*emotional/crying* MUKBANG | CREAMY CASHEW COCONUT | EAT WITH ME 02/08/2020 - that thumbnail though


Halfway through she is talking about a youtuber who I don't know, talking about her weight loss. Amber says "she was eating all the GOOD food, things I wish I was eatin". I'm thinking this youtuber was making salmon filets with lemon and asparagus. No, its fast food and that is inspiring to Amber. Because you know, other youtubers.

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I'm actually lost for words at how repulsive she truly is. She really just does not want to put any work into improving her health and mental state. It's always just "too hard" for her to even try. She has absolutely chosen to remain as the little girl she mentions; no responsibility, no decisions to make (other than what food to stuff her face with), and constantly in search of caretakers who will shoulder the burdens of adulthood. It was blatantly evident in this revolting mukbang that she has no intention of attending therapy or doing anything to improve her situation. The stupid thing is that a good therapist could move her through her childhood trauma fairly quickly - she's not as unique as she thinks she is. The real problem is that Amberlynn is too lazy and too entrenched/invested in being helpless and using that to manipulate everyone around her.

Also had to laugh at they way she's started to modify the Freshly meals. It's so obvious that the real reason she wanted to quit getting them was because she hates the controlled portion sizes. The way she films them makes them look quite large, but they are not that big. While she was feeling sick over the last couple of months, they were probably bearable to her, but now she's feeling better and is back to being cunty, there is no way the smaller portions will be satisfying her. The whole reason she makes those disgusting bean slop soups is because she can stuff down huge quantities to make herself feel full.


Go cry to someone else lol
I love how she brings up her parents when she knows shes in deep shit.
All manipulation. Only problem is the people who once bought her bullshit arent buying it now.

Lets go through what AL has done to this "family" she covets.
1. She kept enabling her Mothers drug usage by constantly berating her with guilt over past use while her Mother was getting clean.
2. She picked fights with her Aunt Tammy and Grandmother to the point her own Grandmother kicked her out of her house.
3. She lied on Tammy in one of her videos about Tammy hating her because shes fat and made up stories that never happened, she only back pedaled when she found out Tammy knew and saw her video BUT never took the offending video down.
4. She also started fights with her cousins and lied on them as well so they distanced themselves from her.
5. She never once wrote to her Mother while her Mother was incarcerated or when she found out her Mother had cancer, every other video she would mention how she was going to write her, never did once.
6. She claims she loves her brother and gives him money but yet, tells people in videos how he beat and abused her as a kid.
7. Claimed she was going to send presents to Tammy's kids (her cousins) for Christmas back in 2016 and never did after Tammy sent AL presents first.
8. She also mentioned something interesting in this video about her Grandfather whom she has NEVER brought up till now and made an interesting passing comment about him in the negative and said : "we dont have to talk about that now" me thinks I smell another accusation of abuse/sexual abuse.

So lets see Amber, you dont give one red fuck about them only to use them to keep using food as a crutch.

EDIT: Needed to add a few more things.
I was thinking the same thing about the grandfather. Here we are again with more subtle accusations of sexual abuse. You know that she’s hoping people will notice that comment and give her more sympathy and asspats. Her supporters are dwindling and she needs another route to keep around what little support she has left.

This is kind of when I miss Tammy posting on here. I would be curious to hear her insight into that.

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Considering it's Saturday night, her latest upload hasn't seen that many views - more seem to be waiting for the reaction channels or coming to the Farms. Her like/dislike ratio is 'badder' with this one but those have been getting worse with every mukbang this last week. Right now, she's got 646 likes to 3.5 thousand+ dislikes.

As to her comments? Oh boy... she is getting HAMMERED. Getting called on every ounce of bullshit she's putting out, including the tears, the missing family nonsense, (with receipts), & her tortured approach to making mukbangs seen okay... "for her".

Oh yeah, the meal. Seems a few commenters are also Freshly customers & they're all saying that's 2 servings of that particular meal we're seeing. Plus of course, all the add ons.

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🎶 Killing me softly with mook-bongs, killing me softleeee 🎵

Edit: a touch autistic but I found a video about the meal in question , the blob of shit she's eating on the left is the whole meal. Then there's the enormous amount of green beans she's added as a "side" to what is already a whole meal. So it's not two serves we're seeing exactly but she makes it so by adding all those delicious, salty canned beans. We all know how unimpressed she was with fresh cooked green beans.
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"Oh, shit! It's Mr. Creosote!"

