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It's so weird growing up with people who involve S/M as part of their relationship in small tidpits with titles and so on, and then obviously getting it on as expected in the bedroom, and then seeing these old-ass boomers play-pretend 50 Shades with a contract and "c-call me Sir!"

That said, if his whole schtick is just being a dom, but also goth, isn't he just draining that area of the market? Obviously he makes music, but clearly being freaky is of vastly more importance to him. No normal person fills half their 'professional' YouTube channel with rants about how he's not a bad guy.

Not gonna lie, didn't read remotely half of this, but if these 50 meters of text is solely based around his involvement in BDSM, I'd like to think being goth is the least important of his qualities.


Repeat after me: I am beautiful.
His (ex-)fans are uploading videos about the controversy now:

"Jundy" is the woman he calls "Jessica" in this video. She responded to his videos on Twitter saying she's filing criminal charges against him for posting that video on Youtube with excerpts from his recording of their BDSM sessions:

Mar 31
William Control sent this message to a girl when she was 16. Here is proof. "Yes Whore you may. I trust you still know the rules regarding sex?" WHAT MAN IN HIS 30S TALKS LIKE THAT TO A TEENAGER?

Mar 31
There is nothing someone can do after the fact that excuses your abuse of them previously. Abuse at this level isn't a "mistake in the past" or something you can "let go of". #williamcontrol

Mar 31
This guy is admitting to what he did by making videos about each and every woman who spoke out, and then provides excuses and straight-up lies or stating to the effect of "I wouldn't do that, thats gross!" and you seriously believe that he is innocent?!

Mar 31
I didn't photoshop this. Because its a video & I'm not a FX master. I'd like to reiterate; you cannot consent to this level of destruction. One of my eyes has permanent vision damage now. He was 15 years older than me, I was 18, and he should have known better. #williamcontrol

Mar 31
You can't legally consent to some things. This is why you cant murder someone & say it was assisted suicide in the US. You can't cause permanent physical damage without committing a crime. I dont care if you don't personally agree with that- neither do the police! #williamcontrol

Mar 31
Something I also want you guys to understand, is that I have been to the police about my abuse- my detective is actually incompetent and even though he agreed I have a strong case to file charges, he still hasn't called any of my witnesses. But I'm going to the station (1/2)

Mar 31
again tomorrow, if need be I will fly to Washington state to file a report there. I just wanna move on with my life, but I will not wait for lies to be spread about me, and I will not stand for lies told about other abused and violated women. (2/2)

Mar 31
Also, I still REALLY wanna know... #williamcontrol , how did multiple women I'd never met before somehow have nude photos of me that I only sent to you, in privacy and confidence??? Pleeeeease explain, I am just dying to know.

Mar 31
Along with that... just how many of our sexual encounters did you record? I know you at least recorded you taking my virginity when I was barely 18, without my awareness or consent (I was not aware because he blindfolded me immediately). #williamcontrol

Apr 3
So why didn’t #williamcontrol address why he called a 16 year old “whore”? I don’t care if he realized it was a mistake and left, he still sexted a minor!!!!!

Apr 3
Why does #williamcontrol consistently ignore the actual allegations? He’s just denying it and refuses to address the stuff that’s undeniable and makes him look like the monster he is.

Apr 3
BLEEDING EYES ARE NOT BDSM. GETTING PUNCHED IN THE FACE IS NOT BDSM!!!! Go to your local dungeon and ask anyone who works there or teaches safe practices. They will tell you that’s a big no no. #williamcontrol

Apr 3
Also if you come at me harassing me, I will fucking tell you what the law is since your dumbass is ignorant and block you. You can think I’m a liar all you want but when his ass gets arrested and audited we’ll see who’s laughing.

Apr 3
If all these women are lying why isn’t #williamcontrol seeking a defamation lawsuit? Oh, because he knows he’s broken the law so many times. Wild concept.

Apr 3
So can William Control explain why this photo I sent to him and only him, privately, was sent to someone I didn’t know?

Apr 3
So William Control's fans are resorting to death threats... but I'll actually post the evidence instead of just claiming it with no proof, unlike a certain someone.

Thank you for the proof I can give to the cops. See you in court.
13 Apr 2019

Apr 14
Replying to @Kat40832454
I never consented to that video being taken. All the police needed was proof of the existence of the video. He’s just shot himself in the foot, and bigtime.

Apr 14
It’s very evident in the one photostill he chose, it’s clearly a closeup (the camera was far away) and I’m not looking anywhere near the camera. I was not aware I was being filmed.

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Apr 14
By closeup, I mean he has clearly zoomed in a lot.

Apr 14
I just spoke to my detective the other week. He would’ve told me if that’s the case. I’m not engaging in a pissing contest with you, I’m sorry you don’t agree with the law. Revenge porn and battery is illegal.

It’s very evident in the one photostill he chose, it’s clearly a closeup (the camera was far away) and I’m not looking anywhere near the camera. I was not aware I was being filmed.

Apr 15
Because you can see in the screen capture that my eyes are not looking ANYWHERE near the camera? ??

Apr 15
And I’m guessing the camera was far away because the image is so zoomed in. It’s fucking obvious from the still image I had no idea that camera was there.

Apr 15
I was blindfolded at the beginning dawg. I’ve never seen the video and had no idea when he stopped/started recording, so I assumed it would’ve been when I was blindfolded when he told me he recorded it a year after the fact. You’re really grasping at straws here.

Apr 15
You know what's not grasping at straws tho.....asking to get whipped for a photo shoot specifically, or wanting to look like a domestic abuse victim walking through the airport as it made your c**t wet...

Apr 15
I agree it was fucking gross!! I was fucked up because I was being abused!! Guess what his response was, that he loved it. He's also beaten black eyes into way more women than me.

Apr 15
When you ask fir that black eye it's not abuse

Apr 15
according to US law it is. I'm not explaining this again. I'm sorry you disagree with the law.

Apr 15
Well then the law sucks ass and its a personal insult to me who never asked for those injuries that you begged for and yet you're a victim like me... Pffft mmkay

Apr 15
sorry you disagree with the law. have a good day!
That said, if his whole schtick is just being a dom, but also goth, isn't he just draining that area of the market? Obviously he makes music, but clearly being freaky is of vastly more importance to him. No normal person fills half their 'professional' YouTube channel with rants about how he's not a bad guy.
I don't think he's a dom, I think he's just a fuckboy punk who grew up watching a lot of James Deen hardcore porn online and wanted to emulate his porn idol. It doesn't matter how many times people come out and say "It's just a fantasy", fuckboys still want to emulate the fantasy. I don't think any of these women were really into kink either. They might have liked their fantasy of what a kink relationship could be like, they might have wanted a "Mr. Gray" but they got William Control instead. I think most of these women just wanted a rockstar boyfriend and since BDSM was what William Control was into, pretending to like BDSM was the way to get to him. I have seen this again and again online: some chick wants a guy, but the guy is an internet fuckboy who openly advertises the fact that he's kinky, so the chick pretends to be kinky herself to grab his attention and gain access to him. If they were really interested in BDSM they should've done some research beforehand instead of reading porn blogs on Tumblr sending William Control pictures of stuff they wanted him to emulate. What looks good or intense in a picture doesn't feel good IRL. They found this out the hard way.

I'd like to think being goth is the least important of his qualities.
I don't know if he considers himself a goth. He hated the fact that he was considered emo instead of punk. In this video of a show he shouts at the crowd: "I want you to leave today and to tell your fucking friends that Aiden is not a pussy ass emo band", he's obviously too macho to be a goth:

In a handful of interviews I watched on Youtube he describes himself as a "writer", so I guess his music is just way for him to publish his emo angsty bedroom poetry or whatever. He has tattoos of the portraits of Edgar Alan Poe and Oscar Wilde on his stomach. His writing is pretty stereotypical tortured anti-hero stuff, which is definitely very goth. His books are all self-published and the blurbs are self-explanatory, it's the masturbatory, woe-is-me shit you would expect from someone who discovered Artaud a few days ago:

Through the madness I shuffle. A wretched shell of the man I was when her love possessed me. Lucifer has given me one chance at redemption. I am compelled to drag myself to the dusty finish line. Compelled by the love I have somewhere in my drowning heart and by the curiosity of a new adventure that will, one day, surely kill me. This is the story of William Control.

