Egg Thread the Third - How do you like your eggs, and why?

My favorite has already been mentioned (over easy on toast) but every now and then I like to make traditional huevos rancheros. And no, it's not eggs with taco stuffings dumped on top. You have to poach the eggs in salsa and serve with refrijoles fried in bacon grease. Add corn tortillas if you don't mind the carbs It's especially good after a night out on the town.



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Usually have my eggs sunny-side-up, but this morning made a nice omelet. Four eggs, four slices American cheese, and a 4-ounce can of sliced mushrooms.


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I feel slightly bad about eating eggs, but when I do have them, it's usually scrambled with some hot sauce or in an omelette with sauteed onions and a little cheddar. Or served over easy or poached over fried rice, so I can smash the yoke.

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Benedict or sunny-side-up. Scrambled is for burritos, and omelets are their own thing really.

EDIT: Also, Frank's or sriracha on top if I'm in the mood. No ketchup.

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