Trainwreck Elizabeth Anne Pelayo / MsElizabethAnne / Ohgeelizzyp / RealMissLizzy / TheMissLizzy / ElizabethAnnePelayo / thenotoriouslizzy / lizzysteezy - From Catholic Schoolgirl to Instagram Model to Coke Fiend to Hooking for Drake


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Elizabeth Anne Pelayo is a bipolar Instagram model who spends her life on an increasingly extreme cycle of attention seeking and regret. Some of her highlights include: becoming a higher-end prostitute (only to immediately expose her first famous client, Drake, within a week), a coke-fueled bathtub breakdown about her obsession with having a man put a baby in her, and sending nude photos to a man she barely knew to then claim, after he leaked them, that she only did it because he said he was gay. That last one was rounded out by her thinking she could sell said pictures of herself, along with a few others and videos for $150,000, claiming it was to help end bullying — not of her, mind you, but bullying everywhere.

Hypealot Honey
Things start simply enough at the age of 18, Lizzy begins her modeling with her first professional shoot, this leads to an influx of attention from Anon-ib, Instagram, and several other adult forums. She soon gets noticed by Ryan Astamendi.

Meeting Ryan Astamendi and Jay Richardson
Ryan is the first major photographer Lizzy works with. The shoots lead to a greater influx of attention as other Instagram photographers and companies take notice.

Meeting Sneakers
Around this time, she meets a guy who calls himself Sneakers, who'll become relevant later in this story. She claims that Sneakers pretended to be a flaming homosexual who just wants to be friends. In a big brained move, she decides to send her nudes to this guy because she enjoys attention and digital asspats - this will be a running theme. It should be noted that Sneakers would later dispute her story and stated that he simply acted as her photographer for a video. How they initially met doesn't actually affect how the rest of their interactions play out. However, her version's funnier, therefore, I choose to believe it (even though his is probably closer to the truth).
Sneakers would spend the next several years following Lizzy on various forums before his anger got the best of him, leading to the next appearance later on.
Sneakers' alternate username on the adult forum ""

Eye Candy
Jay and Ryan's first big joint venture was the Eye Candy app (, later renamed to Top Models (, which publicly launched in October 2015. The basic premise was that it combined the UI of Instagram with a prized leaderboard and no ban on nudity.

While there were several legitimate models, including at least one former Playmate, thanks to Ryan's and Jay's connections, Eye Candy was basically designed to be Instagram for camwhores.

Anyone familiar with the shitshow that was may be able to guess what happened next - the smell of easy money - the top prize was $5,000 (lowered to $2,500 the next month) drew in hundreds of Instagram models who then encouraged their audiences to come over and vote for them (I believe there was also a premium boosted voting feature). As more joined, the more the women would have to do to keep their place on the leaderboard - regular modeling pictures quickly turned to teases which then became nudes.

Keep in mind, it took less than a month for this to degenerate into Lord of the Thots. Liz managed to climb to within a hair's width of first place and immediately managed to piss off several of the other models over her repeated gloating that she (well, her several hundred thousand Instagram followers) had managed to do so without "degrading" herself.

Because the universe has a sense of humor, soon after calling the rest of the competition whores and talking about being a good Christian girl, the momentum petered out before she was able to secure first place and she spent the final two weeks of the competition going from bikini photos to lingerie to handbras, all while continuing to lash out at her nearest competitor, Amanda Love (herself not known for stability), for being willing to degrade herself for money without the faintest hint of irony.

In the final days of the month, it seems her family finally stepped in and stopped her from posting fully nude photos. She then proceeded to post several screeds on her Instagram account about God's plan for her, how she had lost her way and how much she had pissed off her family.

Fall out with Ryan and Jay
After her first major flame out the relationship with Ryan and his partner Jay, LiveRichMedia, sours as her unreliability, impulsiveness, and refusal to treat modeling as a business causes them to focus on other models.

The resulting drama between her and her conservative catholic family over her increasingly skimpy modeling causes her to delete her first account with over 480,000 followers and take her longest hiatus from the internet, to date. A few months later, she returns on her oglp account.

BlitzTV and Jay
Being a trendsetter for the first time, Liz attempts to "MeToo" Ryan and Jay before that was a thing.

One of her followers summed up the entire situation:
What really sells her sincerity was her later anger at not receiving a shout-out from Jay's areo-rial attack (

Her niece will go far in life with that pimp hand of steel, I approve.