The terror of eradication, the destruction of morality, the dying yells of the man I have become and here I've made my choice. My decision to fall head first into oblivion. Fuck redemption. Fuck Lucifer. Let the syringe and bottle be my guide. Drowning in my hate for the culture that surrounds me.

Here at the dusty finish line I stand, barely breathing and out of options. Possessed with rage and a violent streak so bloody that I disregard the imminent danger and go straight for the heart of those that took everything. An actor with a cold grin and a loaded gun, a new set of rules and the willingness to let go, ready to jump head first into the Ocean Misery, into the flames of my oblivion. Lucifer is there waiting. Let's see if he remembers my name.

I wouldn't call his music goth either based on what I've heard, which was pretty generic 1980s synthy stuff, just the more moody stuff, Soft Cell/Depeche Mode style synthy, maybe with a dash of Nine Inch Nails here and there. Pretty old school, not very innovative or creative. I suspect he wanted to jump on the vaporwave bandwagon when he noticed the 1980s nostalgia revival. Unlike all those other 1980s fetishists he grew up in the 1980s, he actually has a memory of what that was like from personal experience. But since's he's associated with rock music due to his former band Aiden (who were a pretty generic pop punk, IMO he sounded exactly like Green Day's singer Billy Joe), he probably went for a sound that would be an easy crossover for his emo audience, so he tried a more gritty industrial/laptop trash style at first which got more polished and synthy as he bought better equipment.

I personally had never heard of him before so I decided to listen to couple of songs just to get an idea. I am not impressed with his music at all. I don't like his voice, she's singing out of tune and doesn't put any feeling or passion into his singing, unlike his Aiden stuff where he could scream his way through a song and make it sound emotional that way. I don't know whether he raped these women, he definitely raped Kate Bush artistically with that flat, lifeless cover of her song. That song where he's threatening to come gunning for his slaves in the video played backwards, All That Love, I admit that was the only song that was kinda good, it has a suppressed tension that the other songs don't have. Speaking of which, I finally learned why he's posing with guns in that video. It was in reference to a message that one of his slaves sent to another slave where she praised him for keeping guns to defend himself against his online stalkers.


Repeat after me: I am beautiful.
Holy fuck you guys, this rabbit hole doesn't stop. There is so much stuff out there that I didn't even get to see when I first set out to research this scandal. I have to say his alleged victims are doing a piss-poor job presenting their case in an orderly fashion for those of us who are just catching up with WTF is going on with this guy and his unhappy slaves. Here we go...

After the slave revolt against slave driver William "I don't use safe words" Control, there was a revolutionary workers' revolt. This woman called "Jaxis" who used to work for William Control for almost 6 years has uploaded her DMs with him while she was once of his paid employees tasked with prepping his merch for him. She describes her association to him like this: "He’s a Seattle “musician” (I use the term lightly) who I was employed with for a few months shy of 6 years.". One of her friends responds with "I wish I could post this on Twitter. The hateful language, the insults, the way he treated you guys. What an abusive, narcissistic dickhead.".

Part 1/2
Cuntbutt is stirring shit again trying to make himself look good, so here’s some raw, unedited* text messages about what it was like trying to “communicate” with him while working for him. Along with some choice names in response to fans just trying to get information we didn’t auto provide. This is just the tip of the iceberg of messages. Enjoy.

*only one screenshot was verily clearly edited because it literally had his old home address, which I am polite enough to not share online.

In one of these DMs with his employee "Jaxis", William admits that he's broke and that nothing he does pays off. This explains why he tried to get into Financial Domination trying to inheritance-rape his suicidal slaves, but he fucked that up just like his label.


In another post this woman "Jaxis" explains that his merch department went from shipping out t-shirts, EPs and other typical band merch to shipping out branded sex toys. She refused to handle the new butt plug merchandise and got fired:

I did get fired by Will because I didn't want to deal with merchandise he was planning to sell. What was that? Butt plugs. I had signed up to work for William Control the musician, not the sex hungry human. I didn't want anything to do with his butt plugs, I didn't want to package or mail them. The collars from way back in the day were one thing, but the whole of Submit Clothing as an idea and brand was wearing on me as it was. He even had blindfolds he was wanting to print on and sell. I had been tired of everything for MONTHS leading up to me being fired, and I'm pretty sure he was looking for a reason to let me go after the first time he fired me. The funny part was that I was planning to quit literally two days later of being fired.

This guy was unsuccesful as a muscian so he tried to use BDSM as a loss leader for his music.

William was apparently renting space to some people who were fucking at hearing distance from his workers prepping the merch. When his two workers complained about the loud fucking, William told them to be adults and just put up with it.



"Jaxis"' most damning accusation against her former boss is that William Control was supposedly inflating his numbers in advertisements. In this Facebook post Jaxis claims that William Control had faked his record sales, using merch sales to inflate the numbers: "Because he wanted to make himself look good! He gained his way through the music industry by being a deceiving weasel."

"I took buyer information from US orders over Paypal/Big Cartel, made a couple different excel sheets of what Will said he needed to send to Billboard, and exaggerated the total amount by copy/pasting the same information over and over in different orders. It was supposed to be "first week sales" but I had preorder information and threw in any other order from the past year (clothing sales) to make it look more impressive."

"I have no idea if the sex cult who gave him money was enough to buy buildings, but it would definitely be thousands/tens of thousands of dollars he'd be getting just from them. Plus thousands from merch sales. And again, credit cards. He had a lot of cards, and a lot of debt. And had no idea how to budget his money and spend it properly."

After I gave him the sheets, I have no idea what he did with them; If they were ever sent to Billboard, how he got/figured the numbers he did, or if he just made everything up in the graphic image (which I'm pretty sure he or someone else made for him) and long con-ed it saying he needed information without actually needing information."





Another woman named Athena (I don't know who she is, a former slave or a former worker or a former fan) writes on her Facebook wall:

I put my replies here because if I reply directly they are instantly deleted and I'll be blocked, in fact I'll probably be blocked fairly soon, because that's what happened when I was screenshotting and replying to what was thrown out on instagram.

With all the videos so far, your defense wasn't really presented, it was kind of like a mini rant/poor me/everyone is stupid/I'm going to shame and embarrass everyone with my self serving montage kind of a thing, fine okay whatever, but you know as well as I do and a good few others do as well, from evidence that hasn't been thrown out into the ether, that you have really, really done some fucked up shit, that in my book isn't okay and really is abuse and financial extortion and manipulation and you full well know you've been with underage girls, yeah you're right it is fucking gross, but you are gross ?? I can't speak to the accusations brought forth by the people I don't really know, but the women I trust, the ones I really know, that evidence that shit, is unarguable, you act like people that grew up with you, just came to this conclusion lightly, that we were tricked and it was the media and blah blah, that shit came after and I personally was very measured and careful about the conclusion and decision I came to, based on facts, in black and white, undeniable, you know this because I spoke to you.
You haven't won and they haven't lost, your so called court of public opinion victory, is a Echo chamber of like the same ten people commenting on everything and the constantly removed and blocked comments saying otherwise, that nobody gets to see because you remove them, if you are so damn sure of yourself, then why block and delete everything, let there be decent debate and rebuttal then, instead of these one sided arguments and false victories, nobody fucking wins in this, fucking wake up, what are you afraid of?

BULLY! A deluded, narsasistic one at that. He's happily sending his brainwashed mobs to harass and insult. Gaslighting galore, what's particularly annoying is if you reply or comment on anything directly, calling him out he'll delete it immediately, you'll be blocked, you won't get a reply, he loves the one sided narrative, so much so, he'll chop and change "evidence" on his so called truth videos.
What you did was and is so messed up and wrong and sick, you can't just pretend it wasn't and you've gone from it didn't happen, to okay it happened but it went like this, there is evidence of things that are just plain wrong, whatever your narrative is, it's just wrong. These videos aren't going to change anything, it's the same people shouting out support for you that already did, just stop it now it's sad and riddled with bullshit and your delight in doing this pretty much shows how scummy you really are.

