Emergency Room Visits | Something is Wrong 11/14/19 -


Ssssshhhhh I said ssssshhhhhhh. Tee Hee!
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She looks fucking GRIM real tawk

With this outfit she looks like a bottle of French's Mustard

Advertising those raisins are you gorl?

Becky looks and sounds like she is about to snap and shoot some fuckers

Dramatic Reenactment of Amber's fall y'all. She finally revealed the step she tripped over!

Trigger Warning: Amber does the difficult triple lipsmacks at 1:57. Consider yourself warned.

This should be a poster:

HeAlThY aT aNy SiZe
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fingerblast my shower jelly papi
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"come to very high terms"
Sis really threw out her makeup wipes because she was allergic to them. She didn't "donate" them to the Fridge or the homeless shelter?
  • developing a rash situation from her makeup wipes, throws them away
  • got a veggie burger and "rancheeros"
  • sitting outside, cut to Twinkie Storr wearing a Christmas sweater looking like a honey baked ham
  • shows us the step on which she fell
  • has a bad case of the shivers, she was sitting on the cold hardwood floor
  • "keep me in your thoughts", has a slight cold
  • her temp is 2 degrees below average, 96.6 F
  • new temp: 99.9 F
  • if her temperature goes to 102F, she will go to the ER
  • Now at 100.7 F
  • Cut to the hospital, her eyebrows are totally gone
  • Now at 103 F, her brain "feels drunk"
  • She peed for the hospital staff, you're welcome for that image ☪
  • they also swabbed her throat
  • bittersweet that is not the flu
  • She is not telling us the diagnosis, she is gonna "heal with medicine"
  • She is "diehydrated" no matter how much she drinks
  • going back to the ER, "something else came up", she deadass walked outside in the winter wearing nothing but a spaghetti strap
  • had to prick her three times because they could not find a vein
  • IPSY BAG HAUL Y'ALL: cheap, useless shit
  • "when it's rains, it storms"
  • BOXY CHARM HAUL Y'ALL: oh wow!, more cheap, useless shit
  • eye and face masks scare our dainty gorl
  • "dose" = "do-say"
  • She woke up nauseous to the point of nausea
  • ordered out again, Pizza Hut: small side salad and small personal pizza
  • she is trying to lose weight because #me
  • eats a fourth of the pizza and a few bites of the salad, apparently she is full
  • she only likes this pizza because the crust is different
  • keeps the pizza and throws out the salad, no shit
  • finished the new season of AHS
    • someone called her out on "cool, calm, collective": she deadass googled the definition of collective because she thought she was right #writerlynn
    • "what the fuck is all of this harry potter merch all of a sudden": recently watched harry potter with Beggy and actually loved it
    • "it is amazing at how bad you are at your job": fucking LOL
    • "we can sight right through you, ALahR": I am not sure how but ok
    • "the Shane x Jeffree palette will be back in 2020"
    • "they been gone"
    • "912 pounds"
    • "just because dumb rich people do things that you do, it does not automatically morally validate it. that's not how it works." plays dumb because it is too vague
    • "Becky looks like a grandma now", to which Beggy responds with "it is what it is"
    • "Jesus Amber, you are huge. We need a weigh in. Like you are about to POP." Akshhuallllly I am losing weight. She will not weigh herself on camera until she is happy with the result. So, never?
    • someone calls Amber out that if she cares so much about the environment and makeup wipes, why doesnt she use biodegradable ones? They go on to say that all she cares about is me me me me me me me.
Did anyone else notice that they ordered out three different times in one video: burger place, the Cajun shrimp place, and Pizza Hut?
I guess the AdSense cheque came in?
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This whale went to the ER twice in two days. Do they not have a god damn urgent care??? So if it's not the flu, which she wished it was, what was is then? We're only left to speculate, which Amber hates soooooo much when people do that! Reetard.

If people are curious about her hygiene, it's not what deodorant she puts in her armpits, ffs. People want real answers, like if and how she showers and how she really wipes. Don't tease us, gorl.

When is rains, it storms
Bitch, what?!