Nudes leaked by Sneakers
Despite her numerous public statements adamantly claiming that she had never and would never go nude, in addition to shaming women who do any level of nude photography because it's degrading, in December of 2017, a truly shocking event occurred: The nude photos she had been sending to random men on the internet somehow ended up in the hands of other random men on the internet.

Over on her original subreddit, a man going by the name Sneakers claimed to be in possession of nude photos, which he would be happy to share for the low low price of using his referral code to sign up for a sketchy financial app no one had ever heard of. After being told to fuck off because even redditors aren't that desperate, he decided to release them anyway.

Being the bright, deep thinker she is, instead of simply keeping quiet and reporting the images to limit their spread, Lizzy's first reaction was to post about how traumatizing it is to have your nudes leaked on Reddit... on her main form of social media, Instagram... which had hundreds of thousands of followers.

After her made in china-quality damage control failed to work in her favor, Lizzy doxed Sneakers (in another shock, it turns out that using a name and profile picture that can be traced back to the Instagram account you've been using to communicate with the girl you just revenge-porned is not the best idea), and then began her next foray into crisis management.

Lizzy now changed her story to claim the images were underaged, despite both her and Sneakers previously confirming them being from when she was 19-20. After being mocked for this and retracting the claim, a bit of suicidebaiting lead into the coup de grâce of genius decisions that would result from this mess.

Figuring that she might as well make some money off of this, Lizzy decided to create a GoFundMe to release the rest of the pictures and some videos as well ("for charity"). Unfortunately for her, this attempt didn't go very well. Not only are people not willing to give you $150,000 dollars for pictures they've already largely seen, they also tend to flag your account for trying to claim that you're selling titpics to end bullying.

An archive of the original GoFundMe campaign does not exist, however, she thankfully copied the text over to the patreon she immediately set up afterward.


Her tweets about the GoFundMe:

Bully-related suicide can be connected to any type of bullying, including physical bullying, emotional bullying, cyberbullying, and sexting, or circulating suggestive or nude photos or messages about a person.
The statistics on bullying and suicide are alarming: Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year, according to the CDC. For every suicide among young people, there are at least 100 suicide attempts.
I have recently become a victim of cyber bullying. December 19th, 2017, my heart hit the ground when I opened my phone to an Instagram DM, “Is this you? I think someone leaked your nudes.”
My name is Elizabeth and I am not proud of my nudes. I used to send cell phone images of my naked body to random guys I hardly knew because I was insecure, depressed, mentally unstable, and overall... I was not thinking.
I never thought that years later, they would be out there for the cyber world to see.
A mutual “friend” or acquaintance of mine held possession over some of my naked photos during a time in which I got my nipples pierced. I was 19 years old and I had just discovered how rare it was for a girl my height, shape, size and age to have the busty figure I was blessed/cursed with. Of course I wanted to share them, and who better than an internet friend I honestly thought was a gay companion I could share anything with!
I confided in him with selfies I wanted to post, so-so nudes I felt comfortable sharing, and even gossip!
Some years later, I met my boyfriend and I finally felt confident enough to share more nudes. This time it wasn’t just pictures- it was videos too.
He would never betray my trust, and I know that even though things didn’t work out between us, he wouldn’t expose the new, most recent, but most of all hottest I’ve ever sent, which I now possess.
What I’m trying to say is...
It’s not okay to let someone else expose you. It’s NEVER okay to let someone else use your private and personal property to make profit off of what that person thinks they own. It’s not right to be weak and just “ignore it” or “let karma handle it.”
I’ve always been the kind of girl to RUN AWAY from life’s problems. I’m 23 years old and I’m standing in front of them saying “IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO!?”
I not once thought to myself that these nudes would be exposed or that I would have to do it on my own.
I want to show young men and women who have fallen and sent nudes- not to be afraid. You don’t have to do what I’m doing. You don’t have to get silly revenge either. Lastly and most importantly you don’t even have to respond to the messed up situation in the first place. But I know in my heart... that I’ve never once stood up for something I believed in and was successful because of my courage.

I’ve contemplated suicide and I’ve planned how I want to kill myself in
desperate moments when I was insecure and felt alone because of what I’ve done...

I never want anyone to go to the extremes of feeling hopeless after a silly nude has been exposed.