Yet another woman writes (this guy has pissed off a lot of women):

New he'd come out from under his rock again soon, the shitbag literally only reappears when he needs money now, because if he stayed online consistently like he did before he was exposed, he'd have to face up to what he's done constantly, you know what's worse is instantly there are countless comments from young women and teens excited to buy from him, even if you forget the fact he's a narcissistic piece of shit abuser and rapist for a minute, do they not get, he literally couldn't give less of shit about his deluded fans, he's just there for your money, he literally doesn't reappear unless he has something to sell.
There is no excuse for anyone that still funds and supports him, at this point I am done with anyone that insists it's too hard to accept or because he means so much to you blah, blah, blah, there was no bigger supporter, fan, friend, promoter than I was, I dedicated years to following and helping him, if could accept and acknowledge the evidence that was in front of me, as horrible as it was, then it should be pretty fucking easy for anyone else to do it, you are all enabling pieces of shit, end of.

Another woman called Emily joins the frenzy on Facebook:

Thank you for posting this. I did a search on FB to see if anyone was discussing this. WC is a liar, and a manipulator. He is seeking sympathy from his fans, as they do not know him and find them easy prey. He is counting on their financial and emotional support as he has wrecked his career and is likely bankrupt/broke. WC will not own up to his part in this debacle. The people that actually DO know him have disengaged with him; his wife, etc. He is trying to paint himself as the victim, which is what people with narcissistic personalities do. So fucking predictable.I believe that he had to take some time out to figure how best to manipulate the public. So, here it is. It is BS, and he is lying, and people are giving him the ego strokes that he needs to feel powerful.I believe the women he abused, not him. These women were manipulated financially and emotionally. Why anyone is giving him a pass is beyond my comprehension. I did not realize that I was still subscribed to his channel when that video about Sarka came up! Now I see that he is making others. I watched most of it the video but had to stop. It is so sickening to me. There are plenty of rapists that are roaming free, not because they are innocent, but because there is not enough evidence to put them in jail. I think that more people that have been harmed by him should speak out. To me, he is just as guilty as Dahvie Vanity from BOTDF.

The woman he alled Geo in one of his videos posted this longass reply to Facebook:

This morning, I woke up to a notification showing a couple of screenshots sent to Sarka. It told her to tell the world her story is false, or William will upload their sex video, and tell the world why she is lying. He ended it with "you have 24 hours before I pursue". A wonderful threat in itself. It's put me on edge for Sarka all day, and I can't sleep. This was just released before I headed to bed, and I had to watch ready to make my own statement. Buckle in, because this will be a long one.

First of all, I want to talk about how William claims he wants his life private for the sake of his loved ones. Of course, what he's really talking about is how he wanted to have the affairs without his wife's knowledge. He's had more women than I can keep count of. He threatened his wife at the beginning of the divorce which led to his wife filing a restraining order (to my knowledge). I wish Lindsay all the best now the divorce has been finalised, and I hope she can find peace and happiness. I also wouldn't call your marriage ending but consoling yourself in your "triangle" relationship and other women still involved with you "fresh and painful". Plus, the statements your ex wife released at this time contradict that "fresh pain" you had to endure.

You claim your relationship with Sarka was "on the rocks" in October 2017, as you had too many commitments. October 2017 was also the time I decided to come forward with my own allegations regarding the amount of mental abuse you inflicted upon me. I was in contact with a few of your women at this time, some of which you still are in touch with. You went on a "mass breakup", then cancelled out your own musical career halfway through your tour. What you were really doing in October 2017, was some damage control.

Text exchanges from Sarka are used throughout this video. Need I remind how you were found to have FORGED text messages under investigation, then refused to have your phone handed in for the investigation, while Sarka agreed to this? You also admitted to having your lawyer forge this evidence. Now I agree, showing text messages can be a credible source of evidence. HOWEVER, you are only showing parts of each conversation. Conveniently, you've left out your own exchanges, apart from what you wanted to be seen.
You ask why Sarka said she wanted you to "choke, rape and beat" her. That this is proof that she wanted it. This is all language you yourself use in your dirty talk. You once referred yourself to me as "your Lord". You told me when you meet me, you were ready to rape me. During my encounter with you, thankfully I consented to the sex and it wasn't rape. But my story isn't what I'm here to talk about. Sarka, knowing you like to tell her how you will rape, beat and choke her, will say she wants it to please you as a submissive.

William decides to give some sound clips of the video with Sarka. He shows that she thanked him, and asked why she would respond to being raped with that. Now, I only met with William once, but I KNOW what it was like to be too terrified to not do what he said. Notice, he said "say thank you Daddy"? If Sarka refused to say so, no doubt in my mind would she receive an absolute lashing from William, as many of the other women who came forward had done in their encounters. You also ask why she continued to visit you, at which I have 2 words: STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. William is INCREDIBLY manipulative. He's excellent at gaslighting. He's a narcissist. Yet, he has some way of charming you. He's got his tactics mastered.

Oh, this is my favourite part, the SAFE WORDS. William claims no one has ever shouted "red" with him, and red is in fact, a standard BDSM safe word. We call it a traffic light system. HOWEVER. William REFUSES to give safe words. All safe words, including the use of RED, needs to be DISCUSSED before ANY sort of BDSM play. I asked him myself on many occasions why I couldn't use a safe word, yes, COULDN'T, and he had told me, "because Daddy doesn't fucking play games". William, your OWN SONG LYRICS are "and safe words don't mean a thing" in a song you wrote about BDSM. STOP pretending you honour the system because you know in yourself that you don't. Like you said yourself to me, "true bdsm isn't a game, you do exactly what I tell you to do whether you like it or not".
The fact that you have said someone should shout red or no if they do not want it to continue, shows just how uneducated you are yourself in the BDSM lifestyle. Why is no not a good safeword? It can be used during the roleplay. That is why "dumb words like waffle or blueberry" are used. If you're going to continue your D/s relationships with your multiple other women, FUCKING LEARN THIS SHIT.
You say that you should be told if someone you're playing with is unhappy with something. Funny, I do believe I told you a few times regarding different situations at which I was received with "well you have to because Daddy says so".

You say you aren't here to bully or intimidate Sarka. However, you contacted her giving her 24 hours to respond to you or you would release this video. You also tell everyone to ask Sarka to publish the full sex video, which is an open invitation for your remaining fans to harass Sarka. Hell, you even say another little threat of "hey I'll post it on my twitter or my website". You say it just can't be let go, however, it has been let go from for a while. Most of us are trying to move on from your bullshit. We don't care for your fans, some of us are receiving therapy. You sprung this onto Sarka out of nowhere. Funnily enough, after posting yourself you "No longer have the time or energy". Remaining fans not giving you enough money? Poor diddums.

You say that the police declined to file charges as you were innocent. You know yourself that's not the case. The case went to the judge who decided if it would go to court. It was declined as the conflict of the BDSM relationship and your REFUSAL to co-operate by handing over your phone for investigation was proving it would be too complicated to prove, NOT that you're innocent. You also say Sarka went public after the case was declined, conveniently forgetting that it was still ongoing and not rejected from court after SOMEONE ELSE went public with their story.

You say people imagine you with multiple women chained up to the wall to be used as sex slaves. No, you don't keep them chained up to be used, but you do have a nice little compound you were planning to move them all into, don't you? How about your little "triangle" relationship you have going on in there? How about how you made one of these girls cover up her "brand" as a bit of damage control? And what about the other women you keep flying over to come and visit you, that you're taking to some gun ranges because you're such a MAN with a gun? How about that one you gave a music career to? Cut the bullshit. You haven't ended those relationships.

You constantly use your son and ex wife as a way to make the World feel sorry for you. Some of us have been in contact with her, offering our support and love. You say the marriage ended because of this. William, if you didn't go sleeping around with us all in the first place, your marriage never would have ended. Cheaters get caught eventually. With the amount of women you've strung along, I'm surprised she didn't catch you sooner. You should have thought about the life with your son before cheating on your wife, before abusing all the women you have, before threatening your wife when the divorce was starting. This is your OWN doing, not anyone else's. Take some fucking responsibility for your actions.

You say that you don't give a shit what anyone has to say about you. I've heard of countless times where you've deleted comments and blocked anyone who had anything bad to say about you. You can pretend you don't give a shit, but you know your ego is really badly hurt.

You say you wanted to provide a life for your son. You have conveniently left out the distortion of money from Sarka from this video. And what about those who paid for his clothes? What about the one who opened up a college fund for YOUR son? Very nice of you to leave all of the money aspect of Sarka's accusations out.

You say everyone is easily manipulated by Sarka and the allegations, and the court of public opinion, forgetting yourself, you are the master of manipulation. Look now at how you're manipulating your fans into believing you didn't do a single thing wrong.

