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But I'm not mad at anyone.
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Chris you double digit IQ retard. 'Whom' is only used to refer to the direct object of the statement.
Dumb illiterates trying to look educated often incorrectly use "whom" because they think it somehow makes them look fancy, even though misusing it actually just makes them look dumb and illiterate.

PBJ Sucks

I'll take the Triforce of Dinner to protect me

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CLINTON 2020: "One Nation, Under a Groove..."
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alt right supremacist wearing kiwi farms shirt
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Took a little break from the farms, and god I’ve missed this sped.
Claiming you don’t need to have a mental disorder to be transgender like all the cool kids do these days, nothing new but still funny to see from our princess veteran.

Claiming that he’s worn high heels for 70 hours straight. This one I can somewhat believe because he does seem like the kind of freak whom would sleep in a pair just to feel uwu gender euphoria uwu.

Classic Yuki-chan sperging about how much of a warrior goddess queen he is.

Saying he’s gonna arrest cops??

Along with being an absolute badass whom keeps weapons in every part of his house, he also drinks shots like it’s mountain dew.

I’d say “drinks shots like water” but as we all know at this point...
Our goddess Yuki is a physical miracle whom doesn’t need water to survive like the rest of us.

One final short story about being in a knife fight. Such a brave queen.