I plan to create support groups and online advice columns, podcasts and YouTube videos to raise awarenes and above all,

This one ended up being flagged as well. Finally, after a few hours, her parents became aware of the situation and made her shutdown all of her "ohgeelizzyp" accounts after threatening Sneakers with legal action if any further pictures/videos were posted.

About a year after this, in December of 2018, Lizzy, now working as a teacher at her church's (Calvary Chapel Downey ( Sunday School program, contacted the inactive founder of her first subreddit and somehow convinced him to private the whole thing without any warning to even the other moderators.

Despite living her best lifeTM on the internet, Lizzy demonstrates that she has no real understanding of how things work on it. Instead of erasing her presence (read: nude photos) from the net, she only accomplished removing the one active forum that was willing to censor the photos due to concerns about Reddit's new involuntary pornography rules (the photos were already preserved on other sites). In classic Streisand Effect fashion, three more subreddits immediately sprang up without the posting restrictions and one, r/ohgeelizzyp2, would end up becoming the next main sub due to the creator taking out Reddit ads (yes, really).

Making New Friends
After a prolonged absence, she finally reemerged in early 2019, publicly partying with Jasmine Chiquito, the daughter of Kiara Mia, real name - Deanne Munoz, (
For context, Kiara is an attentionwhore (turned actual whore in her thirties) who gave up trying to break into acting after 14 years and has helped her daughter start down the same path, though publicly she's mostly only dipped her toes into foot fetish content so far. Scratch that - she maintains an OnlyFans and did work for a paid "dating" app.
Second from left: Kiara
Fourth from left: Lizzy
Fifth from left: Jasmine

The usual Lizzy cycle follows a pretty simple path: new account leads to the posting of highly sexual posts (escalating with each cycle) to crying about being more than a pair of tits to the posting of pseudo-philosophical rambling to regret and shortly after, a full purge. This time, however, with the influence of her new friends, Lizzy created an OnlyFans on July 4th, 2019 and began selling nude photographs/videos.

This leads to a massive shitshow of Lizzy attempting to prevent videos from leaking via legal threats and attempts at public shaming, her audience splitting off into numerous discords, and presumably grown-ass men debating the merits of paying $300 for 30 second videos of a Mexican clumsily shaking her tits. In total, Lizzy made over $30,000 in her first week.

Now, most people would at this point realize that this is a very limited opportunity that should be financially managed to account for the fact that you won't be able to go back to being a Sunday school teacher after this is all over. Of course, if Lizzy was the type to think like this, she wouldn't have ended up in sex work. Instead what occurs is a financial orgy that mirrors a fresh NBA star - new clothing, expensive meals, and constant drunken partying. In her free time, she complains about having to deal with such paltry tips while threatening her new subreddit:

A new purge occurs and after returning, Lizzy decides to start up a podcast where she discusses such topics as the meaning of life and the joys of cocaine before abandoning it after 3 roughly 10-15 minute episodes. The final episode is released on September 10th, 2019, describing how she had started trying hard drugs.

The Lizzy Show Episode 3

Some reactions from her subreddit -

Lizzy Takes Manhattan
Around this point, Lizzy decides she's a big girl and it's time to truly set off on her own in the world - without her parents being nearby to look after her, as they had always been. After a bit of definitely not cocaine-influenced thinking, Liz decides spontaneously moving to New York with a friend is the right call on September 19, 2019. Barely a week later, on September 28th, Liz livestreams herself crying in the tub while clearly higher than a kite before her friend takes the phone and brings her on an emergency flight back to her parents the next morning.

Hooking for Drake
After another purge and return (on October 10th, 2019), Lizzy spends the next few months somewhat quiet, seemingly with a renewed sense of self-awareness about her bipolar episodes and generally poor decision making. Soon after being out on her own again, she reconnects with her friends, begins living her L.A. party lifestyle again, and reopens her OnlyFans. She also declared herself to be bisexual and that she would now be dating women primarily. In early March 2020, she claimed that Instagram began to repeatedly ban her accounts for "impersonation," forcing her to make Twitter her main form of social media for a few weeks.


