Nitrofreak (who appeared in previous NFL pick videos with EDP) is over. The original video is gone.

    His youtube had gotten suspended briefly (not sure if it had anything to do with the Nitrofreak video)
    (the twitter linked there got suspended, that was quick)

    He also made a video where he was apparently mad that people accused him of lying about the account being gone, but he deleted that. Hmm, I guess he realized that was a pointless video.

    There's some more material that I don't feel like going through right now, but if someone else could, that'd be nice.
    (I think this one speaks for itself with the title and thumbnail alone)
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    CervixHammer Internet ist Krieg

  4. Wasn't he in Trapped In The Closet? I think he played one of the guys who ended up getting "the package".
  5. Sometimes you can have a good point and be so absurd in how you present it the topic is both lost and your view may change.

    Good work.

    Opening with the "well you are a pussy if you don't like rapists" It's a fair thing to say, some awful people have done good deeds acts or created things. Roman Polasnki was the generation before ours go to debate for this, R Kelly is ours.

    True & Honest Fan

  6. Niggaz is pussy nowadays!!
    *Cries in his car while recording it then edits it and uploads it to YouTube*
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  7. Thing is, EDP can't even make good NFL related videos anymore, imo. It's like he has to be negative all the time when it comes to the Eagles because he knows that's what got him popular. Just be a fan, EDP. Get mad only when they lose, otherwise, it just looks like you WANT the Eagles to lose so that you reap the benefits.
  8. While Trapped in the Closet is a masterwork of pure insanity, R. Kelly does lead a fucking sex cult and has repeatedly gone after underage girls.

    That's always going to be a part of his legacy, like it or not. He's gonna be that dude that sang real good and peed on a teenage girl that one time.
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    Staff Member Moderator True & Honest Fan

  9. If you don't want to be known for peeing on kids, then I suggest you don't pee on kids.
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    MarineTrainedTard You have a tenuous grasp of the English language

  10. also maybe don't release an album of sex jams called "12 Play", or write a song for the teenager you're fucking called "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number". it's like when Gary Glitter had a song called "What Your Mama Don't See (Your Mama Don't Know)".
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    CervixHammer Internet ist Krieg

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