Disaster Elizabeth Warren formally launches 2020 Presidential Campaign - President Pow-wow or: How I Wont Stop Lying About My Native American Heritage

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Professional Niggo

Yeah, I honestly dont like to lift rhetoric from Wyatt Mann comics but If the "WE NEED REEEEEEEEEEPARATIONS" crowd want to use the logic of "<0.1% of white people in the mid 1800s enslaved a chunk of black people's ancestors and thus all white people everywhere have to pay all blacks all their money forever" then im pretty sure the past century and a half of assorted welfare/government aid/whatever would cover the wealth gained by those doing the slaving several times over atleast.

And so long as we are doing the whole race-guilt thing, theres a good century of crime statistics with blacks dominating just about every category despite being like 10% of the population so im guessing there is a whole lot in back-reparations owed to white people from that alone given how many rapes/murders/assaults/robberies would be in those statistics.
That's a great Ben garrison cartoon thete. We have given niggers housing, food stamps, medicaid, wic, snap, tanf, etc. And those lazy groids want more of my hard earned money? Shit like that makes me want to have a race war. Niggers are lazy apes.
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