embarrassing updates 05/31/20 - FACT: Becky wipes Amberlynn's ass & gash

a llama weighs 450lbs

amber's hump #1 fan
gorls, if you ever feel like your life is shit and you're at rock bottom, just remember that at least you don't have to post youtube videos talking about your hymen at 30 years old and how your girlfriend has to wipe your cooter just so you can pay your medical bills that could have been avoided by not weighing a quarter of a ton


Fronting: Rak Wrathraiser
Jesus fuckin' Christ, Amber. You've sunk so low it is honestly pathetic. I'll bet you've even tricked people into feeling sorry for your lardass. Everyone with a brain knew Becky wipes for you, but I don't think most thought you'd admit it. Now. SHOW US THOSE DISGUSTING LAYYYRGS