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Dude the guy who sat next to Eli taped his shoulder at one point near the end. Maybe Eli and him knew each other?


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Did he succeed in the mission to disrupt "You know Wu"?

Or did he just waste another $100000 on LSD and escorts in Ottawa?

Poor guy won't be happy until he's dumber than Tyce.
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Video description said:
Back At My Parents Cottage. Looks Like Dad Turned Da Power Off N Locked All Da Doors Tryin 2 Lock Me Out So I Couldnt Live There? Guess What Im A Tax Paying Citizzen I Deserve Fair And Comfortable Lodging And My Parents Should Basically Let Me Stay Here! Cuz I Took Care Of This Place All By Myself Before Jace Even Moved In? But I Guess Parents Are Bichtes Lol Except My Dads Kinda Cool Cuz He Snowboardz But My Moms A Bitch Cuz Shes Hatin On My Lifestyle Its Not Easy Being A Fuckin Agent Sum Times Cuz U Gotta Lie 2 Ur Family And Deal Drugz And Go 2 Diferent Countrys But I Signed Up 2 Fuckin Serve My Country U Kno So Thats How Its Done Someones Gotta Do It But Im Deagle Nations War Hero Now Biches


What the flying fuck is a Metal Gear?!
I really could have done without all the fleshlight talk, but at least we got a better look at the cottage and Jace's Soap shrine.
Jesus, what a dump.
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