On the night of March 8th, 2020, Lizzy - apparently not understanding that the literal only thing (besides having sex) a prostitute needs to be able to do is keep their mouth shut - decides to post a picture of herself standing next to Drake's pool, while wearing his sweatpants, with the caption "Post-Drake dick glow." She soon follows up with a screenshot of a couple thousand dollars of cash payments from "Aubrey Graham" (Drake's real name) with an immediate tweet seconds after stating "I don't fuck for free."
All of the tweets were deleted within minutes, however, it seems unlikely she'll be getting a call back after this.
Well, almost all of them:
Drick.png (


Drake's Mansion

Cash App and "Dont fuck for Free" Tweets

Cash App

Second Tweet

Matching Drake Sweater Top (First 25 Seconds)
Matching Sweater Top.png

March 4th (6:51pm PST) - $1,000 is sent via CashApp from Aubrey Graham
March 5th (4:53am PST) - $2,500 is sent via CashApp from Aubrey Graham
March 8th (10:00pm PST) - Posting of the financial transactions on Twitter

Turns out having sex with a rapper does not give you rap skills, no matter how many hard Rs you drop.

Post Drake
Lizzy's latest adventure in the dating world involved dating a graffiti artist, going by moneymuerte ( on instagram, and recording poorly produced sex tapes. In a truly shocking development, this relationship results in disaster as well, with her accusing him of physical and sexual abuse.

For reference, this is at least the second boyfriend she's publicly accused of being rough with her (the first being the guy whose toe she accidentally broke with a weight). Immediately after, she increased the price of her OnlyFans from $5 to $50 per month.

A few days later, she deleted her Instagram and Twitter again, as part of her annual father's day routine.
Nothing against the guy, I just can't stop seeing one of those Minions anytime he has those glasses on. Also, for the sake of full disclosure, that photo's from Father's Day of last year but he still looks the same.

The Twitter and Instagram had a good run considering her social media accounts tend to have shorter lifespans than black men in horror movies. Upon her return, she immediately announced she and her boyfriend "daddy" were back together and then began removing the flood of nitpicking comments from 'the haters' nagging her over that whole "rape" thing.

Here's him doing coke off of Pablo Escobar's headstone.

On July 27, Lizzy announced that her mother had made some sort of "TV deal for a HUGE network." No further details have been released at this time. (Update)

On August 12, around 1:35am PST, Lizzy posted a video crying about her life and went on a prolonged Twitter/Instagram rant about everything from 'fake fans' to drugs to COVID-19 being a hoax and cellphones being the real danger. After waking up, she immediately raised the price of her OnlyFans to $40 per month, as one does during a psychological break.

Screenshot_2020-08-13 Lizzy ( notoriouslizzy) Twitter.jpg117290201_923138794871548_8413070773531677605_n.jpg117170368_597920624417337_7345404869715869080_n.jpg117421501_191803682469226_7576362124124709476_n.jpg117419428_300486387865600_3583365040242370812_n.jpg

Don't feel too bad, this sort of thing is a semi-annual event for her at this point.

Lizzy has very deep philosophical and political background that helps her cut to the heart of feminist issues, this was on August, 27th, 2020, a few days before returning to her old boyfriend again.

It's common knowledge that your audience is typically a reflection of your content. In Lizzy's case, she is the content, whether it be her early days of standard Instagram modeling or her later shift into doing porn, the more neurotic, unstable, and antagonistic her behavior towards her audience became, the more they responded in kind, creating a toxic feedback loop of "haters" that's an all too familiar story now. This has only been inflamed as she's become less able to stop herself from getting into cross-site arguments with randoms from her subreddit.

109820094_2882652835295226_2955616691905858517_n - Copy.jpgp5vtyvh3kjo41.jpgpedro.jpg7e5108347191d793e4addbcb291407be-imagepng.png9dspyBp.jpg5nwmi2u292e51.pngsomething 'right'.pngfirefox_2019-06-14_02-41-37.pngbuzz.pnglessismore.png7vOVZ.pngmenwhohate.pnggY92Q.png

Generally, she'll cycle from ignoring negative feedback while talking about how she loves her fans to arguing with randoms in the comment section to "fuck the haters, I'm living my best life" to crying about toxicity and back to ignoring any criticism. At any point in the cycle, she's liable to suddenly attempt to take down discussion of her with legal threats.

This pattern has managed to shift a sizable chunk of her core viewers from men looking for tits to people who just want to see her next flame out.

