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Eleanor Amaranth Lockhart / Luke Emory Armstrong Lockhart / BootlegGirl / Something EllieEX-Communications professor, Amy Lee fan, wannabe game dev, excessive tweeter

Discussion in 'La Zorra' started by Ride, Jun 4, 2017.

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  1. upload_2018-12-14_18-42-37.png
    Cow crossover.
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  2. We're reaching Jake Alley levels of ingratitude and inability to realize he's responsible for his own misery.
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  3. Even if nothing else was wrong with this twat his victim complex dooms him to be a miserable failure till the day he dies. Claiming you have PTSD from people reading an article you posted - and saying it’s another persons fault. Spectacular.

    His parents are sad for putting up with this nonsense. They probably think he will end up a babbling bum on street if they don’t coddle his every whim and care for him like a child.
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  4. I can understand how somebody might feel on edge after getting a torrent of abusive, and possibly threatening, responses to something they posted online. But that's not PTSD; not by a long shot.

    And holy shit, I'd pretty much forgotten about that NitW article, and so have most of the people who wrote nasty responses to it. The internet has a very short attention span. If he never mentioned it, or NitW, or its creator, ever again, he could move forward with his life, with very little risk of anybody giving him any further shit about it. Nobody cares.

    But he needs people to blame. He needs oppressors. He's a parasite and abuser who poses as a victim, and sometimes he gets lucky and convinces his victim that they're the abuser (classic NPD shit). I think he's got his mom in that position. But he's pretty much shit at getting anybody else to fall for it (including his dad), and that keeps feeding his rage.

    Well, he probably will, one day. But that won't be their fault. Their wasted seed of a son has had every opportunity to go out in the world and create a great life for himself, and he's blown every single one of them.

    Having read enough of his posts, it's obvious he's got a massive rageboner against his parents (especially his dad) for whatever real or imagined slights and abuses he's experienced from them. And yeah, I'm sure his parents did fuck up--perhaps by allowing young Luke to blame others for his failures, instead of owning and learning from them.

    Whatever. The point is, whatever your parents' failings were, it's your challenge, as an adult, to overcome them, to not repeat them, and, goddamn it, not let them completely run you and your life to the point of utter self-destruction. And Luke has been an abject failure at that. He wants to keep blaming his parents for all of his sufferings so he can justify sucking the life out of them, financially and emotionally.

    I really do hope his dad, at least, grows a pair, starts issuing some uptimatums, and actually acts on them. His entitled, angry, overgrown toddler of a son is never going to get another job that demands his (worthless, intellectually bankrupt) PhD, but he can at least get something, and start contributing to his own support.

    Holy shit, he is so much like Richard--just a more aggressively angry version of him. Both are grown men with university degrees who had every chance in the world to lead productive lives, but they've trooned out, leech of their parents, whine about how NTs can't possibly understand them, suicide bait, and keep digging the holes they've put themselves into even deeper (while blaming everyone and everything else for their woes).
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  5. Luke's torrent of PITY MEEEEE reminds me of something I read earlier today(?) or yesterday in the Jon Yaniv thread about how this psychologist has said a big tell of a narcissist or a sociopath (or other type of manipulative person in general) is when the person hopes to prey on people's empathy and they try to exaggerate and make up shit in order to get that empathy directed to them.

    It explains and summarizes 99% of people with rat king threads, and is spot on for Ellie.

    This is just DARVO because Eleanor is a self-centered nutcase who can't tolerate that Scott didn't grovel at her feet apologizing for not writing his game the way she wanted it to be.
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  6. Luke's written another lengthy whinefest.

    Oh please. Gamergate is what got you through grad school and your comfy tenure-track job--which you threw away. Gamergate was the greatest thing that ever happened to you. It's what allowed you to cast yourself as a moral martyr.

    Hi Luke! Have you ever considered, y'know... not writing long whiny spergfests and attaching them to your own name and Twitter account? Because that would shut us down very quickly.

    I'm sure the fact that your arguments were insane had nothing at all to do with the drama and mockery you received. Nope, it's transphobia all the way down.

    Luke: *writes autistic screeds online and links them to his real name*
    Luke: *gets associated with autistic screeds*
    Luke: *shocked Pikachu meme*

    Yes, it's all about you, isn't it? The evils of Facebook and Google pale in comparison to a small clique of random people on the Internet laughing at your foolishness.

