Snowflake Elaine April Gertler-Miller / Elaine Gertler Miller / Elaine Miller / Elaine Gertler / Lainey / Inplie / Magixel - POSH "model," "entrepreneur," "influencer," "rich kid," "hacker," Null HATER, and "commodity trader." Associated w/ Lillee Jean Trueman

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Mar 31, 2019
Meet Elaine "Lainey" April Gertler-Miller! She's your average, posh(ish) 16-18 (age is a bit fuzzy, more on that later) girl from London. There are many inconsistencies in her story, but hopefully, as her story develops, we'll find the truth about this pathological liar. I'll break down the main parts of the story of this up and coming, lolcow.

Elaine first burst onto the cow scene as an extension of the Lillee Jean Trueman/Laur Truman universe in a boring Instagram Live where they did makeup and talked about their fascinating lives as influencers. Just like LJ, it's suspected that most of her 6,000+ following was bots, and she was a member of at least one Instagram engagement pod. After finding out what a cow LJ was, she threatened the Truemans to remove the archived live.

She's wiped most of her Instagram but still posts stories of her complaining about Null. She thinks Kiwi Farms and the other farms are owned by the same nazi-loving, Jew-hating boogeyman. She likes to block randos who follow her, even if they don't comment anything.

Instagram (many more):
Deleted on March 29, 2021, a few hours after thread was posted. rip


Elaine has been emphatic that she's attending the historical, prestigious, and highly-selective Westminister School in the Westminister District of London. Westminister School is often considered one of the best secondary schools in the United Kingdom and even worldwide. It's close to Buckingham Palace, where the queen lives, and two of London's poshest green spaces, St. James' Park and Hyde Park. Very, very posh. Only a posh girl would occupy such a posh place! The fees to attend this academic behemoth are 21.000 GBP or approximately 29.000 USD a year for 6th form (equivalent to 11th-12th grade in US) non-boarding students. But they do have a lot of need-based scholarships for the poors.

The truth is not so glamorous. She attends a non-posh Jewish school in the suburbs that doesn't even have an entrance exam and is less-selective. It seems like Jewish people get preference, and if there are leftover spots, the goyim can come. I can't find the tuition for this school. It's probably subsidized or something poorish. But don't let her hear you say that because she'll fight a bitch. She attends Westminister and is very posh!

The confession:

Elaine is an up-and-coming commodity trader! She currently works for a PPE trading company headquartered in a shitty town Ohio that lists three employees on LinkedIn. Since going viral in the cow community, she's deleted her LinkedIn.


She's mentioned her aptitude and serious interest in computer science, but that has yet to be seen.
During the pre-saga phase a few years ago, a 16 (?) year-old Elaine said she'd "blow up Chinatown."

This stream went semi-viral in the UK and was passed around on Twitter. Elaine responded by whining that she wasn't a racist! She merely hated London's Chinatown because it was polluted! (It's not any more polluted than most areas of London.) She said she contacted the London Metropolitan Police about the bullying of an underage girl. You'll find victimhood is a frequent theme in Elaine's world. Additionally, she claims that she had a suicide attempt as a result of the stress. Suicide baiting is anything theme in her story. Poor, poor Elaine. She says she used her elite hacker skills and connections to get everything removed from the internet!
Elaine is also an up-and-coming model!



Her hair is a mess in the first pic, her pants don't fit in the second pic, and wtf hobo garb is she wearing in the third pic? Her Primark shit looks cheap af.

For anyone who isn't familiar with modeling: it has fairly strict standards that are rarely broken. 5'8" to 6'0" is industry standard at this point for most professional gigs. Shorter people don't look as good in clothing. Some supermodels have squeaked by at 5'7", such as Kate Moss with distinguished features and bodies that are so fucking skinny they look taller. At a mere 5'5" and with no unique features or famous parents (i.e., Johnny Depp's kid Lily-Rose Depp at 5'3",) and wearing a size 8 UK/size 6 US (a bit big for a petite model,) Elaine has no future in modeling and was not signed by an actual modeling agency. She was signed by a scam pay-to-play agency that has changed its name after receiving bad press. The fee to be signed? £500/$688. Real modeling agencies don't require payment to get signed.


Notice how her portfolio includes no pictures from paid gigs.
This is hilarious. She presents herself as a rich kid on social media and flexes her designer drip, but her shit is fake. Also, she goes about it all wrong. Most real rich kids don't blatantly flex. It's a subtle flex like angling your Prada sneakers a certain way, so the logo is visible. Because making a big deal about your drip just shows that you think it's special, which a rich kid shouldn't because they're showered in designer pieces. It's normal to have an outfit that's worth more than most people make in a week! She fucking tags the brands for her fake shit and posts zoomed-in pictures of her blatantly fake Rolex.


First pic: Fake LV, fake Gucci belt, fake Rolex, badly dyed blonde hair. Second pic: Fake Chanel. I can't find the close-up fake Rolex pic and her fake Versace slides. These are awful fakes. She should have access to better fakes being in the London metro area. It's just laziness and a lack of research.

Someone found her parents' shit, and they aren't rich. There are posts of her pretending to have a pool in her backyard. She wants it so bad. She lives in a middle-class area in the suburbs of London. Not the City of London like she claims. I'm not going to post info about her parents because I feel bad for them. It seems like the equation is normal parents and shitty kid. They live a modest life and run a modest company.
Like LJ, she had fake fan accounts in addition to her bot following.

