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Horrorcow Ebayisajoke / Charles W. FitchThe eBay Horrorcow, Stalker, & Con artist

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Bernard, Feb 14, 2015.

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  1. EDIT: Ok they're not friends. NobodyImportant.. we're not stalkers, we just appreciate internet wildlife. We're like birdwatchers for digital cows. It's actually our policy not to mess with the people we talk about unless they come here. Like star trek.

    So we're like intergalactic cow watchers from space... yeah.

    Can we please wordfilter all this guy's links to lemonparty.com he's obviously trying to get goog ratings and shit.
    Hahahah oh god you probably pulled that shit up on alexia or some other crap you smart internet expert you. You do know they have no idea who gets what how many clicks right? They collect that data from ad banners, page widgets, and idiots dumb enough to install a bunch of shitty toolbars. A place like kiwi farms is full of people with adblock, noscript, greasemonkey, and ghostify. Don't try and dazzle us with science kid you're way way way out of your league. As a matter of fact googlebot must disagree with you since they're re-indexing the site constantly... go ahead post some content up here and see how long it takes for google to index the conversation.

    We like guys like you... we're here to raise you like a pet and love you. If you make a scene though I'll warn you attracting too much attention here means you'll get cownapped by /cow/ where they'll slaughter you and send you to live in the afterlife with /baphomet/ and I don't want that to happen to you but if you're dumb enough to spaz out and get the internet worked up like hooting chimps then I'll go ahead and laugh when it does.

    But that's silly we don't even get many hits in a day :lol:
    You'd be surprised actually most of our traffic is just lurkers.. there isn't much need to talk back when you're just here to watch exceptional individuals embarrass themselves.

    Also can we wordfilter crazynydriver's dox too because it looks like he enjoys spamming them the same way we do the name of former cow and disgraced pseudojournalist Reuben G. Barron
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    #61 ChuckSlaughter, Mar 7, 2015
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    ChuckSlaughter You mean I got about 200 bitcoins

  2. Pretty active forum here. Appreciate the welcome.

    It's not my intention to troll or be trolled. I also just speak my two cents worth on occasion.

    This ebayisajoke situation is all about big corporate dollars and nothing more. We all are entitled to our opinions.

    Regards, Doc.
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  3. @eBayisajoke Oh you like Amazon here in jolly sunny seatown home of macklemore, mix-a-lot, kurt cobain, and legal dank?
    What's your seller name maybe you have something I'd like to buy?
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    ChuckSlaughter You mean I got about 200 bitcoins

  4. Let me stop you right there:

    kiwifarms: World ranking 104,927 page views per visitor 16.20 and average time spent on site per visit 24:11

    Your poultry peace of the internet: World Ranking 8,126,571 page views per visitor 4.00 and average time spend on site per visit 3:53

    So who again has more traffic?

    Also why the hate boner for that hubcap guy? Also welcome to the world of lolcow.
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    Ravenor Purge.
    Supervisor True & Honest Fan

  5. I'm sorry but this is empirically untrue. Chuck Fitch aka ebayisajoke does not target ebay as a corporation, he targets innocent sellers. The only damage him (Chuck Fitch aka ebayisajoke) placing false bids does is to the seller, ebay is utterly unmoved by hie bullshit.

    if one was to accept false bids as a legitimate means of targeting ebay he (Chuck Fitch aka ebayisajoke) should spam bid not pick out a specific narrow range of targets.

    If you have proof of ebay doing dodgy deals with these sellers we'd love to see them.

    And buying second hand cars has been a dodgy trade full of conmen as long as there have been cars to sell. buying them off ebay is reckless as you cannot inspect them properly. Yes it would be nice if ebay was tougher on false sellers but the feedback system is already weighted strongly against the trader as it is.

    If you don't like it there are plenty of other ways to buy and sell cars.

    Also Chuck Fitch aka ebayisajoke is a conman and a cyberbully and those who defend him are either deluded or collaborating.
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    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  6. Hey watch it I do my best alcoholism alone in a studio apartment

    Good! Please help this Womyn Souled Warrior who has been SLANDERED and DAMAGED by horriable MEN on the dang dirty EBAYS.. she can barely affoard the cream to fight the Extra Ass-Holes growing on her Crippled Elderly Mother!


    Can you fix her Rating and get us all the Good Medallions of High Quality?

    Edit: I think chuck is too big of a pussy to argue with us.. he must be scared of us because we're cooler and smarter and better looking and he's fat and dumb and can't run a business. I guess he's such a pussy that we'll never see him again... a disgrace to chucks everywhere
    wood not trol again (pussy)
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    #66 ChuckSlaughter, Mar 7, 2015
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    ChuckSlaughter You mean I got about 200 bitcoins

  7. You sound jealous there Chucky. Might I suggest you order something nice for yourself off of ebay so you don't feel the need to cry about how much you envy this place.
    So how many time will Chuck here say something like the before the tenth page? I've got fifty credits on at least five more times.
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    Coldgrip OG Sexual Thug

  8. 200 quatloos says your right.
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    Ravenor Purge.
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  9. There's room for both.

    Couldn't have said it better myself.
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  10. Four people (Troll accounts) in this thread are actually one person. lolcow. lol

    I've been documenting the actions of an abusive eBay Motors seller for over three years online and have noticed that eBay doesn't take any action against certain abusive sellers like they should. The seller is using YouTube to abuse, harass and bully online critics. Critics such as myself have been able to prove that the abuse exists with recent articles and evidence backed up by critic blog sites such as eBay Motors Sucks and Suspended from eBay. Thank you all once again for making me popular in here. I think this is post number 7. 3 left.
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  11. Are you referring to someone else, or just speaking in the third-person? Don't do that, lolwut thinks it makes you look like an asshole.
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    lolwut 8-bit Befuddlement
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  12. Which of us are socks? Is it because I believe you are an insane conman Charles Fitch aka ebayisajoke?