William, you deserve to rot.

This is all I have left to say to you.

I also managed to find all the posts that the woman he calls Vitoria or Victoria posted on her Facebook wall. Victoria has since jumped on the transtrender bandwagon, adopted the name Vita Chan and decided to become an NB ("but, but, trans has nothing to do with trauma or mental illeness!!1"). After she got pissed off at the London police for refusing to go along with her story about being groomed from the age of 14 onwards, she moved to Hong Kong where she continued to rant about William Control on her Facebook wall:

Police, NHS have been less that useless dealing with my case. I’m taking a break from England and working on myself. Ironically it’s exactly a year since I overdosed and the way people treat people with the disease of addiction along with mental disorder is disgusting.

I’m going to be on an island, far away from all this bullshit. Peace out.

I have no money but I’ll make it work.
This is a response to the recent video that has been published by William Control. I would like to be able to share back on the events that have happened and his new allegations.

If you were mentally groomed, sexually manipulated and emotional abused - you would be unstable too. If you went through the same trauma as me, you would try to numb yourself as much as possible. I’ve been clean off of drugs for coming up to a year. I went initially to a community treatment centre which has then been followed by additional support groups. As part of my recovery I had to physically relocate to Asia and on the advice of numerous medical experts have been told to avoid William at all costs.
The reason why I’m sharing this is that I don’t want this to happen to any other person. I’m currently trying to focus on my recovery, please allow me my privacy at this time.

Any young girl meeting her idol would do anything for them. I didn’t know the cost.

So 6 years ago when I was 16, I started Mercury 2012, my first large scale event as an event manager, promoter organiser.

It’s been a long 6 years of ups and downs. As many of you know the public case involving my abuse at the hands of William Control was in the press, and for the first time in 6 years I have some form of closure knowing that William is no longer able to abuse vulnerable teenagers and women. Knowing that his wife and son are in a safe place away from him makes me rest easier at night.

Today marks 6 months clean from being a junkie and 14 months since I almost died. I’ve got my life in Hong Kong back and am so grateful for my friends, that last year of my life has been a disaster zone. We need to talk more openly about abuse and addiction, as so many of these events are linked.

Victoria is still looking for a pro bono lawyer to file a grooming/harassment case against William Control

Does anyone have any connections to lawyers who work pro bono on harassment / grooming cases?

This the Facebook post where she first revealed that the women were trying to press charges:

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We are a group of women who have been victim to the sex cult leader William Roy Francis of Federal Way (aka WILLIAM CONTROL) THE ABOVE LINK IS SOME OF OUR STORY.

We have come forward to share some of our story in order to gain awareness of his actions and in the hope that other victims will be able to make reports to the police in order to secure his sentencing.

We were members of a BDSM sex cult which targeted YOUNG, EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE and MENTALLY ILL women who were UNABLE TO CONSENT.

Each victims story is different, but this man has taken HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS from vulnerable women, BEATEN, CUT, WHIPPED AND RAPED his VICTIMS.
He has a TATTOO BRAND of a W for some of his victims.

We have an ongoing police case, but are looking for MORE VICTIMS. We expect the numbers to be more than 100 women. WE ARE AROUND 30 WOMEN CURRENTLY WHO HAVE COME FORWARD. HOWEVER ONLY 2 HAVE BEEN WILLING TO SPEAK TO THE POLICE.


William operated in the USA, UK and CENTRAL EUROPE, TALKING TO GIRLS AS YOUNG AS 14. He managed to do this as a musician touring with his band AIDEN and WILLIAM CONTROL.


Question for Vita Chan and the rest of these unhappy slaves who claim they were unable to consent due to mental illness: if you are so incapacitated by your mental illness, why aren't y'all under conservatorship like Brittany Spears? Maybe because, unlike Brittany, y'all are considered compos mentis adults able to make intelligent rational choices for yourselves? This is why I am not buy this whole "we were too mentally ill to consent" crap. If you are that mentally incapacitated, please go and place yourselves voluntairly under conservatorship.

In this post Victoria claims that it was William Control who told her to pick up music:

All this William Control drama taught me is that don’t trust anyone who focuses on short term goals. Its much better to follow your intuition and your heart, follow the laws of karma and play to your strengths.

Cannot also thank my amazing spiritual role models, big shout out to all the ladies at Phoenix and Mama bear Zan Naar for teaching me how to be a dragon lady ??????

It’s almost 6 years since I started my business and weirdly how the universe works but it was actually William who prompted me to persue my talents in business. We worked together to formulate the voice of “Vitoria Satan” but after our clash I reverted back to a band called “The Venus Defensive”. Call me crazy but some “Pleiadians” told me to shield myself from negative energy.

This is her Youtube account where she plays the piano. William Control makes her seem like a total basket case in his video, but she actually has a career as a model. More proof that she is perfectly capable of handling her own affairs and should stop blaming everything on her mental illness.

I have to say William Control's fans are the worst of the worst. His fans are now doxxing one of his slaves' fetlife profile on Twitter. They are doing this to shame one of the slaves for going to swingers' parties despite claiming to have been traumatized for William Control's abuse. William Control retweets everything and joins in because he apparently supports the doxxing of his formers slaves on fetlife. His fans justify the doxxing by claiming that the slave had shared other people's pictures without their consent. Twitter is not doing anything to prevent anything or stop anything. Twitter will ban you forever for misgendering or deadnaming a trannie, but doxxing fetlife pictures and profiles? No problem for the hypocrites at Twitter.

LMAO, and these asshat assclowns think they are BDSM. They are the trashiest lowclass unsocialized diaper-wearing fucking adult teenagers having themselves a online dumpster fire. I hope fetlife mass-bans their sorry asses.

I found this essay William Control wrote many years ago where he talks about growing up a Christian and becoming an atheist. He also talks about his criminal record and being a drug addict:

There was a point in my drug using career when nothing mattered and the only solution was suicide. I was so sick of getting locked up in jail, being on probation, living on the streets and having a general sense of nothingness whirl around me that I tried a few times to end it all. I felt that life just couldn’t get any better. When you try and kill yourself and fail, all of a sudden, you’re underneath the rock bottom you thought you were living in. Failure doesn’t even describe the feeling. If you have tried suicide and have not succeed then you know what I am talking about. It’s a feeling I don’t wish on the worst of my enemies.

Long story short I ended up getting sober on September 9th 1999. I was in jail and in treatment until march the following year when I was admitted to a halfway house where we were able to leave provided we had a job to go work at. This was the last time of many I was locked up and the fourth in-patient treatment center that I had lived in. I met a kid named Dave during my stay and we became fast friends over our love of skateboarding and punk rock bands. His dad and brother would come visit him every sunday, which was nice to see a family starting to reunite. His dad owned a little diner called Glo’s on Capitol Hill in Seattle and when I got out of in patient and into the halfway house he gave me a job working as a dishwasher. My day looked like this. Wake up at 6am, ride the bus to Seattle from Lake City, work until 4:30 or so, then skateboard around for a couple of hours, go to an A.A. meeting and then ride the bus back to Lake City to be in the house before the curfew of 11:00pm, sleep, wake up…. repeat.

I’ve been involved in a twelve-step program for over 11 years now.

Instead of being a drug addict he became a sex addict. He replaced one addiction with another.

Other stuff I found that's relevant to the story. This is the diary entry(?)/note-to-self that his ex-wife posted to Instagram when she decided to get a divorce:

This is the tattoo of his eyes that William Control mentioned Kate having on her arm. This woman complains about having the letter W tattooed above her genitals, but she literally has his fucking eyes on her arms. Like that's not a bigger deal than that smaller W tattoo. More proof of her cognitive dissonance.

I know this is a lot but it's just the tip of the iceberg of what was available on Facebook, which seems to be the social medium of choice for these women, probably because they are all in their thirties and mid/late twenties now and had Facebook accounts before Twitter and Instagram.


Repeat after me: I am beautiful.
There is a new development in the ongoing emo scandal involving BDSM slave driver William "I don't use safe words" Control and his harem of unhappy slaves. The woman he calls "Kate" or "Lydia" in his video (she is the one who got inheritance-raped as part of his Financial Domination of her) has decided to go to the police. William tweets defiantly:

William Control

Someone just informed me that Kate is getting the police involved. Amazing. Please give them my contact info and I’ll make sure to forward every lie she told with every piece of refuting evidence.
Gotta give it to this punk, he has a sense of ironic self-awareness, selling t-shirts to his fans with "Fuck Christian Gray", "Death to false BDSM". LMAO, cos you're practicing the real thing, right fuckboy?


