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Eleanor Amaranth Lockhart / Luke Emory Armstrong Lockhart / BootlegGirl / Something EllieEX-Communications professor, Amy Lee fan, wannabe game dev, excessive tweeter

Discussion in 'La Zorra' started by Ride, Jun 4, 2017.

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@Ride, @yawning sneasel, @Feline Darkmage, @Smutley

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    Hellfire Sugar Cubes
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    1. Imagine being so out of touch that you don't know that "neoliberal" is a snarl word now.
    2. Do you think he realizes how much of a living stereotype he is?
    3. I'm looking forward to a potential homelessness saga with this one almost as much as I am for Clawshrimpy.
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  1. Luke put himself in a group that is so out of touch, he doesn't even realize how useless he is to the movement. He thinks he's riding out clout that makes him a prince, when last week's intern is struggling to figure out whether tho report him to twitter or highlight his struggle against the cishet-white male patriarchy that lets fetishists like himself be legally recognized as the degenerates they are affirms the very real identities Luke masturbates to daily.
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    break these cuffs

    break these cuffs the future liberals want

  2. How does this stack with Wu's tweet numbers?
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    Optimus Prime

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  3. i will draw her next

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    #266 jenffer a jay, Jan 10, 2019
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    jenffer a jay

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  4. 1.png
    2.png 3.png 4.png

    Wow, it's almost like he's not really transgender at all, but a depressed gay man who wishes he was a woman and lost his job because he self-medicated his psychological problems with hormones that made them much worse.

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    Wallace Cram it in me, baby!

  5. That first screenshot is telling. Just because he's "convinced" he'd be well adjusted with a stable career if only his mother had taken a different job when he was two doesn't make it reality. It's just a ridiculous justification for why his life is a trainwreck.
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    True & Honest Fan

  6. I really feel bad for his mom. She took a job offer to probably help raise him, and this is how he repays her.
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    A single cheeto

    A single cheeto 99.9% pure dumbass

  7. Scott "Null" Benson leads both the Kiwifarms and the scourge of Tankie twitter.

    Oh Ellie knows its got bad connotations. This is a sad attempt at baiting progressive and socialist twitter again.

    As Chloe Price said in Life is Strange "I have to blame someone else, otherwise it'd be my fault. Fuck that."
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    Feline Darkmage

    Feline Darkmage Gay Anime Cat
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  8. WAIT! Do you mean to tell me that self medicating for a mental disorder that you self diagnosed yourself to have that you probably don't have because you're too lazy to go through all the required doctors and medical professionals is a bad thing? I guess I should stop giving myself chemotherapy for that cancer I diagnosed myself as having a few seconds ago.
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    Nice User

    Nice User A very nice person.

  9. People didn’t “look past him being trans” it’s just in academic and professional settings people are polite. They still thought Luke was a hulking brute in a dress but professional etiquette dictated they pretended otherwise. Many certainly snickered behind his back later.

    I can’t tell if troons are so dumb they believe the facade of social politeness as totally legitimate or just like the idea of forcing people be nice and play along with their BS regardless of how they actually feel.

    MirnaMinkoff Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
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  10. Oh fucking great, I love that song. It's sacrilege that its being used by some tard as a middle name.
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    Feathers and Stones

    Feathers and Stones KF's resident 10-loving sperg

  11. WAAAH! It's Mommy's fault that I didn't get the chance to be Steve Job's step-son and live in the lap of luxury! WAAAH!
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    Water-T Let's go crunch some numbers!

  12. I feel bad for the mothers of all troons, honestly. Because the troons are mentally ill, but you'd have to wonder what you did wrong that your kid came out so amazingly broken. That they all get shat on by their ungrateful spawn would just make it worse.
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  13. It's long been my theory that the latter is the case. The "flunked out of manhood" variety of troon typically grows up without a healthy adult outlook on power and social capital. So when an opportunity comes up to make random strangers tie themselves in knots, they get an almost sexual charge out of it.
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    Kosher Dill

    Kosher Dill Potato Chips
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  14. I don't know if this has been done yet but
    What Luke Used to Look Like

    What Ellie Looks Like Now
    Luke is faaar from being the bare bone skeletons in the background, like it looks like there was a gain of 30lbs between the OP transition images and this here.
    Also the eyes, does Luke have 3 hrs of sleep a night?
    The retweets are getting stupider
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  15. Hoo boy, this thread was a rollercoaster. I still don't know whether to laugh at this person or feel sorry for him. "Bootleg" really is the word--a cheap copy that's probably full of harmful chemicals.

    It seems like this person had some presence in the Rat King once upon a time, but he's sliding down the hill of some kind of mental disorder, and fast. And I think he's right about one thing: not having a job is messing with his head. When all you can do is stare at the wall and complain on Twitter, it makes it so much easier to get locked into a self-defeating spiral and convince yourself that life is hopeless. Add that to the mania or bipolar or whatever the heck is going on upstairs, and you've got a recipe for a real bad time.

    Do we even know what town he's from, and if so, is it close to the capital? Madison is a pretty liberal city and definitely trans-friendly, at least the university side; while I don't think being surrounded by people indulging his weird fetish-as-sexual-identity thing would be good for him in the long-term, having some friends would at least get him out of the house.
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    Slowboat to China

    Slowboat to China Drinking Toilet Duck

  16. He has to be abusing Ritalin to tweet 470,000 times. I can't even imagine a motivation outside of chemical abuse that could motivate somebody to spend so much time doing something so absolutely worthless.
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  17. Well he posted 200 tweets everyday should be a clear sign he isn't a normal human.

    Don't feel bad for humanity, feel bad for internet service provider trying to keep up with his insane levels of texting.
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