    Naturally I presume you ( Charles Fitch aka ebayisajoke) can show us proof that this seller is harassing critics? and even if he is how does that give you the right to place false bids rather than just report him to ebay/ the police.

    As the former patron of the forum discovered last autumn the ebay feedback system actually does quite a good job punishing shitty sellers.

    You believed you had enough evidence to get an order against this man in court yet the judge ruled that you had no such grounds. He had never harrassed you in anyway- this is now settled fact. Or will you (Charles Fitch aka ebayisajoke) be appealing that decision?
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    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  13. Well that sounds fairly autistic.
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    Danger #NotAllShitlords
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  14. Ummm, okay clearly you really do not understand us or this site. So I will give you a primer.

    1. Sockpuppets are prohibited here. That means that our IPs are constantly tracked and we pretty much put a stop to socks when they pop up. 2 of our admins Katsu and Glaive are relentless about that. If you try to sock, they will clamp down hard. We have lots of people try it and all end up having the socks banned with them being ridiculed and embarrassed in the process.

    2. I am not Hubcap Joe. Sorry to disappoint you and Doc here. I am a researcher on the farms. I doubt hubcap even knows about us doing this for you. Hubcap did provide us with a treasure trove of info on you. You wronged a lot of people Chuck. You made a mockery out of yourself and now it is time to be examined.

    3. I have a lot more info I am discovering about you. Most people when they encounter our forum have a choice. Leave the internet forever or face a lifetime of ridicule. You can leave, but now that we see you, we will be the fans you never wanted. If you don't believe me google the name - Christian Weston Chandler .
    The forum here was started as a group to document him.

    It created something called the CWCki. www.sonichu.com .

    Your naivety is astounding. Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but now you got the interest of a very different group of people compared to the guy selling hubcaps you were harassing previously. We are not a group of people at an online flea market. You wanted to play Anonymous with a Guy Falkes mask, lets just say that was sooooo early 2000's.

    4. You can say you won't post again all you want, but you are like all the rest. Glaive was not kidding when he said, "welcome to the pit".

    Edit: I had to change one of the links. I accidentally linked to Kengel's site.
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    SunLightStreak Elite Illuminati Task Force Agent for Cow Control
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  15. Sure you do.

    @eBayisajoke, Why do you stalk people who give you bad reviews?
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    Ass Manager 3000

    Ass Manager 3000 I logged in to call you stupid.
    True & Honest Fan

  16. Well Chuck I can't say I've never had a bad eBay experience. However revolving a massive chunk of your life around fighting digital auction house vendors sounds pretty obsessive.

    Then the fact that you already believe us to be making multiple accounts here just to post in your thread isn't boading well for your Lolcow status. Paranoid about something? We aren't all undercover eBay employees (only a few) so you shouldn't be so afraid as to run off after 10 posts. Your thread will stay active either way.
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    Glaive Chadministrator

  17. Hello Charles. Since you've joined here, allow me to introduce myself.

    I am, in fact, aware of what you do. You are nothing but a wannabe Anon. We are not afraid of your petty ways.

    We are Toononymous. We are Wacky. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.
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    Roger Rabbit

    Roger Rabbit A rabbit who should die

  18. @eBayisajoke, I want to buy copies of your book for all my friends, but I need to know if you'll accept dogecoins. See, I decided to get rid of my awful fiat currency and move to Bitcoin... unfortunately their value went down, so I moved again.

    My point is also that accepting dogecoins would be an amazingly brilliant move. Your business would quadruple overnight!

    A man composed entirely of floss.
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    flossman Draxx. Them. Sklounst.
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  19. i am pleased to be invited to post here. i am one of the victims of charles chuck fitch of canton michigan. before i get started pleased be advised that poster "nobody important" is actually edmund koon of clearwater florida who participates in all of chuck fitch's "podcasts" and radio shows. Like Fitch, Koon has been kicked off ebay for violating their policies. While Edmund Koon is sick in the head and sees himself as some kind of seo master, he does not come anywhere close to the online cyber stalker that charles w fitch iii of canton michigan is.

    first lets start here in canton michigan. "chuckles" fitch attacked the KLOV video game community several years ago. He attacked many of the members on the forums and was relentless. He has hundreds of online scams either currently going or that have been shut down. one was to try and drum up money for the re election of kwame kilpatrick. he was not arrested for this because it is rumored he has a detective friend in the canton michigan police dept. actually it is a friend of his ex cop turned roofer old man. fitch also likes to impersonate police officers as you all know.

    another big fitch local scam is his now defunct detroit bikini car wash dot com site. it is alleged that fitch is/was using pictures of models without their consent. one model named jennifer actually took fitch to court after he used her images and made threats via youtube about her. those videos are available on the chuck fitch scammer dot com site.

    in my next post i will discuss charles fitch and his obsession with a top rated ebay seller named hubcapjoes and another ebay seller named hietech. I will provide video evidence in fitch's own voice and text comments as well. in future posts i will discuss fitch harassing and attacking jason decanio, peter mc carthy, matthew s and many others.

    for now I will share this link with you. welcome to my world.http://chuckfitchsocialsecurityscam.weebly.com
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    #79 chuck fitch victim 20, Mar 7, 2015
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