I guess that woman who went to the police was not particularly amused with William's fans doxxing her fetlife account on Twitter, who will delete your account for misgendering or deadnaming a tranny but has no problem whatsoever with cis people doxxing each other's fetlife profiles. They are cis so fuck their privacy.

Apparently this woman was already a public figure in the UK because she was known in the British media as the most tattooed female General Practitioner in the world. She was also profiled in the British media for keeping 27 rats with her ex-husband (the one she cheated on with William while he was also cheating on his wife).


See what it says there in her profile? I knew it, I fucking knew it, I smelled it from miles away. Kate didn't just want to fuck a rockstar, she wanted to be the rockstar herself. She wasn't just jealous of the other women, she was jealous of William Control himself. She even drops a hints to that in her suicide note to him, where she tells him that he has all the love, he has all these opportunities to indulge every sexual whim and enact every fantasy, while Kate is at home alone crying (I paused the video to read some of these letters she was sending him and this woman cries a lot, like, all the time.)

This other woman (who also alleges abuse) claims that William Control went as far as to accuse his own fucking cheating on his wife, telling her that if she wasn't working so much he wouldn't have felt the need to fuck so many groupies while she was at work (bullshit on the face of it because he was fucking groupies while on tour abroad), telling his wife she should be thankful that he was fucking around behind her back because he was making money wallet-raping his slaves. So he basically homewrecked his marriage because he couldn't keep it in his pants, but he tried to gaslight his wife by telling her it was her fault for having a job (she's apparently a yoga instructor). Classic textbook gaslighting.




Repeat after me: I am beautiful.
For those of you who don't have the time to read all this shit (I have only read a fraction of it myself, Jesus Christ, there is so much to go through, I pity the prosecutor who has to go through Kate's novellas), just listen to this podcast. Everything you need to know is right here, including the claims from his ex-employee about William Control putting out these fakeass advertisements with inflated numbers:

The sexual allegations are discussed right after this part. It turns out he wasn't really a rockstar at all (I was already wondering cos I had certainly never heard of him or his music before this), he was pretending to be big and famous to lure desperate gullible young women into having sex with him:

"It's like, this fucking fake rockstar is living a great life because he's having these women give him money, send him clothes, pay for his hotel, and then it looks like he's a rockstar because he has all this fucking shit and it helps his life be more believable to draw more women in."

William Control now claims victory (he's posting suicide notes from his groupies now, I guess to show how these women were emotionally manipulating him by threatening to kill themselves to which the whole internet says "Dude, you fucking knew they were suicidal and crazy.") and demands that the press retract their stories:

So what have we all learned folks?

The the outrage against me has died out, the accusers proved to be liars, fans are supporting me and even some of the people who believed the media have changed their tune.

But...No retractions have been made yet.

The media are Cowards.
The fact is that he hasn't addressed half the claims levelled against him - he never addressed whether the Financial Domination was something he had disclosed from the start or something he slowly lured women into - and he never addressed the claims of false advertising from his former employee either.

"William Control runs sex cult" certainly sounds better than "William Control fans are desperate sexless female incels who will literally do anything for the dick, even and especially when it's not even really there and it's just an imaginary dick over the internet". Clickbait journalism aside, I don't find his videos all that impressive based on what I have now read on Facebook. I find the messages from his ex-wife and his ex-worker particularly damning in and of themselves, even without all the other allegations. He would've already been cancelled on those alone. It's like you've been charged with illegal tresspassing and murder, but you just keep on hammering that "it wasn't illegal tresspassing cos the door was wide open", forgetting to address the murder charge.

Here are a couple of tweets I found from his niece. She says that her whole family wrote him off after they discovered what he did to his ex-wife, how he gaslit her about his cheating and how he tried to blame the cheating on her for having a job.

17 Jul 2018
I’m his neice. I spent a good portion of my life putting him on a pedestal. His wife, his best friends, and the majority of our family have cut him the fuck off. What he did to Lindsey ALONE should show you the kind of narcissistic master manipulator he is. He used us as a cover.

17 Jul 2018
I’m genuinely glad you weren’t a victim but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Lindsey didn’t believe any of it until she saw proof that nobody else has seen. I’ve seen what he’s texted her and heard what he’s said to her. He 100% psychologically abused her. Isn’t that enough?
More from this reddit thread:

Another post from reddit (from a deleted user):

Alright, so I'm not entirely sure about the more specific, recent allegations concerning physical abuse and underage girls..

However, I am very close to one of his former longtime partners, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the man....while he may (or may not, apparently) tread just inside the lines of legality and a manipulative, emotionally abusive, gaslighting asshole that uses his status as a musician to brainwash fangirls into his fucked-up version of BDSM and polyamory that NO ONE in respected, legitimate BDSM circles supports or condones. He misuses the scene for his own personal benefit, and clearly doesn't understand the dynamics of a true, healthy BDSM relationship. It's nothing but a front for his own games.

I've seen, firsthand, some of the emotional toll his behavior and actions have taken on someone close to me...and I have ZERO issue stating with certainty that the man is a royal piece of shit....and he gives everyone in both the BDSM, polyamory, and music scenes a bad name. Fuck him and the shit music he rode in on...and fuck all his apologists, too.

Having said that, the threats [allegedly/according to him] being sent to his family over it are absolutely uncalled for.

I'd also like to note that I don't necessarily agree with the life choices of some of these girls, or how they became involved with him (obviously speaking more specifically about the one I know personally). Mistakes have been made by others in this as well. But that's completely unrelated and has no bearing on his conscious behavior, personality, or actions. Those are entirely on him.

His own family members clearly don't want anything to do with him for what he did to his wife, so why would anyone else? They clearly weren't convinced by these Youtube videos.


Repeat after me: I am beautiful.
Oh fuck, my post here got deleted and I don't have that shit anymore, so I'll just post some other stuff I found while researching this guy. The more I dig into this the more I find every time. There is so much to go through.

There used to be a blog titled where his alleged victims posted their stories and videos. This blog is mentioned and linked to over and over in articles and posts about this scandal. That blog is no longer up but a Twitter thread with initial reactions from his fans who first encountered the evidence on that blog is still up:

William, trying to cover up the fact that you’re doing this is so pathetic. Your “screenprinting shop” is a cover up. Even if you didn’t have the “cult (which you do),” it still doesn’t excuse the disgusting words and degrading things you have said to us. Fuck. You.
As a fan, and a woman, I feel betrayed, and I feel great sorrow and rage for what he has put these women through. All of you are very brave for sharing your stories. This is a man who hates women. William Control needs to be held accountable for his heinous exploits.
Holy shit there’s actually a video on that blog of him beating and raping a woman. Make sure you know how triggering this evidence really is! Why aren’t more people talking about this and more importantly why isn’t he in jail!!!
I'm going to retweet this. I spent so much time on Aiden and WC tours and as soon as I got told about this when it started to break a couple months ago I believed it instantly. I have been backstage at gigs and have saw how creepy he acted/acts and how uncomfortable he makes
I was involved with him too. He was very demanding. Told me to delete certain things off my social media, told me to stop talking to certain people, etc. he told me I needed to understand that he would not have sex with me. Only humiliate me. I immediately stopped talking to him.
I never liked him or his garbage band that was semi big with the emo kids when I was in high school.. trash. He needs to be fuckin arrested. I cried reading and looking at the stuff on the blog. This is heartbreaking?? more of this stuff happens and I hope more ppl are exposed.
Holy crap this absolutely gross! those poor girls! I almost puked just reading those texts! What a monster
This is all so gut wrenching and disgusting. I have an Aiden tattoo that i now deeply regret.These poor women and the hell y'all have been thru. I hope he get what he deserves
This makes me feel physically ill. I’m so sorry you and anyone else have been through this. That is one sick abusive manipulator at work
I was in an abusive relationship for about a year and I was forced to have sex with my partner because if I didn’t he would beat me. Don’t come out and say that those girls consented when they literally have black eyes. That’s not a kink and it’s no excuse.
I didn't see any of this until I logged in today. He tried to get my friend and I to go on his bus after a gig even after telling him we were 14/15. I'm so sorry any of you are going through this. I stand with all of you?
i feel fucking sick at that video wherw the girl is crying. sending her so much love. to want to have sex w someone while theyre like that is subhuman and he should suffer in this life and burn afterwards.
[I don't know which video this is in reference to because this guy supposedly filmed every sexual encounter. He said in one of his videos that he is willing to make the full video available on his website, so I am guessing it was the video of him and Sarka?]

