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Multiple women have come forward with allegations of physical, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse against William Francis, the former frontman for emo band Aiden and a solo artist who records as William Control. A new investigative report from The Daily Beast’s Amy Zimmerman includes graphic descriptions from several women of violent acts they say were performed on them by Francis. They claim to have been forced into a “sex cult” by Francis, who, they suggest, used his public persona as a BDSM practitioner as a guise for violence. The accusations include being forced to tattoo Francis' initials on their bodies and sign contracts in blood, and being brutally beaten.

According to The Daily Beast, police in Federal Way, Washington investigated claims against Francis, but declined to prosecute. On June 7, Francis wrote on Facebook: “I went into the police for questioning about these allegations earlier this year. After showing the detective my side of the story, including private communication, he recommended no charges be pressed, because it was clear the behavior was consensual. I have in the past, engaged in heavy role play and bondage relationships WITH consent. However, I do not engage in that sort of play anymore. And for anyone who feels as though I have hurt them or violated their consent, I am sorry. It won’t ever happen again. There are lots of things that have been said that are outright lies. I have never been with underage girls. I have never been involved in a ‘sex cult.’”

One woman, a 22-year-old named Vitoria Chan, posted on Facebookearlier this month that Francis “targets young emotionally unstable women into becoming BDSM sex slaves.” She continued, “I started to get groomed into this cult when I was 14 years old.” Chan reiterated her statements to The Daily Beast.

Another woman, identified as Lily, told The Daily Beast, “He had me sign a contract, and the contract had to be signed in my blood.” She also claimed that Francis “wanted me to change my appearance, lose weight—I developed an eating disorder. There were rules, and he would make me film myself doing various degrading sex acts.” She also told The Daily Beast that Francis once anally raped her.

A woman named Sarka J told the website Salty that Francis financially manipulated her; she said she paid Francis $100,000 over three years. “He wanted plenty of money as proof of my love, and if I didn’t send it I wasn’t allowed to see him,” she recalled. Stormie Somers, who dated Francis for nine years, told The Daily Beast, “I’d send him money constantly; I’d have to do jobs to make sure that he had money. Even if he didn’t need the money, it was still my job to supply him with money.”

Sarka J and Stormie Somers also detailed particularly violent incidents they claim to have experienced with William Francis. Sarka told Salty, “I couldn’t consent because I was scared to death. I couldn’t consent because of the loaded gun being forcefully pulled to my mouth. Trying to refuse only meant more torture until I gave up. I couldn’t consent because being beaten heavily with fists to my face and head and temples, as well as being choked unconscious.”

Somers said to the Daily Beast that in October 2010, Francis “summoned” her to a hotel room in Los Angeles, where he assaulted her. “He collapsed my throat, dislocated my jaw, he gave me black eyes, a contusion to my spine,” Somers said. She also told The Daily Beast that Francis used her to recruit other women into the “sex cult.”

A woman identified as Sarah, who also says she was physically abused by Francis, told The Daily Beast, “I’m thousands of pounds in debt because of the things he insisted I buy for him and pay for.”

On June 8, Francis wrote on Facebook, “I've decided that in order to move forward with my life I am shutting everything down completely.” He continued, “I’m sorry to everyone but it’s best that I focus on my family and not have any more communication with the outside world.”


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Somers said to the Daily Beast that in October 2010, Francis “summoned” her to a hotel room in Los Angeles, where he assaulted her. “He collapsed my throat, dislocated my jaw, he gave me black eyes, a contusion to my spine,” Somers said.
And you didnt have him prosecuted then...why? I mean, I'm not a doctor, but a collapsed throat sounds like something you'd have to go to hospital for. Which would mean medical records and police being involved byproxy. So why not have him prosecuted then?

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“I’d send him money constantly; I’d have to do jobs to make sure that he had money."
Strange wording. Googled the name and there's probably been some prostitution going on. And what's up with marking people around the genitals with the initials of the master, NXVM did the same thing, was that in 50 shades of grey or something?


