Emily Ferraz / SailorSeiyaDigiJem / SonicGal1993 / mlp-fim-headcanons-ships - Schizophrenic Brony, chronic shit-starter, lazy ass fujoshi with a muscle fetish

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I killed byuu lol
Aug 8, 2021
On the sixth day, God created the wild beasts of the land, and on the seventh day, Satan created furries; and, so long as man lives, he has had to toil beside these degenerates


Emily Ferraz



Emily Ferraz is a 28-year old, gay, schizophrenic, furry tryhard with a raging femboner for a certain pony cartoon and a long history of chimp-outs and spergy behaviour. Emily first caught the ire of farmers when she made the wise and informed decision of attempting to recruit a personal army to quash her gay twitter beefs and validate her fat uwu fucking gunt. Despite having zero decorum and lacking all self-awareness, Emily was still able to navigate around the funny New Zealand bird forum somewhat competently, spewing her diarrhea over PG instead of shitting up Lolcow General like most newfriends tend to do.

Nonetheless, every cow has some Achilles' heel that demarcates them from wider community they attempt to worm their way into, and Emily's sin is her obsessive and schizophrenic behaviour toward people she has deemed haram. Emily has a long history of starting autistic spats with any artcow who even inches close to matching her dwindling quality, all the while crying abuse and harassment from her supposed stalkers.


Across the internet, Emily is known far and wide by the same gamertag she uses for everything, making it incredibly easy to spiderweb all her doxxes and stalk her to kingdom come. Of course, this would present a pretty huge security concern for our little furry friend if she didn't have a powerlevel greater than Vegeta's balls.


Besides being completely incapable of NOT doxxing herself, Emily cannot stop feeding her trolls. She is so bad at containing her autism and controlling her chimp-outs that most of the people who fuck with her have resorted to blocking her. That's right, you heard me correctly, THE TROLLS BLOCKED HER.


Between the powerlevelling, fueding and feeding, one could mistake her for Null's slightly fatter and more incompetent twin sister.

Epic Life Story

Emily was born on 26 June 1993 in the comely little shithole of NYC, to two fat retards who lacked the self-respect to toss her in the dumpster on the way back from the hospital, and also lacked the competency to raise her into anything but a pony-addicted fujoshi.

Emily grew up watching weird Romanian cartoons and witnessing her parents fight over inconsequential shit 24/7. It got so bad for the girl, that she would start writing lesbian erotica and drawing horse tits to cope. Emily flunked her way through her high school years, learning nothing of value and making no friends whatsoever. She would later go on to describe her formative years as a "waste of time". Considering the fact that she was held back due to her shitty grades, this isn't all too surprising.



At some point in her life, Emily fell in with the Sonic community, as made painfully clear by her Steam account. The extent of her Sonic larping is unknown; what is know is that Emily is a massive faggot and will never be a hedgehog.


It goes without saying that Emily has a pretty bad relationship with her parents. After all, what self-respecting adult would be okay with their sweet baby daughter growing up into a 20-something unemployed loser with chronic masturbation problems? Emily's relationship with her father is beyond strained, as of the present moment, with her using him as a scapegoat for everything wrong that happens in her life, going as far as to blame him for her house burning down.


Emily's relationship with her mother isn't any shining beacon of excellence either, and began to deteriorate upon her 18th birthday, when she refused to haul her ass off to college and earn a useful degree instead of coasting the neet life on momma's dime. Perhaps owing to a combination of her failing to find any gainful employment, her refusal to move outta the basement or her schizophrenic attitude toward the pettiest of slights, Emily's mother would constantly take her to therapy and mental health practitioners, which she would reject without a minute's hesitation, content to live her life of mediocrity and debauchery. Over the years, Emily and her mother would begin to drift further and further apart, to the point where her only means of communication was to get her faggot brother to steal shit from her porch.


Emily's life would continue to spiral downward, with no end in sight. Without a single positive force guiding her in life, Emily would turn to the butthole of the internet for catharsis: Furaffinity.

Autistic Furry Saga

Emily created her Furaffinity account on 12 February 2016, which she would use as a springboard to promote her DeviantArt account (created on the 29th of April 2010). DeviantArt was the first recorded instance of Emily's attempts at starting shit and the subsequent chimp-outs she'd throw when narrative doesn't go her way.






While on DeviantArt, Emily would have a penchant for drawing the most depraved shit ever imaginable. Despite claiming to be a lesbian, Emily's profile would be filled to the brim with rule 36 muscle-pony art and drawings of the Incredible Hulk in weird, suggestive poses.





Emily would also constantly powerlevel about her true and honest crush and the gay porn she would draw of the two (masturbating to it later, in all plausibility). The crush, in question, happened to be one of her real life acquaintances, who had gone to the same high school as her, and was one of the few people she had added to her facebook, making it painfully obvious who she was.


This is "Maggie"


Emily would also use her platform to sadpost and mope about how unfair her life was, how much of a failure she was, how much she hated her dad and how much greater she would've been had the world seen her true talent…. Sigh… (:_( if only the folks around her would just appreciate her brilliance.

Emily also drew shitty sonic art


Online Escapades

Emily grew tired with DeviantArt and Furaffinity around 2019, and found it fruitful to turn to other ventures of grifting. One such particular avenue was Tumblr, where her obsessive faggotry and incoherent ramblings would fit in right at home. Having created numerous accounts on the site that she would eventually ragequit from, before settling down on two main accounts in February and November of 2016 respectively. While on Tumblr, Emily continued to find herself embroiled in pointless sperg wars and the target of numerous gayops headed by other weens hoping to land the final epic win on her. Some things just never change :story:








While her main was busy singlehandedly pozzing the radioactive remains of Tumblr, her alt account was hard at work delivering the gospel of homosexual pony yaoi to the unwashed masses, who probably wanted to browse their horsey porn in peace without having to hear Emily's constant schizophrenic rants.