everyone, especially girls. It makes my skin crawl that I used to call him a friend, travel up and down the country for his tours/one off gigs and hang out with him before and after shows. He was hiding in plain sight all along and I hate that I never realised what he was doing


Repeat after me: I am beautiful.
Slave driver William Control, who has been abandoned by his angry slaves, friends and family, uploaded a video yesterday titled "The Truth About William":

Excuse me, that was the wrong video. Here is the right video:

In this video William Control pretentiously compares his videos about his slaves to Oscar Wilde's De Profundis, which is bullshit because this guy never went to jail like Oscar Wilde for a sex crime, and Oscar Wilde was already a known playwright when he went to jail, unlike William Control who has to fake record sales to make himself seem more popular than he really is. Every narcissist is compared to Oscar Wilde nowadays like some kind of literary justification of their narcissism.

This video is an hour long, so here are the highlights:

He says that making these videos was the most embarassing thing he has ever done. Nevertheless, if you'll recall he was laughing his way through these videos bragging about his very busy sexlife.

He explains that he was always an escapist. When he was a kid he sought escape through literature, later he sought escape in music, later in drugs and later he used his band to escape his hometown and travel the world.

He says that he's an alcoholic and drug addict. So? A lot of his slaves were on drugs themselves, perhaps not illegal drugs, but still powerful mind-altering chemicals. He even gave a listing of all the drugs Victoria was on. As I said in my previous post (the one that got deleted for some reason) I have been reading through Kate's diary letters to William over the past few days, and it turns out Kate was not just on insuling for her diabesis but also on a drug that causes suicidality as a known side effect.

In this video he claims he was introduced to BDSM by an older woman. He was 23 and she was 40 (damn, William really does like older women). He doesn't reveal the power dynamic, ie who was the master and who the slave in this relationship, but we can assume the woman was the dominatrix because she was more experienced and brought him into that world.

He says that he really immersed himself in BDSM in 2007 which was a tumultuous year for him because his band was broke, breaking up, tired from touring, and on top of this his fiancé cheated on him with another men and dumped him. He used BDSM as an escape from all the problems in his life.

He became a father at 26 and says he sincerely wanted a stable family life, to "be normal".

He tried to be straight for the sake of his family but he felt like he was repressing I guess, so he went back to BDSM and kink.

He knew he could not resist keeping his hands off groupies. He and his wife agreed to have an open relationship. The idea was that his wife would allow him to have groupies the old school way, the pre-internet way: casual one-offs but it was agreed he would always return home to his wife.

He says that he enjoyed married life and worked hard to provide for her and his son. But he felt like there was something missing. He did not want to have groupie sex. He wanted relationships and connections with the women he was having sex with. He was not fulfilled by one-night stands.

He understands that it was wrong and dishonest to go behind his wife's back to form these relationships. He describes himself as "being polyamous", which is bullshit, because polyfuckers always say you can only engage in polyfuckery if all parties all know about each other and reach an agreement that they are going to polyfuck each other - which is horrible and the opposite of sexual liberation because all these other fucking people are in charge of your sexuality instead of you, with no expectation of privacy or the ability for personal initiative or pursuits, or the right to exclusivity (the only way to withdraw from a polyfuckery situation is to break up with everyone, which what he ended up doing). Polyamory is "communism in the bedroom" and a nightmare that will end in tears because it goes against the inborn human instinct to nest, which he discovered when he had an opportunity to have a wife and experience stability.

He says that it took him his whole life to discover that he can love multiple people at the same time. He understands that this not regular and that people will not support this. The question is, why does he continue down this path knowing how destructive polyfuckery has been to his life?

He said that having to hide his desire for polyfuckery created an emotional and spiritual sickness in him. He became spiritually bankrupt. LMAO, now he's literally bankrupt, does he like that better?

He says: "Alcoholics and addicts are masters at justifying our behaviour. And there is no justifying it.". He admits he was a coward for not confronting his wife upfront about his polyfuckery. "I was terrified of losing [my wife and son] and I lost them anyway.". And does he think he's going to get them back through these videos? All he's doing is making himself into a drama channel on Youtube and a lolcow on Kiwi Farms. Dude, stop talking about your dick and get off the internet before you do even more damage than you've already done.

He admits his bloated ego led him to believe that he could manage everything. He knew that his life was getting out of control around the time of the album Revelations. He worked some of the stuff that was happening to him into those songs.

He says that the reason why he agreed to spank women is because he's "a Yes-man who likes to say Yes to life". He's probably quoting that stupid Jim Carrey movie here. He'll start speaking Korean next.

When he got questioned by the cops due to his ex-slave Sarka accusing him of rape, he experienced anxiety and depression because he had been a law abiding citizen all these years, yet there he was being questioned by the cops agian, just like in his youth, when he was stealing cars.

He was relieved when he heard that the public prosecutor was not going to press charges or make a case against him, but that was the moment his former slaves went to the press. At this point his wife was still unaware of what was going on because he had kept up appearances at home. He says that his wife was contacted by his slaves who were feeding her "lies" - but his wife said, in those Facebook messages I linked to, that she has seen evidence that no one else has seen and that this was the catalyst that made her realize she was being gaslit by William all this time about what he had been up to with all these other women.

In order to be able to see his son again after the divorce he needed to go take a mental health evaluation. They determined that he has no significant issues (bullshit), that he's not mentally defective (oh really), that he isn't "some fucking sexual deviant" (who the fuck is nowadays in our permissive sex-obsessed culture where even this is allowed?). He has been going to therapy trying to discover what his issue was. He discovered through therapy that he was hiding and lying about who he is, a polyman. Yeah whatever, so your dick is more important to you than your wife and son. Fuck off dude. There are some things in life that you need to put your dick aside for, and if your wife and kid aren't that one thing you should do that for than I don't know what is. Seriously, find yourself another fucking therapist, this one is just sucking you off.

He calls the music industry a bunch of cowards for refusing to associate with him. That's the price you pay dude, you laid your bed you lie in it.

He says "Fuck this cancel culture that we live in.". He says it's wrong to cancel people but how does he feel about his current crop of harem slaves doxxing his slave's fetlife profile, with him retweeting everything? Doxxing a woman's fetlife profile to humiliate her is itself cancel culture. There is no reason to doxx fetlife profiles unless you are planning to cancel someone out for having gangbangs or masturbating on a plane or blowing someone in the parkinglot before work.

Then he starts ranting against monogamy which is what these jaded cynical polyfuckers always end up doing, politicizing their poly (like it's other people's fault that they have a natural in-born nesting instinct and these deviants don't), but that's just because he has never experienced true fulfilling monogamy. Maybe if he had given his wife a chance she would have given him that experience overtime. Shitting on monogamy just because you yourself cannot pull it off is the weakest of weakass.

He talks about the dickriders that are still in his life. I have been following some of these women on Twitter over the past few days - because I discovered that they were doxxing his ex-slaves to teach them a lesson for talking to the press. His current dickriders are some of the most disgusting, vindictive, aggressive, judgemental, sex-negative, misogynistic, holier-than-thou bimbos and idiots it has been my displeasure to witness on Twitter. After reading their accounts and all the venom they were spewing there about his ex-slaves there I ended up blocking them all. This confirms my longheld belief that masters and slaves are like dog owners and their dogs: they resemble each other. For me the fact that William Control has surrounded himself with the kinds of women who think it's acceptable retaliation to doxx another woman's fetlife profile is all I need to know about the kinds of people he's around. No one I would want anywhere near a young child, for sure, so I hope his ex-wife continues to keep her child away from him and toxic sickening harpies he has currently surrounded himself with.

He says that when #metoo happened he applauded that movement: "You shouldn't have to suck a dick to get a role. I thought it was noble.", yet there he was casting-couching his own professional associates. He says "I never thought I would get #metoo-ed!". Then why did you need to stick your dick into a woman before you'd let her do your merch or run your street team? Can't you have a normal professional association with a woman you haven't fucked yet?

