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What's next for Luke?

  • Kills himself when he realizes that surgical mutilation isn't a magic cure-all to his problems

    Votes: 42 29.2%
  • Becomes obsessed with perceived flaws and goes on a never-ending treadmill of plastic surgeries

    Votes: 60 41.7%
  • Becomes addicted to painkillers

    Votes: 14 9.7%
  • Finds some new autistic fixation and chases after it

    Votes: 23 16.0%
  • Parents force him to work to pay off the $20k he owes them for covering his dick chop

    Votes: 2 1.4%
  • Realizes he's miserable because of his horrible personality, changes, becomes functioning citizen

    Votes: 3 2.1%

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That's a side effect of the marijuana poisoning!
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"I realized that my dad actually have limits to how far he would go to support me and that limit was me appearing to be cis."
"led to me transitioning. I thought I could win my dad back"
"but then I learned there were other limits to his love and support. Other things he wouldn't do"

This sounds really creepy, Luke.
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Man, he is not going to be happy about TLOU2, given that his surrogate daddy gets his head caved in with a golf club.
and where does his killer's introduction take place? a night in the woods. coincidence? or Luke being punished by the gaming elite for speaking up?


everything about TLOU2 will be worth it, if we can see Top Lop shriek about his imaginary family being crushed by a symbol of the muscular white working class.
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It's hilarious how Luke loves to inject himself into pop culture. So much of his Twitter is sperging about some movie or video game which he then extrapolates as a metaphor for his life. From The Matrix to TLoU, to the various Star Wars and giant mecha animes, it is all about him.
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Yeah, Luke’s dad was so awful for not accepting Luke’s transition. Because apart from that, transitioning has brought Luke nothing but happiness and self-confidence.
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Cram it in me, baby!
Luke supports censorship
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But of course, your opinions are obviously defacto "good", right? And everyone else is obviously "bad", and they have these "bad" opinions because they are evil and transphobic and want to kill you.

Luke's response to not getting his way is to throw a tantrum. Apparently "no" is the most violent and transphobic word in the English language.


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I'm not surprised in the least that he supports censorship because let's face it, all troons do. I'm more amazed that he's such a bitter, entitled, malfunctioning autist that he can't even have a pleasant daydream about flying without griping that the vista he has literally conjured in his own imagination, is not up to his specifications. He is psychologically incapable of being happy, and he's so stupid he thinks that making himself into an ugly, lumbering giant of a "woman" is going to somehow fix that.


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I'm sure hbomberguy doesn't know who Luke is or give enough of a fuck about him to mention him in a video.

Luke is just so desperate to grab more of the teeny bit of clout he got when he first tard-raged about NITW.

God, I love watching Luke acting like a jealous bitch - whining about hbomb and Scott not only making more money, but for also daring to have different opinions. Stay mad, Luke.