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So this morning I made my favorite scrambled eggs, but this time I added the creme fraiche and a small amount of smoked rainbow trout.
Holy fucking shit. It was an experience.


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I prefer my fried eggs slightly hard, with juuuusssttt enough cook on the yolk to make it leak a little bit when you cut them, but not enough to cause a flood. Not for sure if there's a term for that
Over medium. That's what we called them at the pancake house I worked in. The yolk is still soft, might leak a teeny bit, but isn't completely fried through.


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I'm still perfecting my scrambled egg technique, it's going pretty well. I love adding the trout but just using the recipe with creme fraiche is great.
I think I scramble the eggs too much and need to work more on folding gently.

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What an absolute travesty.
The cholesterol in eggs is good for you, it's the kind that you use to repair cell membranes, and joints. Remember, that yolk was intended to build a healthy chicken, so it's very healthy for you. The mother chicken didn't put processed junk in that yolk to build her chick out of processed junk.

Eating eggs is awesome for your health.

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Former chink restaurant employee here.

Egg Drop Soup requires a wok, and a proper gas stove. Unless you have proper heat, and a whisk, the egg will not insta-congeal and form the desired ribbons of solid.

Pfft, no. I make egg drop soup all the time on an electric stove and 2 quart pot and my egg ribbons are great. I find the trick is to bring the broth to a high simmer then stir it with a spoon so that the broth is moving in a circular motion around the pot by itself and very VERY slowly pouring in the egg and immediately cutting the heat after the pour.

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