Dramacow Emily Rose Nauert / Emily Marshall / Louise Rosealma / Venus Rosales / Moldylocks / "ANTIFA Girl" - ANTIFA girl who got knocked the fuck out by a Nazi; Camwhore


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Here are Emily Nauert/Louise Roseama's nudes.
upload_2017-4-17_13-12-54.png upload_2017-4-17_13-13-16.png upload_2017-4-17_13-13-50.png upload_2017-4-17_13-14-10.png upload_2017-4-17_13-14-32.png

credit to @Cuck Norris on the video

A hairy woman fetish site owns the copyright to these videos, so if you'd like to see more I'll redirect you to her profile on their site.

They've also advertised a promotional with full-sized pictures here.

Credit to @zedkissed60 for most the info here. As always, great research. This is Emily Nauert an ANTIFA and sex worker from Thousand Oaks, California. The other day she decided she was going to go to an event so she could take home 100 Nazi scalps. Clearly she was looking for trouble, and sometimes when we look for trouble, trouble finds us. Luckily, her getting laid out by a proud, white man was caught on camera for us all to enjoy.


She has been the focus of /pol/ and a number of right wing message boards since the event. Internet detectives quickly found names associated with her, her social media footprint and that she works in porn. The Ethan Ralph put his smaller than average cock down long enough to publish a blogpost on her, following it up the next day with a post about a gofundme reaching $80k in hours and the response by trolls.

upload_2017-4-17_0-14-19.png upload_2017-4-17_0-13-35.png upload_2017-4-17_0-13-56.png

Go to her gofundme and bring back some fun commentary if you are inclined.

When she isn't getting BTFO by Nazis, apparently she engages in criminal activity...

upload_2017-4-17_0-17-46.png upload_2017-4-17_0-18-21.png

And showing the world the nature of her hygienic practices.

upload_2017-4-17_0-20-31.png upload_2017-4-17_0-21-23.png

Right now she is "literally shaking" because people are making death threats at her.

bjb.jpg kmkmm.jpg

On April 20th, she released additional photos to "make ANTIFA sexy again" and to try and strike back at ridicule. Good for her, I guess ... ?
18057655_1478375005536920_8250275673824560331_n.jpg 18034015_1478374935536927_3450693026956038513_n.jpg 18057775_1478375222203565_6691605717578523924_n.jpg 17951798_1478375192203568_6968764489549105859_n.jpg 18033304_1478374928870261_4762028246908287411_n.jpg 18057059_1478375065536914_4722090301282144665_n.jpg 18033183_1478375262203561_9170607720387887286_n.jpg 17952459_1478375045536916_7984591383379664609_n.jpg 17990888_1478374932203594_535266577501719292_n.jpg 18011006_1478375025536918_3927976902095189656_n.jpg 17952523_1478375185536902_7097318880740551883_n.jpg 18057965_1478375008870253_3064037306357094380_n.jpg

Source: https://www.facebook.com/montagnais...74895536931.1073741857.100000933043867&type=3
Archive: https://archive.md/lzoG2

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Emily Rose Nauert
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951 Warwick Ave Apt C1
Thousand Oaks CA 91360
(805) 379-8721
DOB February 19, 1997 (age 20)

Her parents filed for divorce in 2010. Her dad moved back to Texas. She has a brother named James.

http://www.cvarchers.com/index.php?...1:our-joad-coaching-staff&catid=11&Itemid=271 (http://archive.md/BEV23)

Father - former captain of the US National Video Game Team
http://kotaku.com/5901938/there-was-once-a-us-national-video-game-team-and-this-guy-was-its-captain (http://archive.md/vWTbp)

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So a bunch of people in leftbook groups are celebrating the fact that she got punched because white people with dreads are evil.
Yeah, this is why you don't sleep with wolves.

I like how they keep citing the 95lbs as if men have an advantage over women in fights. What happened to biological differences not existing and weight only being a number on the scale?
There was a quote on /r/antifa or somesuch reddit where a member was complaining that a 95lb woman was put on the frontlines because she was just going to get pummeled and everyone pounced on him because "gender is a social construct".

This social justice shit is going to fizzle out now that it's being put into practice against a bunch of pissed off nationalists.