electric skateboards - like getting an abortion - no need to push

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Mar 15, 2016
Any other k-farmers ride electric skateboards?
I hadn't ridden a skateboard since I was eight years old, and last week decided to get one for my commute. I opted for a Boosted Mini X, so I can carry it more easily and stand it up at my desk at work, because it's so short. After I got it, a bunch of people told me I should have got a longboard because they're easier to ride, but I found this one pretty easy, I'm thinking about getting a longboard for longer cruises in the future but for now this thing is perfect.

BX 752

Get a longboard, or a regular skateboard, you lazy fuck.

You wanna cruise? Get a bamboo longboard deck, Bones Rough Riders wheels/REDS bearings, Yocacher trucks.

You wanna get into THPS-type shit? Get a Powell-Peralta complete from their site, they're $100, but they're decent quality.

Electrics are for lazy bastards.


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Sep 29, 2016
You know the hardest part of being a skater, right OP?

Telling your parents that you're a fag