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Who smells worse?

  • Tommy Tooter the hobo

    Votes: 52 19.3%
  • Eden Belmont the piss-soaked hooker

    Votes: 218 80.7%

  • Total voters

Cryin RN

True & Honest Fan
This tard is functional enough to be hired at Walmart, so IMO all the ~lifestyle~ accessories like diapers and soothers are their way of fitting in to their exceptional Internet friendbase. Autism is too easy an 'out' for intentional shitty behaviour. Even the dick sucking smells prison gay to me, his behaviour is 100% autogynephile. Normal gay-to-trannies turn out way saner and prettier, like Blair or even Gigi Gorgeous.

Autistic Illuminati

cumbucket of a handicaped man
digged some more, Dorian Davis and Alexandria Roman have definitively some potential.
Capture du 2017-01-07 14-22-00.png
Capture du 2017-01-07 14-31-13.png

and some other of minor interest :

Capture du 2017-01-07 19-52-05.png
Capture du 2017-01-07 20-10-36.png
Capture du 2017-01-07 20-23-08.png
Capture du 2017-01-07 20-34-57.png
Capture du 2017-01-07 20-37-43.png
Capture du 2017-01-07 20-40-36.png

also, i found a ask.fm which seem to be the one of his boygirlfriend :
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Mariposa Electrique

In 2021, Chris will leave 14 BC.
True & Honest Fan
Still, he's making more effort to pass than your average rat king but that's not saying much.
Well, it's not an effort when it's a fetish.
How many women aside from the glamorous celebrities we all despise walk around with a corset plus fetish gear.
That's not trying to pass as a woman, it's trying to pass as your own hyper-idealized internal vision of the woman you want to screw.

I'll never understand cows with mild to moderate adult acne.

I think extra high levels of testosterone could also screw with the brain and cause violence, gender, and fetish issues, which explains a lot.
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Autistic Illuminati

cumbucket of a handicaped man
So most of his friends are as crazy as him?
Didnt think we would hit such a goldmine in the beggining of the year.
Yes, his friendlist is pretty much furry / loony troons / autistics

From Bridgend? Wasn't that the town where a bunch of years back a whole load of teenagers killed themselves for no apparent reason all of a sudden?

Still, he's making more effort to pass than your average rat king but that's not saying much.
Judge by yourself :
he got some strange AZF vibe from his facebook :

the more i dig the more i find peoples of interest, and the friend list of these peoples of interest are also constitued of peoples of interest. I'm drowning in autism right now.

Capture du 2017-01-07 20-49-39.png
Capture du 2017-01-08 00-11-52.png
Capture du 2017-01-08 00-28-19.png
Capture du 2017-01-08 00-29-35.png
Capture du 2017-01-07 19-48-10.png

so yeah, this individual is a goldmine, some sort of pizza of interest
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Not a furry
I want a background check on this dude if he gets a thread.
>calls self queer
>identifies as boy and not queer
>looks like Kim Kardashian got an afro and learned how filters work
If a neckbeard calling themselves a woman walks into the women's room, I'm calling security. Complain about how transphobic that is all you want, but there needs to be a line drawn on what the hell passing and transitioning is.

Defending sex offenders and potential assault isn't going to cut it.
....Yeahhh, no. That's an autistic dude with a sissy kink. Send him some Lysol spray for that lyme on the wall too.

Forget the bin, look at that molding moulding up the wall above the toilet. Or is that a filthy old towel or something?
That's rust, or some type of corrosion.

Also lol at the toilet paper roll on the other side of the towel rack

Ginger Piglet

Fictional Manhunt Survivor
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The only thing worse than an attention-whore is a boring attention-whore.
A boring, ugly, non-passing, useless attention-whore.
With a propensity towards watersports.

Back onto topic, and back onto the piss.mp4 video. Can anyone explain the flid impression that Eden / Zach does after being urinated on? Other than :autism: of course.

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