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Don't know who has been following this item but in the past week William "I don't use safe words" Control has been posting videos about his alleged victims claiming they lied. Some of these videos incorporate footage that borders on revenge porn but he claims he has permission to release this stuff because his alleged victims released it first themselves. The women supposedly tried to have these videos taken down but Youtube only placed some of the more explicit ones behind an agewall:

One of his victims responded on Facebook:

Another one of the alleged victims posted this video:

Here is an article from one of the online publication claiming that he was running a sex cult:

"In the interest of fairness, I’m posting up all these videos below and whilst they do raise some questions, I’m not sure if it’s anywhere near enough to exonerate Control for his actions – especially considering there are loads more women out there who have accused him."

Others have responded on Twitter but there are so many women and so many responses, I can't keep up. This guy has fucked and pissed off a lot of women. I don't know the specifics of this ordeal, it seems like a huge rocknroll groupie fuckfest to me. William Control admitting he doesn't use safe words and the fact that these girls were barely legal (on the legal side, but still young, I understand that he was in his thirties and already married with a kid when he fucked them) does not work in his favour. I think he is discovering that a lot of young sexually inexperienced women who pretend to be kinky and S&M on the internet do not actually really like BDSM (for the most part have no idea what it actually entails) IRL, they just like the fantasy of being a bottom. A lot of these women will only put up with BDSM to grab a man's sexual attention, but these women are still resentful that they agreed to subject themselves to BDSM to get that VIP man they wanted, so they end up hating his guts for showing them that AFK BDSM has nothing to do with their internet fantasy LARPing of it. Someone shouldn've told these chicks that doing shit you don't really want to - even when you force yourself to do it because you assume that it's expected of you- just to fuck an otherwise inaccessible VIP is generally not worth it, it's always going to leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth because you did something you didn't want to in order to get something you wanted, so the experience is always going to be ambivalent in your mind. You will always be asking yourself "Was it really worth it?". This is not specific to women, men feel this way too when they fuck a woman they didn't really want to, the ambivalence about the experience can tip over into outright resentment. Don't do shit you are not 100% sure about is all I have to say.

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I have little doubt that this guy is a piece of shit, but it looks to me more like these women had agency, and have been steeped in a culture that tells them they don't. They had consented. This wasn't brainwashing by the emo faggot. It was brainwashing to make them believe they are powerless against the big bad boogey man of patriarchy, and that's where they abdicated personal control to some piece of garbage they would have otherwise told to fuck off if they hadn't been ideologically brainwashed by the cultural zeitgeist that they are weak, powerless, and live in a narrative where the aftermath of making bad choices is to say you had no agency.


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William "I don't use safewords" Control posted yet another video, this one about a woman named "Lauren". What can I say, this guy certainly has a very active sex life (remember, he was married with a kid while getting into all this shit with groupies):

This is the daily beast article he mentions in the video, his alleged victims claimed that he was asking them to send him money and to do sex work in order to send him money:

Sarka told Salty that, “She was financially extorted to the tune of US $100,000 over the course of three years,” and tells The Daily Beast that she stands by her online claims.

Sarka’s allegations of “financial domination” are mirrored by Stormie Somers, a longtime former girlfriend of Francis’ who has now become one of his most vocal accusers.
She also says that she was ordered by Francis to work as a cam girl, stripper, and dominatrix to make money for him. Additionally, she alleges, she was tasked with recruiting and grooming other women to follow in her footsteps.
Somers maintains that Francis made her work to support him. She tells The Daily Beast, “He had me camming and I was a dominatrix and I was a sugar baby, and he put me out all over on these websites to make him money. I’d send him money constantly; I’d have to do jobs to make sure that he had money. Even if he didn’t need the money, it was still my job to supply him with money. I was going to get signed on to Burning Angel to be a porn star, because that’s what he told me I was going to do.” Somers’ other job was “recruiting” women. She described how, last year, Francis came to see her for her birthday with an assignment to take another woman under her wing. “My job was to help her basically branch out, and take her to local strip clubs,” Somers says.