    Maybe you should be saying these things to a therapist instead of screaming into the void that is Twitter?

    Like every other lolcow, he simply cannot comprehend that he's not getting laughed at for being "marginalized"--which is apparently a fancy way of saying a white man in a dress--he's getting laughed at because he's making a fool of himself. Again.





    Looks like someone's been going to the Guillaume Labelle School of Photoshop.

    If you haven't read Luke's doctoral dissertation yet, it's available here. These two paragraphs from the dedication tells you everything you need to know.

    5.png 6.png
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    #228 Wallace, Jan 6, 2019
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  7. Ellie, you specifically and distinctly caused the drama because the developer said your post was inaccurate (it was) and cracked a few jokes about it, and then you launched into a year or longer harassment campaign trying to smear him and anyone else who laughed at you saying the dumb thing.

    You're a lolcow through and through and being trans isn't even a factor in it. I don't even need to mention it at all when I tell other people about all the reasons you're a ridiculous internet clown.

    I usually say something like "Hey there's this crazy twitter person her name is BootlegGirl and she threw away a tenure-track professor gig to be an e-begging pseudo-intellectual who harasses people on the internet and desperately needs to take medication."

    edit: no this doesn't hurt minorities more than white striaght men. Have you seen Kurt Eichenwald, or any of the deplatforming campaigns of controversial people like Sargon of Akkad?

    And its not paypal and patreon that are problems, its that you expect to do nothing but REEEEE and that somehow you deserve payment for that. While REEEE takes 0 effort to do.

    And just because you aren't some elite doesn't mean you're free to do whatever dumb shit without critics popping up.
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    #229 Feline Darkmage, Jan 9, 2019
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  8. So a tranny won't accept fault for their actions.

    I'm so shocked, guys.
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  9. The blurb in the featured section makes it sound like Scott Benson created both Night in the Woods and Kiwifarms.
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  10. Dear leader Scott Benson doxes 20 trannies an hour.
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  11. Luke, stop pretending you give a shit about anything you just talked about.

    Everyone knows what you're doing: white knighting prominent activists in the hopes that they notice you and in the hopes of flashing your bonafides to your fellow degenerates. Thing is, whether you're talking about GG opponents, the intersectional social justice community, or your fellow trans activists: they all know what you are, and they have no need for you.

    You were never accepted by the speds in GG opposition, and they accepted Jake Alley.

    You were never accepted by the Social Justice crowd, who found you an annoying and obnoxious asshole, more concerned with gotcha politics than actual activism.

    You were accepted by the Rat King, but while they haven't thrown you out yet, they have no loyalty and will happily kneecap you if your patreon looks like it may meet theirs in terms of success.

    Just do yourself a favor and stop.
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  12. That dissertation is yet another damning indictment of the absolute state of academia today.
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  13. Literally everyone I can think of who's been deplatformed so hard they got banned from every payment processor on earth and had to go live in an internationally-unrecognised former soviet republic is a white straight man.

    I mean, as long as you accept Jews and Italians as white.
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  14. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the irony of someone with a long list of psychological issues—including autism—presenting himself as an expert authority in social dynamics?

    I’m becoming more convinced that Luke really does have the 'tism. You’d have to be autistic to not get how social cause-and-effect work as badly as he does.
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  15. People say that the most formative years of our lives are in our teens, but I'm no longer so sure about that. Colleges seem to take in normal people and spit out dangerhair troons at an alarming rate. It's gotten to the point where I don't think it can simply be blamed on just the 'tism anymore.

    Also, the entitlement of this fucker. "This game is specifically targeting me, and so is its creator!"
    Yeah, sure pal. You're that important. Keep on believing that.
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  16. I feel like i'm reading a clawshrimpy twitter rant
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  17. Only if you're blind and ignore genetics
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  18. He was even kicked out of a scummy SJW hive like rpg.net. I think the problem is his insane number of posts, as seen on Twitter and rpg.net; you don't get 450k+ fucking tweets and tens of thousands of rpg.net posts without the death-urge of saying everything that goes through your head, no matter how stupid. Doing that eventually will have you saying something really alienating, and then he tops it off by having too much pride to back down from it, as we saw with his ludicrous take on that indie game.
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