Eden King / Hyenaboyyy / Blurrypup - Pedophile who literally gave a dog a blowjob


Despite claiming to be a trans boy, she now wishes she was a trans girl, I guess because that gets her more oppression points.
through reading their tumblr, i think their reasoning behind that is that they really, really want a dick and being a "femboy" or "demiboy" or whatever the fuck tumblr gender they identify as would be easier if they were a trans girl.
and obviously moar oppression points too.

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By the look of her armpit hair, I'm guessing it's not great. Plus she has fetishes for scat, piss, blood, and wearing diapers, so I can't imagine she smells very good, either.
Wait, she's a babyfur too?:cryblood:

It's like she was created specifically to be an amalgamation of all the worst subcultures on the internet. I think all she's missing is being a loveshy.

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Who's going to believe a talking head?
God, she's just gross. Like, really, really gross. Is there anything deviant she doesn't get off on?

Have some selfies BTW


Apparently she now goes by "Sebastien"

And some YouTube videos (if somebody could please archive them that'd be great)

"Fags unite" :roll:

I had to watch the beginning of the second video just to find out where the hell that facial hair came from after being only one month on T. Mascara. Alright.

Wait, she's a babyfur too?:cryblood:

It's like she was created specifically to be an amalgamation of all the worst subcultures on the internet. I think all she's missing is being a loveshy.
How about serial killer apologist/fetishist? Has that one been crossed off the list yet? I didn't delve deeply enough into their septic system to find out but they sure look like they could be one.
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This bitch is like if you fused a dumb OMG IM TOTALLY A KAWAII SHOTA U GAIZ brand transtrender with some kind of Nick Bate-ish Lovecraftian abomination.

Wonder how her hygine is.
So, Eden doesn't necessarily want to be a boy. Eden just wants to have a donger.

I feel like just getting a Feeldoe would be cheaper and involve less investment.


Well, they resurfaced today and are currently getting blown the fuck out because one of their Facebook friends found this thread. People are contacting their place of work, yadda yadda. I've attached their public statement aswell.
They look a bit different in 2020 🤣.


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Don’t follow if you’re a creep, though.

teethingpuppy is their tumblr. Wanted to share this unfortunate tag on one of their reblogged posts.


Tip for Eden, this joke is usually used in the community because the person writing out has never done anything illegal, but they’re poking fun at how LGBT persons are often treated as such due to their identities. It’s extremely tasteless when you have done abhorrent things.

I didn’t really dig too far though. They seem to have been active as of recent on many social media accounts, so maybe there’s some more to find. I’d like to believe they’ve changed, but surely you will forgive my skepticism.


every comment on every one of their social media accounts is full of hundreds of comments death threats, encouragements of suicide, etc. and no one's bout to argue with that. leftist facebook grew nerve thank gawd. eden has been fired from their job.

their number
partner in crime also guilty of everything that's wrong w eden
their sister

i'll try to keep new updates here


Found their nsfw twitter @cumpuppy where they post nudes and advertise all their e-thot ventures. I.e.
And current fetlife account.

The manyvids account looks like it's actually pretty successful. Wonder if the IRS is getting their slice 🤔

Plus an update on nudes cuze why not 🤷‍♀️

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