Though that's not to say there aren't orbiters still. Here's a reddit post Lizzy apparently enjoyed enough to tweet out approval:

On the subject of weight, Lizzy has tried to be a fitness model previously. Unfortunately, she has a few things working against her. First, she has no unique knowledge on diets, routines, etc. to share. Second, she's continued to rely on her looks to gain an audience any time she starts a new account, undercutting the fitness angle. Finally, Lizzy isn't able to maintain a routine of any sort for any period of time, let alone a consistent workout regimen beyond a few weeks at this point. In the last year, in particular, she's focused more on 'body positivity' as she's gained weight.
I used to be hella skinny and way more fit. And maybe people are so used to these fake ass bodies now that they’ve lost concept of what natural, non-deprived bodies look like especially once metabolism slows down with age. I’m honestly sick of getting body shamed for my weight but I’ll never stop loving myself or eating because of it. I’ve contemplated getting surgeries and enhancements because of all the girls who have shit done now who have made it hard for naturally endowed women to feel confident. I wish men weren’t so easily manipulated: but all I can say is I’m happy that I’m not starving myself or giving a fuck about negative opinions and STILL DOIN ME ~fuck all that noise I’m happy and I’m always good skinny or fat or thick or whateva u wanna call me...😂😍 like it’s JUST my body ... how about my soul and how happy and good she is to people ~ 🌎❤You attract good people and things when u do good for yourself!!!! Be you!!!!

Though that's not to say that she doesn't have some weight loss strategies:
Her subreddit has it's own thoughts on the matter that you can read here:

On that note, it should be pointed out that she's admitted to photoshopping her pictures in the past. Try to spot the subtle differences:

Also, she really likes dogs:

Born: March 16th, 1995
Height: 5′ 1″ (1.55 m)

Lizzy frequently moves in with new boyfriends, only to immediately move back in with her family within a few weeks. Her current on again, off again relationship is somewhat of an aberration.
Family Home:
Downey, CA 90240-0000 (
The house is blurred out on Google Maps if you try to search for it, which is probably not the best idea if you don't want to encourage someone to save pictures of said house just in case you figure out what mapping websites you missed the first time.

Old Address (Moved a few months ago):
12812 Adenmoor Ave
Downey, CA 90242-4925
100% chance she's a registered Republican because of her father.

Instagram: ()
Twitter: (
OnlyFans: (
Old Twitter: (
Old Wordpress Blog: (
OP reached the text limit, see links here (January 17th, 2021).

SUBREDDITS (In order of size) ( ( ( (
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Boom bye bye inna batty boy head.
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Fucking fantastic work, my dude! Had no idea who this broad was until I gave it a read through. Found it fucking hilarious that a youngish girl in her late teens/early 20s was rawdogged by fucking Drake of all people. I guess his "friendships" with Millie Bobbie Brown and Billie Eilish couldn't go as far as he wanted it to, so he took to acting like Leonardo DiCaprio.

You did a great job making this thread, OP.
Just wow, this girl is really desperate for attention.
This thread could possibly be good for Internet famous board or beauty parlour board.

I'd wager Beauty Parlour more. Her life's just a colossal trainwreck where she's chasing clout by any means necessary. Also, any vestige of "fame" she claims to have is minor at best.

Brittnay Matthews

Mercenary Cheerleader
She'd just end up like the white bitch who made a false allegation against Bill Cosby: a complete pariah who made getting justice for actual victims exponentially harder.
nah she wouldn't hurt anyone except herself, she's clearly unstable and she posted pictures that could prove her wrong.
it would just be an entertaining shit show.

Prophetic Spirit

"I'm a sex symbol. You gotta deal with it!"
It's incredible how a hard-trying "pornstar" (because she more like a fucked up escort) decays quickly in a life-death paradigme hell sperging (and i even include a pseudo-acting for money, like near always those cases).

For some reason i remember Sasha Grey & Mia Khalifa with this; but they're retired and living a normal life (except of the occasional rage in the latter mentioned).

Anyway, good job OP; you're created a fine thread with lots of valuable info.


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Oh boy, I missed something while I was working on this yesterday:
A few days ago, she went to Mexico with moneymuerte, the one she made abuse claims against, (I never remember his name so I just label anything "coke bf" mentally) she's been on something(s) for pretty much the entire trip and decided that she was going to get her first tattoo - of his face. Archives from two of her subreddits (which I now have linked at the bottom of the OP).
e0v17oyemfl51.jpg (
fx12oc2pmfl51.jpg (
wbdzojka4gl51.jpg ( (

EDIT: Lizzy just got another today. That's two tattoos in two days.
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