He admits that he's a liar and a cheater and that he can't change the past.

He addresses his angry slaves and tries to slime them up saying: "You wouldn't have fallen in love with me if I was a monster. I loved you, in a way that you've never been loved before in your life.". Dude, just fuck off with the gothic-neoromatic shit, you're not Peter Steele's reincarnation OK? He had countless of groupies too and nowhere near the amount of problems you have. These women all hate you and that's perfectly OK from my vantage point.

He says "I would rather be a murderer than a rapist or a pedophile" and this is a good segue into something else: did you know what William Control had once planned to spray a crowd of people with a machine gun on millennial New Year's eve? He got arrested before he could do, but he said in this Soundcloud interview with the Suicide Girls that this mass shooting was the way he had planned to end his life:
He says: "It's not a crime to be a serial cheater", it might not be a crime but it is legal grounds for divorce because it is a violation of a mutual agreement, a marriage contract. Not a stupid ass BDSM contract, a real legally binding contract.

And, to top it all off, we get the inevitable e-begging part at the end: "I'm in a massive amount of debt. I'm gonna sell some stuff.". His current batch of polyfuckery partners are sex workers, he can findom and wallet-rape them like he did with all these other women. It worked so well for him the last time, LMAO. Oh, there you go, he says he's planning a porn company next. Gee, I never saw that coming.

His alleged victims and their supporters are not buying it of course:

Your wife nailed it in her last statement about you dude and it's painfully obvious she's in the program. You're an addict. This isn't about you "loving" multiple people, you said yourself this is about experiences - the next high. You were selfish, not coming from pure intentions. You traded drug addiction for sex addiction thus life became unmanageable. I've met many sex addicts in the program. Their stories are similar to yours. I hope that you find your way. Take accountability for your life like they teach in the rooms. Surrender, remember step 1. Enjoy the path. 🙏
"Sorry for having to smear other peoples names'' in other words 'You made me do this' That's not an apology, That's just another self pity ploy and a way to point the finger at other people for what YOU did. Not falling for it buddy. It was all your deliberate decision, Just like this video to make yourself look like a victim while in reality victimizing others, in fact, trying to destroy them and totally enjoying the process. I'm not saying you didn't go through shit, Life is pain, To ALL of us, but we're still accountable for what we do and say, How ever creatively you are trying to avoid that. I couldn't even watch the whole sappy video watching you being phoney and an actor again. I'm disgusted, Little man
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Repeat after me: I am beautiful.
I discovered something strange the other day that I want to put here for the sake of evidence. I looked at those blog articles that were linking to William Control's Youtube videos, and noticed that the language was suspiciously the same in each blog article. This is especially apparent when you read them cheek-to-cheek. The breakdown of the text into paragraphs is the same, and the language used in each paragraph is the same with slight variations.

The first two blogs that linked to the videos were these two that seem legit:

However, the following two articles are rather strange in that they are almost identical in language:


Here is the text of the Deadpress article and the text of the Almostanythingmedia article side by side. As you can see, the breakdown in paragraphs is the same and the language is almost identical with minimal changes. Either this is plagiarism, copybot aggregation, or part of a deliberate SEO campaign to push the videos up in search queries.

Wow, this guy is the definition of scumbag. I'm shocked by the amount of women who will throw er enslave themselves to this talentless pop-punk POS. Watching the first 10 seconds of his response video with his forced chuckles and you can instantly tell how much of an insecure try hard-hard edgelord he is.

Good job collecting a lot of pertinent information about this guy. I kind of swayed back and forth in my thinking and sympathies while reading everything.

He can say all he wants how they consented and willingly did this and that of their own volition but at a certain point a person cannot consent and legally prostitute themselves for a pimp. I think he is going to fuck up somewhere and get caught in the legal system. However even if he doesn't, deep down I think he knows he is a POS f-list hack who is surrounded by nothing but the most fucked up demented perverts with terrible taste in everything and probably still has 0 self respect and self worth. The messages where he says how broke and alone he is are very revealing. All the "I'm your master, do this and that for me" is just to covering up the fact that he has to e-beg and support himself from desperate women. He's a Billy Joe Armstrong themed gigolo.
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He says: "It's not a crime to be a serial cheater", it might not be a crime but it is legal grounds for divorce because it is a violation of a mutual agreement, a marriage contract. Not a stupid ass BDSM contract, a real legally binding contract.
Legal grounds of divorce are irrelevant, there is no "blame" unless its a criminal matter. The only time when evidence matters is if you are trying to get a legal annulment.

I really wish these misinformation meme would end.
He says that the reason why he agreed to spank women is because he's "a Yes-man who likes to say Yes to life". He's probably quoting that stupid Jim Carrey movie here. He'll start speaking Korean next.
There is no shame in spanking a (willing) woman.
Wow, this guy is the definition of sleaze bag. I'm shocked by the amount of women who will throw er enslave themselves to this talentless pop-punk POS. Watching the first 10 seconds of his response video with his forced chuckles and you will be able to tell how much of an insecure try hard-hard edge lord he is.

Good job collecting a lot of pertinent information about this guy. I kind of swayed back and forth in my thinking and sympathies while reading everything.

He can say all he wants how they consented and willingly did this and that of their own volition but at a certain point a person can not consent and legally prostitute themselves for a pimp. I think he is going to fuck up somewhere and get caught in the legal system. However even if he doesn't, deep down he probably knows he is a POS f-list hack who is surrounded by nothing but the most fucked up demented perverts with terrible taste in everything and probably still has 0 self respect and self worth. All the "I'm your master, do this and that for me" is just to covering up the fact that he has to e-beg and support himself from desperate women. He's a Billy Joe Armstrong themed gigolo.
:story: You just sound jealous m8

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Shitposting displeases the Omnissiah
Legal grounds of divorce are irrelevant, there is no "blame" unless its a criminal matter. The only time when evidence matters is if you are trying to get a legal annulment.

I really wish these misinformation meme would end.

There is no shame in spanking a (willing) woman.

:story: You just sound jealous m8
Nigga's basically Onison with d-list instead of z-list celebrity status, and you're whiteknighting for him? Come on now.

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Can we talk about how ugly this motherfucker is (William Control aka William Roy Francis)?
Beady eyes, thin lips, underdeveloped maxilla, on some pictures pudgy chin, not to mention nose carved from a potato. Doughy body without definition, ugly tats.

Without all this makeup and pimp haircut he looks like a random accountant.
I don't understand women. I just don't.
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Shitposting displeases the Omnissiah
I guess it is appropriate for your username so I'll allow it.
Comes in shitposting about how the legal grounds for divorce don't matter when it comes to a divorce and that people who don't like him are "just jealous".
"Why are you assuming I'm defending him?"
Can we talk about how ugly this motherfucker is?
Beady eyes, thin lips, underdeveloped maxilla, on some pictures pudgy chin, not to mention nose carved from a potato. Doughy body without definition, ugly tats.

Without all this makeup and pimp haircut he looks like a random accountant.
I don't understand women. I just don't.
Middle-aged housewives wanted a Christian Grey they could actually get wallet-raped by IRL and teen girls aren't particularly discriminating when it comes to boy-crushes on band guys.


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THIS is Kate? Damn, William has horrible taste.

Anyways, I checked fetlife. There's a surprising number of people who aren't repulsed by William.


There's also this "William Control" fetlife account, but it might be an impostor. There's not much on it. It might be worth keeping an eye on anyways.
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"SaraSyn", the Youtuber who got blocked by William Control for giving him a piece of her mind on Instagram, has a message for his dickriders who left her hateful comments:

Come on Sara, didn't you see the part where William said he wanted to get into porn? Stop giving him ideas.

This other Youtuber, TheLyfeofaFreeSpirit, is an actual William Control fan - she posted this tweet of her pictures with William at shows - and she has a rather thoughtful video about the scandal:

She says that William Control dated her friend and had once asked her to join them for a threesome. She wasn't into him sexually, only musically, so she refused. Despite her refusal he was always cordial towards her at shows - which is a fallacious nonsensical argument, because when a killer murders your mother you don't go into court saying "But he didn't kill me!". It's only with potential sex crimes that this "But he didn't fuck me!" fallacy is dragged out like it's suddenly valid. Sure, he didn't fuck most people, that doesn't mean he wasn't a piece of shit towards these others he did by any objective standards seriously fuck up - from what I can tell at their repeated explicit request, which to me only indicates that these women were seriously unwell.

