Elizabeth Warren defends her story about losing a teaching job because of pregnancy - The dancing gif needs to be pregnant now.


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So rather than doing any investigating to try and obtain any truth, or trying to explain why Warren's current story contradicts so much of the information and evidence we've seen in the past, or make any attempt to scrutinize a DNC front-runner who's been repeatedly caught in a lie, [CNN] instead publish an article that suggests even looking into it would be sexist.
For fuck's sake lol
How is that sexist if all sexes can get pregnant?


The particularly insidious thing in this lie, is according to the records it looks like the School District, the employers that she is now slandering, went out of their way to do the right thing. To be accommodating to her needs. They did precisely what everyone wanted. They treated a pregnant woman in the best possible way. For that they get a knife in the back as that woman seeks to better herself through political power. Yeah! There's a lesson in Warren's story. Just not the one she expects to be teaching.
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Why does she have to lie so much? Just run on your record and proposals.

This is the fucking problem with having only senile elderly people as front runners. They all have mental issues. I really don’t see how an old, senile looking school marm/librarian is going to stand up to China or Putin.

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Boomers do NOT understand the fact: This isn't the 1800's. Generations now have the ability and resources (unfortunately also the time and interest) to drill down every turd that falls out of your mouth,
Seems that this will be an interesting period going forward. The 'information age' is gonna be hell for professional liars.
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Lyin' Liz just went full tilt with it on PCCC email.

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What are you even trying to prove liz?
credit where credit's due, that's an excellent way to both call out facebook for not scrutinizing posts they promote enough and further misinform her base.

I will laugh if what comes out of this is circumstantial evidence that the reason this got approved was because facebook has certain candidates on a white list.

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I will laugh if what comes out of this is circumstantial evidence that the reason this got approved was because facebook has certain candidates on a white list.
I have a strong feeling it's something like that. It's weird being on a few Dem mailing lists from my super liberal days gives you all sorts of insights into how much disarray is going on in the party and the desperate straws they are grasping at in relation to a lot of things going on currently.
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