Screenshot_20211001-094624_HTML Website Inspector.png

Besides Tumblr, Emily would also go on to make several smaller accounts in 2015, most notably a Facebook account and a SoundCloud account. While her activity on SoundCloud was mostly barren, save for the few pony songs she favourited, her Facebook was being updated quite frequently, opening up a new avenue for onlookers, beyond her depraved fetish art and psychotic feuds, and into her daily personal life.


It was on Facebook, where her truly abysmal record of breaking her own shit would begin, and this habit would continue to persist throughout the rest of her adult life.


Emily also maintained a YouTube channel for a short period of time, which she would use briefly to post her speedarts and retarded tech tutorials that anyone with half a brain could figure out. On the surface, her channel seemed fairly innocent and unassuming.


Of course, this bitch just can't have nice shit







Besides exporting her Tumblr spats to YouTube, she would also broadcast her generic edgelord shit pretty frequently as well.





Keep tipping those fedoras lady :neckbeard:

Twitter Autism

Supposedly growing tired of Tumblr and Facebook, Emily would move her grift to Twitter in August of 2015, but wouldn't make an effort to post consistently until 2017, when her autistic sperg wars with other artcows would begin. One notable cow that Emily would frequently get her panties twisted by goes by the name of Kathleen McMains, a fugly ass hoe with little milk to her name. In hindsight, Emily could've avoided having this entire thread done on her if she just resisted the urge to touch the poo, but she couldn't, she didn't and now she has all hell to pay. :story:







As with her previous Facebook account, Emily carried over her autistic belief that she could make the internet's shitter HER shitter. Over the span of half a decade, Emily would make it her religious duty to powerlevel all over Twitter, moaning and whining about the most inconsequential shit, rambling about how her parents want to kill her with Amazon spy drones and breaking her all shit as usual.












Rollin and Trollin the Farms

Besides tard raging and autistically alogging random twitter cows who no one gives two shits about, Emily is a massive schizophrenic who acts like a chimpanzee with tourettes. Her first batch of Godawful posts on the farms were made around January 2021, about the same time frame she joined the site. Short of being a tryhard ween who put in far too much effort into owning her internet rivals and proving that she's "not like the rest", Emily would also attempt to add fuel to the fire by recruiting farms users to join her autistic artcow crusade. These blatant acts of retardation managed to irk members of the farms, who proceeded to mock her mercilessly until she kindly fucked off farms temporarily.












She would whine about this on twitter later.




Emily's return to the farms was marked by her autistic devotion to a certain lolcow whom had caught her ire, a cow that would make her rage for nights on end as she shat herself in fear on the toilet. For our little retard, life wasn't fair; Emily's rivals would get their opinions validated all across the asshole of Twitter while her own posts got like 2 views max. It was time for that to change. On the 29th of September 2021, at 10:17 PM, Emily would spew out the worst fucking thread in Kiwifarms history; worse than any thread made by Xenarthran or SigSegv, worse than anything Kengle or APC could ever hope to shit out. Emily's thread was so poorly-made and crudely-formatted, that it fucking crashed cloudflare as soon as it was posted, speaking leagues to it's terrible quality.

Not wishing to deal with another diarrhea personal army request, Emily was mercilessly chewed out by the farmers, hoisted by the panties by her own retard



This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.
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Hamplanet Fitness

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Jan 26, 2018
She seems legitimately exceptional. Would like to see more about her personal life over the past few years - I know it said she's unemployed, but is she just a total NEET, or has she tried doing anything outside the house after failing at getting an education?

I'd recommend spoilering the long chains of images - while the content is funny, it's visually not the greatest.


I killed byuu lol
Aug 8, 2021
She seems legitimately exceptional. Would like to see more about her personal life over the past few years - I know it said she's unemployed, but is she just a total NEET, or has she tried doing anything outside the house after failing at getting an education?

I'd recommend spoilering the long chains of images - while the content is funny, it's visually not the greatest.
mfw get called a faggot for spoilering images on my first thread
mfw get called a faggot for not spoilering images on this thread

Good idea tho, the thread looks awful with all the pictures

Doppio Vinegar

the new stone ocean op looks awesome
Jul 31, 2019
So she had the gall to put Kathleen's ugly mug on the top of her thread without realizing that she didn't look even the slightest bit better herself. At least Kathleen can lose some weight, take care of her skin, put on makeup and look fairly decent- there's no saving our friend here, though. There's enough grease on your nose to fill a McDonald's fryer, Emily.

Here's some proof that she's indeed a 28 year old woman who still acts like a 13 year old.

And some more unsightly pictures of her double-layer chin.






And something of note: That Maggie chick that she drew herself having sex with is straight. Who could have seen this coming?


mori-chan living under fascism
Jun 9, 2019

Wait, I think I remember her from years ago in DeviantART. Correct me if I'm wrong. She would harass a person just for liking Johnny Test (AKA the show the Mr. Enter fandom would hate on nearly a decade ago)

So... She was born in 1993. She was already 20 in 2013 and she would do stuff like that. She is almost 30 now... And she has the same attitude from years ago. She's even worse than Alex/Dementcia!
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