Emily Rose Youcis / @realemilyyoucis / "Pistachio Girl", creator of Alfred Alfer - e-famous animator, neo-nazi sperg who wants to be raped by Aryan men, peanut vendor


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Those of you who have been on the internet for a while might be familiar with this video:
This was the first animation in the "Alfred Alfer" series, a series of demented videos about the titular canine, most of which became popular via YouTube and Newgrounds. Though you'd be correct in assuming these videos are simply a bit of surrealist dark humor, in recent years the creator of these cartoons has become almost as insane as the animations would lead you to believe. Ladies and gentlemen, Emily Youcis:

The years have not been kind to Emily. While other Newgrounds spawn like Oney, Egoraptor and Kirbopher have eased into the actual mainstream animation industry, Emily has been stuck mostly on the internet, working on the Alfred Alfer Movie. Her relationship with other online animators is actually slightly strained due to her crashing a Magfest panel with her unhinged rants about rape.

Though her Patreon's going strong and a good chunk of her fans remain loyal, updates stopped around last year as Emily focused on her side job as a nut vendor for the Philadelphia Phillies, where she actually had a relatively good reputation thanks to her amusing performances in selling pistachios. This led to her being dubbed "Pistachio Girl" by sports fans, unaware of her prior internet history.

This all came to a head about a week ago when her previously unnoticed political views came to the forefront and caused her to lose her job as a peanut vendor.


Even mainstream media like Stephen Colbert got shots in at her.

So what are her political views exactly? Well, the news articles could probably clue you in, but if you go to her twitter her stances become pretty clear. In terms of sheer nazi lunacy she's high up on the ladder, and there's a treasure trove of content to deal with. Some of her more "out there" tweets from recently:




Here's a reddit AMA she did where she talks like a full on manosphere member, a troubling sign of what was to come.

I was a bit pre-emptive in making this thread (apologies for the arguing in the first few pages) and some of the weirdest updates with Emily came about afterwards. Youcis's newest schtick is advocating for systematic rape of childless white women in "white sharia", something she also wishes was done to her.

She's also living in South Korea because someone on /pol/ praised it and has allegedly stopped taking her antipsychotic medication. She's continuing to lose both her career and mental stability and it's only getting worse as time goes on unfortunately.

Twitter banned, now on Gab.ai
Reddit (now empty with r/altright's closure)
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Shit I have her on facebook and I'mma tell you all how fucking great this lady is.

When I was like 14 years old I saw the full Alfred's Playhouse trilogy and it fucked me up. I suggest everyone watch it, and watch it with an open mind. I'm pretty sure it was a therapist's assignment to do an art project about her own experiences. When you're sitting there trying to get past the nauseating screeching and lolsorandumbXD humor it slowly reveals itself to be a dark introspective about some truly horrible shit that she probably dealt with first hand. I loved it so much when I was younger I've used a frame from it as my Steam avatar for like 5 years.

I started seeing her again recently on Twitter and /pol/ and /r/The_Donald posting Trump shit and was like hodamn I know this chick, so I followed her throughout the election. She's pretty sassy and I'd recommend her feeds to anyone in that sphere of politics.

Leaving thread open because freeze peach n shit but if you think she's a lolcow you're fucking delusional and desperate to bleed a stone. Have fun.

p.s. dayum


Jake Alley is the girliest girl who ever girled.
Leaving thread open because freeze peach n shit but if you think she's a lolcow you're fucking delusional and desperate to bleed a stone. Have fun.
I agree, Emily is funny and incredibly talented and I would love to have sex with her.

updates stopped around last year as Emily was forced to take a job as a vendor for the Philadelphia Phillies, where she quickly made a name for herself via her strange performances in selling pistachios.
She has been Pistachio Girl for a lot longer than that as I heard of her 5 or 6 years ago livening up baseball snoozefests.


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Seems like she could be a potential lolcow if you milk patiently and strip search for more details.

Tbh I thought Alfred's Playhouse was shit. Very mediocre. Poor art, animation, voicing acting, sound and writing. That's my opinion though.

However she really improved over the years:

Her animation is much more fluid and stylized, and the "edge factor" seems more natural than forced and try-hard like it used to be. Her current work is like John K. meets Ralph Bakshi in the best possible way.

Opinions and antics aside, I hope the Alfred Alfer movie takes off. It's a shame she hasn't gained more success as an animator. She started off shaky, but she's incredible now. The transformation is remarkable.

Kinda surprised that she's a "traditionalist" considering how hard she seems to push the IM NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS IM ~ONE OF THE GUYS~ schtick.

She reminds me of Shoe0nhead for that very reason. They'd be fast friends I think.


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Except ShoeOnHead was a Boxy lookalike that slurped Muslim sugardaddy cock. No one has any love for her. If she wasn't Boxy+GamerGate she'd be no one but a whore.

She gives me the same "I'm quirky and not like the other girls but that doesn't mean I'm a radical, progressive SJW feminist pansy nutjob either!" vibe that Emily does.

I agree Emily's content is superior to Shoe0nHead's, though.


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Well fuck. Heres a touch of non milk info for those who care.
so im a huge phillies fan. I've met her a bunch of times. We always had a friendly chat and she was polite. Anytime I went to a game with a girl she always was using her sales for me. Ie this man is a keeper or you're lucky he takes you to games. Hope you get on kiss cam etc. one night I bumped into her at a south philly bar. She remembered me because I have a rare Phillies hat. we talked baseball for a min. She has a good grasp of the sport and knows the team. I had no idea about the net stuff or political views.

HG 400

She seems like a decent person with stupid political opinions. She hasn't even publicly chimped out about getting fired for them afaik.

Null is being a faggot about not closing this because he thinks people will accuse him of political bias but somebody really should close it because this is a dumb thread.


Null is being a faggot about not closing this because he thinks people will accuse him of political bias but somebody really should close it because this is a dumb thread.
Because I fucking can't or idiots will start up a riot and point to some other thread no one pays attention to or cares about say, "look see DOUBLE STANDARD if I can't make fun of the baseball titty girl with a raped dog fursona for being against Muslim immigration then gosh golly what does this website even stand for?"


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To be honest with you guys, I'm amazed Emily is a white nationalist. I guess that's the best way to describe her views. And the reason I say this is because I have seen multiple girls who remind me of her yet would be more socialist. Man, crazy world!

She's still very cute in my opinion.

right wing alternative/hipster girls are a rare breed, but they do exist.

I know one. She dyes her hair unnatural neon colors, has plugs and attends post-hardcore concerts. She's cool with the gays, but also gun rights, and is pro capitalism and anti-universal health care. She also hates Laci Green. Lol.

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