She went on to describe the dynamic as “cult-like,” writing, “We were brainwashed. He had us all get his initial tattooed on our pussies—his ‘brand’…He also financially extorted me, and many others. I’m thousands of pounds in debt because of the things he insisted I buy for him and pay for—the expensive shoes, the posh clothes, the fancy hotels, the flights, the shirts for his son—and he made me change my will and pension payout to make him sole beneficiary. I also had to send him money every month.” The Daily Beast reviewed over a year’s worth of PayPal confirmations of monthly payments made by Sarah to William Francis/William Control LLC, ranging from £250 ($331) to £400 GBP ($529).

It's very telling how he never addresses the allegations of these women making payments to him. I guess his gothic pyramid scheme didn't turn out the way he planned. What is the purpose of these videos - other than perhaps revenge - than for this 37 year old fuckboy to advertise his rocknroll sexcapades with barelylegals? Rockstars used to write memoirs about all the groupies they fucked on tour. This is the 21st century internet version of that: Youtube videos with DMs, pictures and audio as proof for a more immersive experience of the rockstar lifestyle. The viewer is given an opportunity to go on a fucktour with William Control. One of his alleged victims revealed on Twitter that he originally wanted to monetize his groupies by setting up a porn site where his fans could join his digital brothel and be exploited by him for his own financial gain. The music is just a siren song to get women to join his pyramid scheme of a sex business. That segment of his audience that didn't abandon him when the allegations first came out, those chicks are just sitting there watching these videos jacking off to the stories of his sexual conquests, sending him tweets saying: "I am so jealous of the fucking and spanking, when I read about your sex cult I thought: where do I sign up?". He literally says in one of these videos, after admitting that he doesn't use safewords, "My fetish is to please women.", but he needs payments to be pleased himself. Those women were essentially fucking a gigolo who then tried to be their pimp. Show us the bank statements, Mister Francis. Did you make these women pay you and get job in the sex industry to fork their income over to you? That's what I want to know. #followthemoney

Updates: There is a new video from a woman who claims he was her dom, that he was "brutal" but that she liked it and "he was good to me". This guy has fucked (up) a lot of women:

In this 2010 video interview he says that he has some kind of multiple personality disorder and that "William Control is just a fucked up individual":

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Mister Francis is preparing yet another video, about a woman named "Kate":

Is that what you wanted to do Kate? Move on? Is that why you’ve spent the past year feeding my ex wife and everyone else your bullshit?
It’s okay Kate rattray. The next video is for you.
The comments:

Another one? How many women are there!! Jeeeeezus and you were married that whole time? Dude .....

He can't. She left because he wouldn't give up his "whores" because keeping girlfriends is better than keeping your wife and son apparently

I didn't say he doesn't see his son. I said he basically gave up his family for a couple girls willing to make porn to financially support him

Anything that move? Talk about no self control.. sex, drugs and rock n roll.. just mainly sex I guess.
I want William Control to respond to these allegations of his asking the women he was in relationships with for money:

Yeah she has legit proof. Texts and shit saying that she had to pay him £500 a month and that if she didn't she would regret it and when she told him that she couldnt afford that he basically told her she better find a way or else. I know what I saw and that's all I can vouch for

I cant speak for anyone else's claims, I only know what happened between my friend and him and asking for £500 a month "or else" is extorting money from someone.
His alleged victims have repeatedly made statements about how he was manipulating them into paying for things. Here is another accusation, involving a woman named "Leigh". This woman "Leigh" apparently disappeared without a trace 9 years ago. Does William know where she is or what happened to her? This woman has not been mentioned in a video yet:

"She was working at a bakery during the day and a pub on the evening, not the best paid job. Will manipulated her into paying for the Aiden tour that happened in November 2010. She got credit cards out that she couldn't afford just to please his manipulative ass. She got into 3000 pounds of debt and [he] didn
t have any intention of paying her back. The rest of the band didn't find out until the last day of that tour and tried to pay her back. WHAT KIND OF PERSON ASKS AN 18 YEAR OLD TO PAY FOR SOMETHING SO EXPENSIVE AND BEYOND HER MEANS???"
This woman, who was a friend of "Leigh" later tweets in this thread that "he isn't addressing the financial abuse", well, if these women made financial transactions wiring money to him, they should be the ones able to prove this. This possibly is even more serious than just the sexual abuse allegations.

The "Mandy" Youtube video is the only video statement where William appears to address the claim that these women were sending him money. He claims that this woman "Mandy" had ordered thousands of dollars worth of merch. He then scrolls past a page of PayPal transactions. That's a lot of t-shirts. Was this woman ordering so many t-shirts to made a gigantic William Control quilt, or was something else going on?

Thus far we have videos about 8 women:

  1. Sarka
  2. Victoria
  3. Stormie
  4. Jessica
  5. Georgia
  6. Mandy
  7. Lauren
  8. Kate (upcoming video)

Only one of these videos addresses the claims about money and financial transactions.

Question: I don't know this guy or his work at all, so I am asking those of you familiar with his history, has he ever done sex work in relation to his BDSM? If there is any proof to these claims of financial transactions - I want to stress that none of these women have provided the receipts, they just claim he asked them for money and told them to go whore themselves if they couldn't pay him - then this would mean that William Control was basically working as a gigolo who had sex with many women, agreed to be their internet master, got his slaves to sign contracts, gave them orders over DMs and only later revealed that it was all for pay, that he expected to be compensated for ordering them over the phone. He needs to stop bragging about his very active rocknroll lifestyle and start addressing the claims that he was asking these women for money in exchange for internet slavery. Are you a gigolo, William Control?


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William "I don't use safewords" Control posted another video about a British woman called "Kate" or "Lydia" or whatever her name is. He presents this woman as the one who masterminded his downfall. He also addresses the money-making claims for the first time:

He makes the following claims (and it almost sounds like he's pitching a film script for a biopic or a gothic sitcom):

1) Kate was a suicidal depressed NHS nurse who was unhappily married. Her marriage was sexless, she had not had sex in 8 years. She began an extramarital affair with William Control, who became her internet master, giving her tasts and ordering her around over DMs. He claims she was the most lonely person he has ever met.

2) Kate had a lot of disposable income from her mainstream nursing job working for the NHS, which is the public health service in the UK, so it was a government funded job. She would spend all of that government money buying William Control merch and visiting all his concerts in the UK.

3) Kate was suicidal and lonely and regularly expressed the wish to commit suicide in these novella-sized letters she would send to William Control over gmail. (LMAO, some people on this forum complain that my posts are too long, wait til you see this woman. I feel like need to up my game now, LOL.)

4) She would buy gifts for William which she would present to him at concerts, but he didn't like the gifts so he asked her to just give him the money instead, which she did.

5) He trusted her enough to let her run his online merch store and handle merch orders.

6) She was very insecure about her looks. Of all the women William was fucking she was the only one who was older. William describes her as "obese", but I've managed to find a picture of her on Instagram (she's locked down all her other accounts) and IMO she's more chubby than obese (though this is from 2015, maybe she's grown bigger since then?):

Check out the lovely Kate @pippinangus photo #Cocoture follow us @poisonouspinups and submit your pics…
None of this mattered to William Control because he's a sex maniac who doesn't care about looks or bodysizes, anyone will do (again, why doesn't this guy just get a job as a gigolo? If he can bring himself to fuck any woman regardless of age, size or looks, he'll have a very lucrative career). She would apparently pay photographers to do these professional nude photoshoots (I guess like in the Instagram picture) to impress William but he told her to stop doing those, that he was her master and did not give her permission to have her pictures taken.