I can't get Social Blade to pull up her Inplie username, but I imagine it'd show inconsistent growth. Her original bio said "influencer." I hope someone has a screenshot because I can't find one.
Lainey is a victim and will do anything to perpetuate that victim narrative. Including doxxing herself on the other farm.

She loves to pretend to be a Lainey hater or "Lainey's friend from school." During her interlude on the other farms, she shifted back and forth between ally and adversary. Needless to say, I think she's a better-educated version of LJ who still manages to be just as stupid. Be consistent, Lainey.


Here she is admitting to being the girl in the video:



She likes to use her age as an excuse for her dumbassery. She's currently crying that she's a child, and it's illegal for the internet to be mean to her. But on her own Tiktok, she recently claimed to be 18:

In conclusion: She's 18 and her attempts to lie about her age are pathetic and transparent.

And her birthday is 29 April:

It's confirmed. She's 18. Special thanks to the farmers who dug through daddy's Facebook to find that.
Lainey is an edgy lil anarchist. But she's posted pro-tory blurbs in the past. Sometimes in the same post as her anarchy bs. She also HATES CANCEL CULTURE SO MUCH. She thinks it should be illegal. Unsure how that would happen if there's no government?

But she does think some people should be canceled like Diane Awesomelaser. Diane is famous in the LJ Universe for her YouTube videos and Twitter posts calling out the goblin duo. Elaine sought out Diane on Twitter or Instagram after listening to LJ's cries about how mean she was. Lainey also wants to cancel Null. I'm not going to post all the screenshots because that's too exhausting. Here's an amalgamation of the autism.

She's tried to dox Diane twice. She first "exposed" Diane as Danika Wazowski (Maybe Mike Wazowski's sister from the Disney film Monsters Inc?). And then she exposed her as Ana L. Beans. Diane appears to be thoroughly enjoying herself. Lainey says she used her superior hacking skills to discover Diane's personal info. ANA L BEADS.


On LJ's racist sockpuppets. She's a coder!

She also found that case of when Kiwi Farms got sued and said it was evidence that Null and the owner of the other farms are the same person. The other farms pointed out that the case was dismissed because it was sloppy bullshit.

Special credit to the other farms for a lot of the research. I thought it would be nice to have all the basic info in one post. I'm missing a bit, and I'll try to post more about her background in the future.

Edit 24 July 2021 - Added spoilers and resized/reformatted screen caps to be more cohesive.
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Nov 14, 2012
From: E Miller <>
To: Me (Both via my hosting company email, and to my personal gmail)
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2021 20:13:29 +0100
Subject: Lol Cows

Hello, hope you are well,
My name is Elaine and I’ve been wrongly targeted on an online hate forum by people in America, I live in the U.K. I do not know any of these people and they have doxxed my family members, threatened to rape me as well as used images of me when I was 14. I did not consent to my name or pictures being used in this manner and I assume, you would agree it’s a bit unfair. I think they have me confused with someone else as they are posting content from accounts that are not mine. Please remove the site of me because I’m not sure what else to do other than go to the police or the press. This is the site
I am also mentioned here on another thread that targets another teenager who I don’t even know
Please remove both sites, I have depression and I don’t think this is overly fair. I’m practically begging you to delete it and would just about do everything. Please rectify this,
Thank you,


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Oct 6, 2019
Britbongs... Elaine, if you are watching this, no one cares that you are not rich. If you ever make an account here, we would welcome you with open arms and you may even begin to enjoy the farms. God save the Queen

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Mar 31, 2019
Can you prove she's 18? As far as I'm aware, the Farms doesn't host threads on underage children. Also, that one IG you linked has 0 posts.

Other than that, what sets her apart from any other boilerplate aspiring dramathot?
She wiped her Instagram after people started talking about her. She's deleted Twitter accounts and changed her TikTok handle or deleted her account. I'm working mostly with screenshots of things that were saved before she deleted them.

Most of the beauty drama I follow doesn't have cows who interact directly with the farms. Many don't even acknowledge the name of the sites. Lainey has repeatedly interacted with farmers/drama followers on multiple platforms, doxxed herself for the sake of drama, and has multiple interests that don't fit together and add a more seasoned, well-rounded cow experience. The most interesting aspects about her are that she is so interactive and tries to reinvent the narrative. Plus, she always comes back with crazy shit after being blocked. Always.

Originally, I thought she was a typical bland fake-influencer like so many Instagram girls. The more that comes out about her, the weirder it gets. Just give her a chance. I thought she was very boring at first, too.

She's only underage when it suits her agenda. And even then, her age keeps flip-flopping and is inconsistent.


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Apr 25, 2019
holy shit there is literally nothing worse than hearing a br*Tish woman speak

View attachment 2040055
Hoe is trying so hard to get the northern british accent found in the upper crust and not the southern shit based Peaky Blinder nonsense that she is associated with.
Also, she's mad at Dear Feeder and thinks he stalks her? The bitch is barely 110 lbs? That's like 1 juicy thigh and totes out of being acceptable fapping material.
PS: OnlyFans page coming in T-60 days

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Sep 24, 2020
Please remove both sites, I have depression and I don’t think this is overly fair. I’m practically begging you to delete it and would just about do everything. Please rectify this,
Thank you,
Elaine if you didn't send feet pic attachments as a bribe with this then you're a coward.

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