She says women need to have more self-respect and I actually agree with her. When these sexually frustrated desperate female incels want to be groupies, so they go back stage and put their butts in the expecting to get the dick but they get slapped across the butt instead, sure, that (wouldbe) rockstar is being abusive and exploitative of their status, but who put their butt up there for them to use as they please? It's not like he dragged them backstage by the hair like a caveman. Being a desperate female incel is not sexy or cool. A man is not going to respect you because you're willing to do "anything" for him.

Look at the story William Control told in his last video about his wife: he wanted her address but she wouldn't give it to him. She made him go through her friends to get it. That's how you get a man, by making him do the work, not by sending him messages telling him you want to be his sex slave assuming he will love you because you're willing to put yourself through hell for him and subject yourself to all and any abuse. Have some self-respect.

I kind of swayed back and forth in my thinking and sympathies while reading everything.
Same here, I too swayed back and forth. It's when I read the messages from his ex-wife and his ex-employee that sealed the deal for me, that's when I realized "Jesus Christ, this guy is a massive gaslighter.". Also the interview with the Suicide Girls where he admitted wanting to spray a crowd on millennial New Year's Ave but getting arrested before he could do it. This guy has been very fucked up in the head and obsessed with all forms of violence for a very long time.

I want to explain why I changed my mind on William Control after reading the messages from his wife, especially the one where she says that she has seen "evidence that no one has seen before" that led her to change her mind.

William Control said in his De Profundis video that his ex-wife went from "we can do this, we'll pull through" to "get the hell away from me and my son.". I firmly believe it was this other evidence, unseen by the rest of us, that led her to change her mind and to reach the conclusion that William Control was a imminent danger to herself and her son. We don't know what this evidence was so we can only imagine how terrifying it must have been to see. It was likely even more terrifying than anything that was posted on that "Talk About The Sex Cult" Tumblr blog that was taken down.

I also am coming from the perspective of someone who does not support polyfuckery in the context of marriage. People should be free to do whatever they want, but a marriage is a specific kind of contract between two people promising fidelity and monogamy to one another, and those who know themselves to fuck around should not get married just for the sake of normalcy. If you are not already normal before you get married, marriage is not magically going to make you normal. Marriage is an act of selfless self-sacrifice on the part of two people for the sake of raising the next generation in the best of possible circumstances ensuring their survival. If you are not ready to make that sacrifice, do not get married. Monogamy and fidelity should be part of the marriage contract and this should not be diluted under the pretext of alternative sexual lifestyles. If polyfuckers want a special kind of contract where they can marry multiple people they should campaign for it themselves like the LGBT did. William Control committed multiple breaches of the marriage contract. He didn't just cheat in his wife once with one other person (this was the original verbal agreement between them, he would have casual one-offs with groupies while on tour), he cheated on her repeatedly with 10+ women he had online relationships with. From what I have gauged from these videos, he didn't even bother to practice safer sex with any of these other women. The slaves talk about him filling them up with cum, that means he was not even using condoms. William Control put his own life and the life of his wife at risk by deliberately and knowingly risking infection with HIV+, gonorrhea, etc. Keep in mind that a lot of these venereal diseases have mutated into untreatable superbugs. In one of these videos a slave describes a threesome where William has sandwiched the slaves and is penetrating them sequentially. The slave literally says that he was "mixing up our juices". That's not safer sex, that's how you spread deadly diseases. His ex-wife should get an STD test in case he infected her with something. I wouldn't be surprised if he himself is already infected with some type of herpes or worse.

It is for this reason that I refuse to see William Control as a victim. What he did to his wife and kid first and foremost was egregious. That he's continuing down the path of polyfuckery, when that's exactly what destroyed his marriage, only shows that he doesn't want to change. He replaced his alcoholism with sex addiction and is clinging desperately onto his new drug.

There is no shame in spanking a (willing) woman.
Look, there is no doubt in my mind that the women he addresses in the videos (there are many others he did not address and did not make videos about, so we don't know what the story is there) repeatedly and explicitly consented. I have gone through their messages (that he shows in the videos) and they are repeatedly consenting, telling him they are willing to subject themselves to anything, thanking him afterwards, etc. Especially "Kate", I don't see how she thinks she can sell this "sex cult" narrative to LE with so much evidence showing how she consented and did so repeatedly.

Legal grounds of divorce are irrelevant, there is no "blame" unless its a criminal matter.
There is a criminal aspect to his divorce case because his wife got a restraining order against him to keep him away from herself and his son, which is a civil law procedure that has a criminal law aspect to it. When someone obtains a restraining order they can have the defendant arrested for not complying to the restraining order. Another aspect of restraining orders where criminal law comes into play is when you have to hand in all your guns to your local police within 24 hours or you can be arrested for failure to comply and either fined or sent to jail for violating that aspect of the restraining order. Yet there he is posing with guns in his All The Love video, I hope for his sake that those a props or it can be argued that he violated his RO. (Unless Washington State is different with this, I am not sure.)

Anyways, I checked fetlife. There's a surprising number of people who aren't repulsed by William.
These women should have never gotten into BDSM as slaves. They are not kinky or slaves, just regular average women who crave passionate intense sex, they want to be marvelled at and worshipped by a man. "Stormie" said in one of her messages to him that she wanted "the starving kind of Daddy":


These women misinterpreted and misrepresented their sexual needs and desires because they were looking at them through a BDSM lens. The man they desired happened to like BDSM, so they just pretend to like BDSM too and thought they could BDSM to make him "starve" for them/bring him to his knees. As for William himself, he openly admitted that he doesn't use safe words during BDSM. What more do we need to know about him? He's not a dom, he's just a punkass fuckboy who uses BDSM as an excuse to beat up mentally ill women who are desperate for his attention and are too exceptional or too stupid to know better.

As for these dumbass women on fetlife who join these William Control groups (and I bet some of them are actually gay men, I will post about this later), they need to realize that there are plenty of men/women out there who will respect your boundaries, negotiate scenes, do aftercare, tell you what's realistic and what's a Photoshop fantasy, etc, they're just not wannabe rockstars like William Control. They are just normal, everyday people with a secret sex life, which is what BDSM was originally supposed to be, it was not something you advertised to sell records or used as clickbait in your NSFW Youtube music videos. If these women think that William Control is the only man they will ever meet who is sexually open and adventurous (that was the impression I got from that woman "Kate", she elevated William Control to the status of a once-in-a-lifetime sex God who could do no wrong in her mind) they just need to pull their heads out of their asses and look a little further than their front door or their fetlife profiles.

I find it very telling that one of these women eventually ended up at a swingers club getting gangbanged by 7 dudes, which was probably more appropriate for her and what she was actually looking for to begin with. She didn't need BDSM, she wanted and needed different, casual, no-strings-attached sexual partners to satisfy her sexual overdrive (which is very typical for women in midlife, it's their body's one last attempt to get pregnant before menopause kicks in). What she definitely did not need a jaded fuckboy punk who knew exactly how much of desperate female incel she was -because she was gullible enough to let him know- and used that female incel desperation to wallet-rape her.

THIS is Kate? Damn, William has horrible taste.
LMAO, IKR? I saw that video and thought to myself: "So this is the woman who brought down William Control...."

However, he seems to have always been into older women. (This is why I asked if he's a gigolo, he could use his lack of sexual discernment to his advantage to make some serious money now that he's in debt.) In his De Profundis video he said that he was introduced to BDSM by an older 40 year old woman when he was 23. One of his dickriders said on Twitter:

I'm 42 and have never known William to care about age. He is the first man I've ever met ho truly cares more for personality than looks.
I think this sums up the problem with all these women: "He is the first/only man I've ever met who..." so they go into tunnel vision mode.


will definitely consider what you have said
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I once knew Kate Palmer (now Rattray) slightly. Had not heard any news of her in a fucklong time. Now I know why.
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BDSMers are insanely dramatic so it's surprising they haven't pulled their lolcow weight like this. Not reading all that shit but the highlights are pretty fun. Honestly, being a controversial rapey bad boy is probably good for his brand.

I don't blame police for not wanting to dig into this trash fire. That's a LOT of textual he-said-she-said only to end up with witnesses that might not testify about acts that aren't actually illegal.

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