7) She was jealous of William having other groupies - not of him being a homewrecker because she herself was married and cheating on her spouse just like William did on his wife, the mother of his son. They were both homewrecking their marriages.

8) William says that "the biggest mistake" he ever made was to introduce his groupie slaves to one another, which he supposedly did so they would console one another whenever they were missing him. This claim is bullshit on the face of it because later in the video he says that he was having orgies with his groupies, including Kate and Geo in the same orgy, so these women were already introduced to one another through the orgies.

9) After he broke up with the bulk of his groupie slave harem by means of a mass-break up message, he nevertheless kept a few groupies - I guess these were the special select ones, the most loyal ones - as his side bitches. These women are the ones currently supporting him on Twitter. He insists that these women are voluntairly his slaves and that he has never pimped anyone. He addresses the claim that he "was pimping them out of a house, sex trafficked them across the country, and that I was fucking pimping them. Which my ex-wife believed.". If she knows him and has had his child, why would his ex-wife believe it? Because it seems credible?

He does not address the claims of asking people to get married to get greencards or the claims that these women have receipts - which they showed to the media - showing that he was forcing them to fork him money regularly.

All in all, I don't feel like he has sufficiently addressed the claims of him asking women to become sex workers to compensate him for being their internet master:

One alleged victim - Sarka J - shared posts of Western Union transactions that were paid to Francis for 'his needs' and 'the future [he] had been planning for me.'

She sad: 'I couldn't consent because I was scared to death. I couldn't consent because of the loaded gun being forcefully pulled to my mouth which is definitely the threat of force.

'I couldn't consent because being beaten to the pulp isn't definitely the right way how to be consensual and trying to refuse always meant only more torture until I gave up. I couldn't consent because being beaten heavily with fists to my face and head temples as well as being choked made me unconscious.'

She told Salty that she was extorted for $100,000, a similar trend of 'financial domination' that alleged victim, Stormie Somers, recalled.

'Even if he didn’t need the money, it was still my job to supply him with money. I was going to get signed on to Burning Angel to be a porn star, because that’s what he told me I was going to do,' Somers said.

He has also yet to address the greencard fraud/marriage-of-convenience claims. He is mostly using these videos to brag about his rocknroll lifestyle and all the sex and BDSM he was having with all these women, laughing at the dirty messages they were sending to each other.

Let me say again that I don't know the guy other than what I have seen in these videos and read online. I don't know his music, either his pop punk band Aiden or his solo industrial stuff. I tried to listen to his cover version of Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill and it was basically shit, no tension or emotion to it, so I didn't listen to anything else. The song he did with Jeffree Star was kinda catchy, but nothing original or creative. What struck me about that video was how innocent and quirky he looked back then, he was this pop punk kid who became a total fucking asshole under the influence of industrial culture. This tweet claims that he created the William Control BDSM persona after his fiancé broke up with him.

I did a bit of research into his past and apparently he's a former associate of make up guru Jeffree Star. Back when Jeffree was still having a music career he appeared in a music video together with William Control's band at the time, Aiden:

This song is actually kinda catchy, certainly better than that lifeless uninspired Kate Bush cover I listened to in order to get an idea of his music. One of the comments under this video says it all:

Reminder that William Control that responded to being accused of rape by calling all his critics soyboy beta men last year, after doing possibly the least heterosexual looking music video in history 10 years ago.
This suggests that he started enslaving women and doing internet BDSM because he became insecure about his masculinity.

In these blurry videos William Control is live onstage with his band Aiden. He's later joined by Jeffree Star to sing a song together:

I wonder how Jeffree Star feels about his old tourmate now. As far as I can tell Jeffree has never openly distanced himself from William Control or made any public statements about the abuse allegations.


