Elisa Ann Schwartz / Elisa Jordana / Kermit and Friends Podcast - Gunt-enabling host of the unpopular "Kermit and Friends" podcast; former keytarist for Cobra Starship; fame-seeking ex-girlfriend of Howard Stern Show writer Benjy Bronk

Insanely Retarded

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Elisa was the one that made Benjy wear a wig, eyeliner, new wardrobe, he couldn't take off his hat, etc. no?
She also refused to sleep with him and would very rarely kiss him if memory serves right. It's why he was constantly made fun of and she was seen as using him for exposure.

I also think this is probably because of Dax, that he is either trying to, or has already slept with her and used Ralph as a replacement when she wanted him to guest on her podcast.
Someone obviously sold her on the idea that Ralph was a big deal and the LA connection + her trying to sleep her way into becoming famous makes sense.

If not though, then there is a chance that a few days after his appearance on her show, Elisa got texts telling her "you know who this is" and asking her to "call me and cum for me during my show". Which would explain her apparent disgust with Ralph and overall regret.

Fucking online sweetheart is probably getting unsolicited dirty texts from Ethan motherfucking Ralph. Will the wonders ever cease?

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