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sorry for bumping this but, in case anyone wants to know - Zaiger is now a heroin junkie and is in jail again.

He stole an old girlfriend's credit card after she let him stay with her, so she cancelled it and locked him out of her house. Then he want to another ex, told her he's clean, but within hours assaulted her when she wouldn't give him drug money. She got away and called the police and he was arrested for domestic abuse.

He has a lot of priors so he might end up back in jail this time.
Still waiting for word on how this concludes.
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Who's Zaiger?
Zaiger was the admin of Encyclopedia Dramatica, who only got that position because three other admins quit. He's also a drunk who used "donations to run the website" as beer money.

You know those porno pop-up ads that Encyclopedia Dramatica had running for years? Zaiger's the reason why those were a thing. Huge fucking sellout.


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That does not surprise me. Unlike Null, once Zaiger got ED after Sherrod went fullblown autistic, he just kind of "vanished"-- yeah he would show up in the chat to talk every so often, but that was the extent of what he did.

...I wonder if he used the donor money to buy drugs lol.

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this thread is nonstop fun. a neurotic college student who posts dickpics, trolling, shitposting, a pseudo-intellectual diapershitter who I refuse to acknowledge by name, and also @LikeicareKF and other regulars shitting all over the idiots. Uberfukken riles up the diaperfur pretty well.