Egg Thread the Third - How do you like your eggs, and why?

Over easy on hot buttered toast or soft boiled for me tbh. There's also the essential swiss and mushroom omlette as well.
When I have fresh eggs I'll sometimes put a raw yolk on hot rice with soy sauce which is goddamn delightful.


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If I have some leftover grocery store sushi (say a day or so old) I like to chop up the pieces and use them as filler for an omelette (along with whatever cheese is on hand, preferably sharp cheddar). I like doing this so much sometimes I'll intentionally set aside some fresh sushi just to have an excuse to make this.


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There's no bad way to prepare eggs although the person upthread using all those random spices might be close.

The key to good scrambled eggs is to mix in just the right amount of melk and then whip them up super fluffy in your mixing bowl (get some air into it) and pour into an already hot skillet or greased pan. Bacon grease works awesome.

Haven't seen many people that prefer poached lately, once and a great while I get a hankering for a perfectly poached egg sopped up with buttery sourdough. God I can taste it right now. Delicious.

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Honestly I kinda have no favourite specific type of egg but I have this to say about the varieties I most commonly eat

Fried Eggs: sunny side up in order to ensure a runny enough yolk, and will almost always be served with something spicy and a sweet chutney, in my case usually in a Red Dwarf sandwich

Boiled Eggs: personally I prefer to steam them to hard boiled, and then use the result in either egg mayo or curries or sometimes a scotch egg

Scrambled Eggs: I subscribe to the Gordon Ramsay method since it is extremely easy and gets consistently perfect results. Serve with generously buttered toast and if possible something smoked, either meat or fish

Scotch Eggs: when made well and with good quality sausage and seasonings are easily some of the best junk food on the planet

French Toast: The ULTIMATE unhealthy breakfast, and easily beats the shit out of pancakes or waffles in my book. If made well should be able to be served as is, but a tiny drizzle of cream and honey is acceptable IMO

Quiche: Needs leeks. Needs bacon. Needs some kind of flavourful cheese. Serve with sweet chutney or pickle and you will be happy.


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You gotta fry them, people are always shocked how to get them round but what you do is when you crack the egg and put it in, take your spatula and shape it, pepper it and flip it. But it makes some pretty tasty McGriddle knockoffs with some homemade bread toasted with cheese on it and some bacon or sausage. If you want greens, spinach is great with it, and chipotle mayo with extra pepper flakes is good.

Anybody who isnt a heathen will agree that tons, fucktons of pepper and something spicy will make any egg good.

Haven't seen many people that prefer poached lately, once and a great while I get a hankering for a perfectly poached egg sopped up with buttery sourdough. God I can taste it right now. Delicious.
That sounds pretty good, honestly. I can almost taste it too.
I'm too stupid and useless to cook eggs properly, so I just take two eggs and whisk them until the yolk is even throughout the entire skillet. Then I cook it like it's pancake batter, creating a single solid "patty" of yellow egg meat which fills the plate.

It's an inferior product but it's effortless to cook and if executed right, leaves no residue on the skillet.

Edit: Come to think of it, I could probably cook sausage and maybe potatoes, chop it up fine, and wrap it up in the egg patty like it's a burrito. Like a shitty, lazy version of an omelette.


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Fried over easy with pepper, put on top of a bowl of cheese grits with toast.

Great and lasts long enough in the gut to get you through lunch if you're too busy for it.

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