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I have a friend that met him on his tour bus a time or two for, uh, obviously expecting sex. According to her, he wasn’t into penetrative sex - I don’t know if that means he couldn’t get it up or if P into V doesn’t do it for him? But she said he wasn’t into fucking like most guys are.

But he did get rough with her during some BDSM stuff I’ll never understand, and it was rough enough that he gave her such a bad nosebleed she thought he broke it. She immediately stopped listening to his music and moved on with her life and doesn’t fangirl anymore.


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I have dug up a lot of shit about this William "I don't use safewords" Control and his unhappy slaves.

I finally found the one news article with the receipts of William e-begging from "Sarka", as well as him e-begging from "Kate"/"Lydia":


At one point William asked "Kate" over DMs to make him her heir, which he actually did. He also told her that he was going to tell her when to kill herself and that her transferring all her money to him was going to be her final act of devotion to her internet master. All of this crazy shit was happening over DMs. I cannot believe how someone can be this gullible but there you go. I find it very telling that William did not address this claim -asking Kate to make him her heir, telling her he was going to decide for her when she was going to kill herself and wire him all her money - at all in his video about Kate. For me this is the most damning evidence of all. I don't understand how an adult intelligent woman could ever go along with this shit. All the other groupies were young inexperienced women, if they were starstruck or gullible they can be forgiven. "Kate" on the other hand was a married midlifer and a trained nurse with multiple degrees. She too subjected herself to this bullshit.

I decided to have a closer look at some of the messages from "Kate" that William quoted in his last video. It seemed like he was only quoting those parts of the messages where Kate was complaining about her frustrated sex life and how she saw William Control was this rocknroll sex God who had saved her from her sexless married life or boredom, loneliness and quiet despair. I wanted to know why "Kate" was so unhappy with her life and why she latched onto her groupie identity like her life literally depended on it. She drops some clues in her messages:


In this message she says that she hates her nursing job: "Feel sick at the thought of work, mind.". Some of William Control's fans questioned whether "Kate" was a real nurse or whether she was lying about her professional background, but she apparently told the truth and is really a certified doctor in the UK. I don't understand how someone with such a responsible and well-paid job could ever come to hate their job but there you go. She would complain to William Control about her job not being "glamorous", which is bizarre because being a doctor means dealing with broken malfunctioning human bodies, of course it's not glamorous but it's important, responsible work. Rather than spend her money re-educating herself to find another more fulfilling job, she spends all that money on William Control merch and following him around the UK when he's touring there. She spends that money on her groupie LARP with him rather than on actually improving herself.


In this message she tells him that she's aware of the fact that there is a harem-hierarchy, with his wife and one of his select slaves at the top of what she refers to as the "whorarchy". Kate realizes that she's just one of many: "I didn't think it would be that many. I thought it was more exclusive.". Rather than taking this as her cue to get the fuck out, she expresses envy at William Control himself for having the rocknroll lifestyle of sexual abundance that she so desperately craves for herself. "I don't know how you do it!". William Control says that Kate was jealous of the other women, what he doesn't seem to realize is that Kate was jealous of William himself. ("It is not surprising that the lambs should bear a grudge against the great birds of prey")


In this message you can clearly see the cognitive dissonance in this woman. She goes back and forth between: "It doesn't get better than this, I am doomed to be lonely" and "I deserve better than this, it has to get better". She complains about William not responding to her messages about being sick and alone, but at the same time she fantasizes about buying a house in the area he wants to live in, quitting her job (the nursing job that she hates) and moving to the States to be closer to him. What you are seeing here is a extreme form of cognitive dissonance that is very typical of fucked up women in BDSM and poly. They know they are just crackerjack but rather accept reality for what it is (or, use that realization to get the fuck out) they start fantasizing about things they know aren't true to make their effort seem worthwhile to themselves ("He is married but I might end up living in the same town with him. I will do it if he commands me, just imagine!")


