embarrassing updates 05/31/20 - FACT: Becky wipes Amberlynn's ass & gash

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Oh I know well enough what the post procedure instructions are. I simply would love to hear Amber's version of those. Because anything other than what you wrote would be utter bullshit.

We saw her initial photos from emerg - we know that as is normal procedure in heavy blood loss, she wasn't having her vitals constantly monitored nor did she have a larger bore IV running saline full bore while they hurried to get her ready for the OR.

She had a D&C - a minor procedure for most with a short recovery period, (24-48 hours) & few complications - for most women, assuming there are no underlying issues & their overall health is decent.

As to her blood work, I'd love to see those labs too. Alone, they won't give a diagnosis but would sure clarify for Farmers her overall state of health right now. Clarify & confirm - we know she's happily diving into the Grim Reaper's Eternal Swimming Pool.

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List of facts we already knew but Hambo graced us with :
1. Bitch does not wear underwear (probably doesn't even own one)
2. She does not wipe her arse after number two, when she said she never needed help wiping it's because she does not wipe at all, Bitch thinks her dainty shit smell like scented candle and her arsehole is self cleaning, her UTIs were probably due to shit juices flowing from one hole to another (hello my name is gravity bitch!)
Doctors must have told her to keep her arse clean to avoid more infections, now Necky has no choice, will have to stay by Hambo's side, instead of her dying mother. in full time, cleaning arse duty.
3. She let her flux flow without pads or tampons if she ever has her "time of the month".
4. She had her precious virginity restored and is ready to give to the next teenager special boy victim butler.
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. And why they didn’t use conscious sedation rather than a general is beyond me.
general is a lot quicker, and when it is an emergency surgery there is always the possibility of more being wrong than you can initially see, it is helpful to have someone under all the way in case some additional problem needs addressing (like if the D&C didn't control the bleeding and ablation was needed, for instance). conscious sedation is used in procedures where a person can be still for a long time. Amberlynn's limbs and possibly her fupa were being held in place by people so the doctor could gain access, having her be awake could fuck that up and possibly cause a perforation with the instruments if she decided to move around (and frankly having a bunch of people hold your legs open so a doctor can get to your snatch is something many people would freak out about if they were drugged).

anyway, becky is gonna kill herself this year, I'm pretty sure. She wasn't stable to begin with, her mom is about to die, and amberlynn is too narcissistic to provide any real support to her.

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having her be awake could fuck that up and possibly cause a perforation with the instruments if she decided to move around (and frankly having a bunch of people hold your legs open so a doctor can get to your snatch is something many people would freak out about if they were drugged).
Or they knocked her out to stop her wailing/inability to STFU.

Honestly, why don't they just get a pool from wommart and wash her nasty taint that way? They have deep enough pools there. Or get a water tank for cattle from a feedlot.

Come on becky, work smarter not harder.
There ain't no smart in that there cabin, cowboy.


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Don't most women who had a whole C-section surgery manage to wipe their own asses? Somehow Amber's cunt scraping and hymenectomy was more traumatic?
Most women don't have the mind of a child, can reach their nether regions just fine, don't feel the need to dominate their partners through learned helplessness, and aren't trying to make bank on YouTube by exploiting their medical issues.

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Unless you're worried about an honor killing, who goes on and on about a hymen?
I honestly don't know why we were so surprised by her being so fixated on her hymen and the concept of virginity: she's still stuck somewhere in her teens, when sexuality begins to develop and becomes very prominent in kids' minds. She probably regrets not having been a dainty cheerleader who gets crowned prom queen and loses her virginity to her jock boyfriend when the party is over. That's it.

She's a woman almost in her thirties who pretends to be gay because it's easier for her to manipulate women and who may or may not have had lost her virginity to a sped looking girl who cheated on her with a fridge with a blonde wig propped on top, and then never had sex again. She probably expected to lose the weight and go on to live a wonderful, fashionable life like the other youtubers, and end up engaged and married to a pretty boy, so now she's hung up on the fact that nothing played out like it did in her head.

She doesn’t have a hymen as nobody would fix it for free, it’s ridiculous she’d say that. She has no clue what she’s talking about. I imagine if you put a diagram of female genitalia in front of Amber, she would not be able to name the parts, and likely still even thinks she pees from her vagina. Which is pretty remarkable for a lesbian.
What do you mean there's more than one hole?!

Actually, if you're a woman who hasn't had penetrative sex, your hymen is pretty much gone by your late teen years anyway. It grows thin and gets worn down by normal activity. Amber has either made up her story about her hymen out of whole cloth or she's creatively interpreting what the doctor did to her (which was, most likely, stitching her up after an episiotomy or similar preocedure.) I certainly wouldn't trust a 30 year old who's never been to a gyno to know anything about her own female anatomy, especially when said anatomy has been distended by fat.
I was honestly thinking she may have vaginismus as well: it's weird that she was a grown ass woman and kept saying that she couldn't have penetrative sex because of her "dainty hole", and she never got checked out because she thought it was flattering to be unable to even push in one finger without winching in pain.