Trainwreck Elizabeth Anne Pelayo / MsElizabethAnne / Ohgeelizzyp / RealMissLizzy / TheMissLizzy / ElizabethAnnePelayo / thenotoriouslizzy / lizzysteezy - From Catholic Schoolgirl to Instagram Model to Coke Fiend to Hooking for Drake


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Lizzy's been pretty active on Instagram live the last week, the most interesting stream was on October 27th, 2020 when she decided to down an entire bottle of wine. Since most of you only see the clips, I decided to clip out this 6:50 segment that really sums up what it's like to watch her drunken manic rambling. Note: if you're short on time, this is a long post and the other clips are more important/relevant than this one, feel free to skip it. Also, all of these clips are in chronological order. We also get the most complete version of the Drake story to date in the seventh/eighth clips.

Here's a fun little story about her disposing of cocaine from moneymuerte:

For some reason she likes showing off her toes:

Apparently her grandmother is from Sinaloa and she claims her niece wants her in a half-naked Halloween costume:

She decides to write "Bitch" on her forehead:

She talks about why she didn't do a professional porn scene with Johnny Sims, her thoughts on penis size, and why she's afraid to have sex with black men:

The Drake story begins and she talks about how her and her friend decided to rob him (chat KF mention at 02:19):

Part 2 of the Drake story wherein the realization that he had sex with Lizzy causes Drake to sink into a depression slumber while contemplating his life choices. She also mentions why she's no longer friends with cakkkes_ (, the stripper friend she fucked Drake with, she's apparently not a fan of "overachievers" (see 07:15). Note: few seconds at the beginning was missed with her saying that if Drake had knocked her up their kid would look much better than his first:

She goes on a rant about why she's no longer friends with shakiranatty (

She recognizes a guy named Michael ( from high school in the chat and gives another guy relationship advice:

She's been 'regorting' the arm tattoo and claims she's getting it removed on Halloween:

Not really sure what to call this, we'll go with 'drooling on her bed':

Lizzy decides to take chat with her to deal with some bathroom business:

Part 2 of Lizzy talking about shairanatty and her ex:

She streamed the next day, October 28th, 2020, as well. Here's her learning what a Blumpkin is (for the second time, I know they've told her this before), she quickly warms to the idea:

She also tells the story about accidentally sending her father a picture of her "creamed panties" while drunk:

Someone asked what she would tell her future children if they saw her videos:
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For @Chongqing and anyone else that may doubt that she fucked Drake. I Googled DuckDuckedGoed it.
"Drake Pool"
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Right there are the kinda creepy statues of bathing women. Same ones are in her pictures.

Man I feel bad for her parents. They seem like pretty sweet, genuine people from all signs I can see. Would totally grill with her dad.

Thats ridiculously over the top. Money cannot buy class. Yuck.
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