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Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Bernard, Feb 14, 2015.

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  4. Happy new year everybody. I have not updated in a very very long time, But I do have a lot to tell you good people. I will start off by saying that myself and many other people are still being harassed by Fitch aka ebayisajoke aka seller critic, et al, on a daily basis. This is now been going on for over seven years. Since my last posting, Fitch Has burned through many YouTube channels, because they keep getting flagged for his harassment. This is his current channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCChL1ruJVu9ctkW_bAop_sQ
    As you can see all of the videos on this channel are made to harass and stalk people. He has done so much to myself and others since I have last posted but I cannot possibly list all the instances here. I will only mention a few of the more notable ones. In the following screen shot you can see that ebayisajoke aka Fitch filed fake fire code violations against me using his own legitimate email account, well I mean one of the hundreds that he has that does trace right back to him. The local fire department had to come here and making inspection because of his fraudulent claims. Naturally my building is in 100% compliance and the fire code officials were very mad that Fitch use them to try and hurt me. A few months after the first complaint he filed two more fraudulent complaints and they subsequently had to come here two more times. I filed for an FOIA In order to get a copy of the original email that Fitch sent and as you can see I have posted here. Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 3.11.06 PM.png

    Of course that was not enough, So Fitch placed a call to eBay to make a complaint about me. Now I should tell you that Fitch has been banned from selling or buying on eBay, and I worked with eBay's legal department who sent him a cease-and-desist letter. Yet Fitch continues to make fake eBay accounts to hurt myself and other sellers. As I said recently Fitch called eBay to make a scurrilous complaint about me and actually showed them some of my YouTube videos where I am defending myself against him and his insane accusations, and he told them I should be kicked off of eBay because I am mentioning his [Fitch's] workplace. People at Detroit Thermal Systems in Romulus Michigan actually contacted me last year and stated they were in fear for their safety. Fitch is known to carry a gun and actually brags about it. When he called eBay and recorded the call, Fitch even told the representative that he carries gun on him wherever he goes because of me in an effort to make me look dangerous. Fitch did the same thing to another seller, Keith D recently. He started another fake eBay account for the sole purpose of buying this man's item just so he could leave the man negative feedback. Once again, Fitch posted this video to YouTube for the sole purpose of harassing and bullying another eBay seller. EBay stepped in and removed the undeserved negative feedback and also canceled all of Fitch's recent fake accounts.

    This December I bought some Hess toy trucks online to resell on eBay as I know they are very good sellers. I talked about this in one of my recent eBay videos at Christmas time and Fitch contacted the Hess company and wrote them a letter about me. He told them I was berating their company, and that they should not sell me any more toy trucks because I'm making a $20 profit on each one. Keep in mind that most sellers are making $40-$50 profit but of course he only attacked me. Not only did he give them all my personal information but he actually once again went ahead and posted that video online and you can actually see it right now in the YouTube channel that I linked to above.

    I'm going to stop at this point because I'm not sure how much information you guys want to hear this time. If you would like me to further elaborate and tell you about more trouble Fitch has caused myself and others I will be happy to do so. I don't want to make the post to long or violate any of the rules of this group because I'm not as experienced as most everybody else is. Thank you for reading my posts and taking an interest in this case.
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  5. I dunno, I think we should hear Fitch's side of things. He sounds like an all right guy.
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  6. How is this dude still at it?
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  7. More pls. Also someone archive his channel

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