In this message Kate reveals her religious background ("I welcomed Jesus into my heart as a kid") and that she has very traditional ideas about fidelity and marriage... but then she cheats on her husband with a rockstar and becomes part of his groupie slave harem. Cheater meet cheater, homewrecker meet homewrecker is all I have to say about that. Once again you can see the compartmentilization, the lack of consistency and lack of self-reflection in this woman.

These messages taken together suggest that for "Kate" (and most of these women) her relationship with William Control was mostly an internet LARP. Most of it happened inside her head, she gloated over every little message, every short encounter, every sound and every word and blew every little detail up to gigantic proportions and significance in her mind. The other messages I am not going to screengrab, it's mostly extreme BDSM LARPing between this woman and her dirty pen pal, and her fantasizing about someone who isn't even there, refusing to see it for the fantasy it was. I think that's a huge part of the problem here, the fact that a lot of this was over the internet and these women blew it up in their minds and made it bigger than it was. He would order them over DMs (like the e-begging, he would ask for money and they would just send it to him like total idiots) and they LARPed along as if he was actually there actually commanding them in person. These women say they were scared of him - and he, being the mindfucker he is, fed into their fears by releasing this stupid music video where he's posing with guns like some macho mafioso - but how can you be scared of someone who's at the other side of the world?

This is the Twitter account associated with "The Sisterhood of The Sex Cult", which is how his alleged victims referred to themselves on Tumblr and Twitter. Their Tumblrblog has been taken down.

Geo, another groupie, responded to William's video about "Kate":

right I wasn't going to say anything until I finished William's video on Kate, but I just have to say, Kate didn't ask me to come forward for her. I came to that decision by myself. I figured out Kate was speaking to Courtney, through a post Courtney made. It wasn't fucking-

-difficult to figure out who the hell she was speaking about. Kate never asked me to say a word and if anything, asked me NOT to say anything about my own experience.

"Kate could have gotten up at any time and said no I'm done with it"

really cause I've seen the fucking text messages and that's not how that really fucking worked is it????

I'm angrier over this video than my fucking own. I hold Kate very dearly to my heart. She's a beautiful person inside and out.

Absolutely no mention of the real allegations Kate holds. Of course, no mention of the beating out of anger she endured. No mention of how she will "kill herself for him" because that was a fantasy of William's, to watch her pass into another World.

No mention of him telling her to sell prescription drugs to make more money to give to him. Everything in that video is real fucking bullshit, and I'm incredibly glad that Kate is the only one who wasn't stupid enough to delete the messages.

and I'm so glad Kate is currently out, enjoying herself with friends and having fun rather than being stuck inside dealing with watching the man she once loved spread such total and utter BULLSHIT about her time with him.

This is the tweet with Geo's original statement to LE. She included pictures of her bruised ass:

This is the video that one of his slaves posted to Twitter of the bloodshot eyeball and blackened eye he gave her:

This is the video that another groupie, Victoria, posted to prove that she was 16 in 2012 when she was DMing with William Control:

Age of consent in the UK is 16 so she was a barelylegal. Not a minor like she originally claimed, but still, way too young for BDSM. No one should even be look at or thinking about BDSM at 16.

This is a message that William Control's ex-wife had posted at the time: "He DID this to HIMSELF."

And another message from his ex-wife:

And another (where she has accepted that she was gaslit):


This video has a letter from his ex-wife where she calls him a lying narcissist: "And even now he seriously thought I'd allow him to remain my husband. NOPE."

Back in the old days before the internet and the social media, a groupie would fuck a rockstar after a show and and that was it, they would never see each other again, it was mutually understood that it was a hump and dump. Social media gives these groupies a false sense of permanence and continued access to a rockstar who would have otherwise been a casual one-off. The social media have changed the groupie experience, made it seem more permanent and intimate that it was or was meant to be. The social media gave both him and them the illusion that they could "come take me over and over again".

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