Video Eli declares INTERNET FATWA on the entire Social Justice/Feminist movement, doxxes himself -

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I figured that we'd have heard something about Eli by now, either through the man himself or through an SJW blog screeching about how some crazy guy with a sword tried to murder everyone at Reddit HQ.
He's still in the wrong country for Reddit - they're in California, and they don't have a server room because they use Amazon AWS.

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I will be first in line to volunteer my life in service of the holy war against Leddit. Just say the word, Commander. :semperfidelis:

I don't know if anyone really cares all that much but fyi: The person who currently owns 48 Murphy Terrace in North Hampton is named Helen Harron. It's a 980 square ft home that they bought or inherited in 2008. It's currently appraised for around 200 grand, which makes sense in terms of the rent they are paying, considering their landlords are Eli's own parents. The square footage fits the bill for a "cottage" in that part of MA vernacular.


I found the owner name on realtor-only website that I'm not legally allowed to screen cap. You can probably find it through google if you know what to type in. Yay for working in real estate!

Edit: The other surname was McManus. Confirmed for cottage. Not that there was any doubt... I think the surname changed because Eli's parents are divorced.
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