• ”I never denied being subhuman.”

Culture Einstein's travel diaries reveal 'shocking' xenophobiaAnd that racist's name? Doot, doot, doot...

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by Elwood P. Dowd, Jun 13, 2018.

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  1. Grauniad Link

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    Elwood P. Dowd

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  2. Here we go again. Looks like Einstein is about to get unpersoned.
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    ConspiracytoLaugh Colonel, we've managed to avoid drowning!

  3. E=MC2 is also quite fatphobic you know- this madman should be stopped!
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    KiwiLedian Making Poke and praying for a Mega

  4. Let me guess all of his accomplishments should be invalidated because like everyone else who lived back then he didn't conform to the insane standards of 2018 liberalism and critical race theory.
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    Ruin Mercenary Slut
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  5. The dude lived in the early 20th century. Literally everyone was racist back then.
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    The Jumping Dwarf

    The Jumping Dwarf I'm offendered if misgendered

  6. and that traveler's name?

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    CatParty Boo
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  7. Who cares, he died 60+ years ago. Is he going to make racist remarks through a Ouija board or something?
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    Existential Crisis

    Existential Crisis Real or imagined

  8. How is this any different from now? Everyone in Japan and Korea knows Chinese people are a smelly plague that don't have showers. It didn't take Einstein to work that out.
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    heathercho 意地悪女

  9. Einstein - OG shitposter.

    This also confirms the whole chink sidewalk spitting thing is a new phenomenon.
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    Oh Long Johnson

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  10. Einstein’s perceptions of the Japanese he meets are, in contrast, more positive: “Japanese unostentatious, decent, altogether very appealing,” he writes. “Pure souls as nowhere else among people. One has to love and admire this country.” But Rosenkranz points out that he also concludes that the “intellectual needs of this nation seem to be weaker than their artistic ones – natural disposition?”

    Einstein confirmed for OG weeb. Forsees the 'art' of manga, anime and hentai.

    Natural disposition?
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    Spl00gies ~doot doot on de zoot~

  11. this isn't on the actual article/archive, it's cute how they slip that in when you copy & paste articles elsewhere.
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  12. Really? Lol. Insert shameless plug here
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  13. So we can't use this meme anymore now that the man's corpse itself has been deemed problematic?
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    Ruin Mercenary Slut
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  14. Damn! Einstein was pretty based.
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    Inquisitor_BadAss Your daily dose of Karen

  15. I mean, was he wrong?
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    Pickle Pirate

    Pickle Pirate Pickles are just undead cucumbers.

  16. Maybe there's something to having a high IQ and noticing patterns in groups of people? Maybe he might not have prejudged Chinese as "A peculiar herd-like nation [ … ] often more like automatons than people" but came to that conclusion through his lived experience?

    Nah, just a racist. It's not like people still regard the Chinese as ant-like herd people. He just hated them because their skin color and eyes looked different, dumb racist.

    He also talks about how in Ceylon "lived in filth and surrounded by stench." How is that a racist remark? The country was obviously covered in stench and filth, these people lived just fine in it. Is it racist to criticize a place covered in filth, or to attribute piles of filth to the people living there, when he obviously visited plenty of other places not covered in filth?
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  17. Yall niggas think we will see a wave of #EINSTEINMUSTFALL! statue demolitions now since das juden fall under the FFFFUCKING WHITE MAAAALE category on the woke index?

    Or am i being too :optimistic:?
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    Judge Holden

    Judge Holden Corpsefucker
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  18. Too optimistic by far. Gandhi's racism got reported on, then as best I can tell, got promptly memory holed. I expect a similar outcome here.

    Archive is acting up, sorry. :(

    Edit: Does WaPo block archive.is now? Damn.

    Screenshot 2018-06-13 at 12.10.07 PM.png

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    #18 Elwood P. Dowd, Jun 13, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2018
    Elwood P. Dowd

    Elwood P. Dowd Here, let me give you one of my cards.

  19. It's almost like we only started realizing that racism is bad a few decades ago or something.

    Also, tbh I was expecting way worse. The most offensive things he said were that he found Chinese women mannish and unattractive and that he was afraid of China overtaking the world (which is kind of prophetic). Other than that he said that Chinese people are extremely hardworking and he fawned over how amazing Japan is.
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    Cosmos Soldier of Love and Bitching on the Internet
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  20. I think the worst takeaway from this is that Einstein was a fucking weeb
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