I would pay hard cash to anyone in a restaurant who would yell this out when she waddled in the dor.
The fact that she is indifferent to horrible flavor combinations indicates that she'd have no trouble eating her meals all mixed up in a bucket, with the eggs on top.

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4. She also started fights with her cousins and lied on them as well so they distanced themselves from her.

EDIT: Needed to add a few more things.
"She (Tammy) got to them (cousins) first and turned them against me." Albert said about her Aunt and
She got to them FIRST. Meaning she was gonna attempt to do what she accused her aunt of doing.
Manipulative moron.

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Unrelated to the actual video, but the thread title's date format annoys me. It's February, not August.
I think they date like that in Europe (in Spain, at the very least). Maybe she thinks she's clever writing the date that way after seeing it recently.

Ok, I went back and dug out the only part (imho) worth watching:
View attachment 1136330

And all I have to say is
View attachment 1136331
The way she fiddles with her chins, lacks the vocabulary to articulate her emotions, and shovels food in her mouth, all while crying, wow she ruined at one opportunity for me to take her seriously and see her sorrow as genuine. She recorded this and though, yeah. People hate me. And I want to upload this. Really? Just wow
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Wow...she really is fucking disgusting.

No one really cares that she eats all this slop by herself, it's the fact that she's trolling the small part of her audience who truly care about her wellbeing and Amber's just spitting in their faces with this shit.

Wow, go choke on an orange Amberlynn.


Considering it's Saturday night, her latest upload hasn't seen that many views - more seem to be waiting for the reaction channels or coming to the Farms. Her like/dislike ratio is 'badder' with this one but those have been getting worse with every mukbang this last week.
It's good to see her views for these recent mukbangs are relatively low. I can have some faith in humanity.


I was like - whuuuuut???
You'll never convince me this bitch isn't playing up to feeders and courting the hate she knows she'll get - all I saw here


Disclaimer: my Photoshop 'skills' are pitiful - I'm sure there's other Kiwis who could do this far tidier 🤣

EDIT: I actually listened to what she said in this (I cannot watch that hog eat anymore, it's fucking sickening) and as usual she contradicted herself a fair few times but damn, unless I made some muck-up guesstimating times, this lardbucket must have been inhaling that 'mill' between about 6-10am!

Of course that's if, big IF, she's being truthful about why the house 'seems so quiet' - she stated she likes to film 'while Rickie is at work, Beggy is asleep and Eric is getting ready for the day' - I know slaughterhouse workers often start shift early but I can't imagine Princess Mumbles getting up at the crack of dawn to wave the wife off with a kiss and a pack of sandwiches lol, but you can only get ready for the day if it's pre-noon 🤷

Just the thought of eating those plates before tea-time 🤢 well, honestly, any time is just - 🤮
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Amberlynn Reid said:
[my paraphrasing] I can go to therapy, but I'll never get over this...There'll always be this void
Jesus H. Christ. There's being a victim, and then there's voluntarily and wilfully making yourself into a victim. Her strained relationships with her family members that other people have commented on is clearly her making her situation as miserable as possible, because who gets sympathy if they have a loving relationship with family? Who gives sympathy to someone who was lucky enough to have a (from all known accounts) generous and involved famil(ies) foster them? Never had a family? Gorl, are you forgetting all those times your girlfriend's family opened their doors to you? Just because those doors slammed in your face when they realised how toxic you are doesn't change the fact.

Today's video is just her preparing her excuses to go back to eating trash on camera. She's sad, she's empty, other yOuTubERs do it and lose weight. Inner Lonely Child is the new Binge Monster.


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I'll cry later
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Also remember she said even if she lost weight, she couldn't see her family cause she has dinner to go to with her roomates and Becky's family during xmas. Get out of here amber.

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Listen her and her Mother are both trash in their own ways.
Amber knew her Mother was getting clean AND was dealing with cancer in JAIL, not the easiest thing to do by a long shot.
However her Mother not only got out and stayed clean she beat her cancer and where was Amber?
Nowhere. She did not contact her Mother at all and her Mother is better for it as AL would have just harangued her over and over asking her why she chose drugs over her children.
She only mentions her Mother and "Family" at all is to make people feel bad for her because she still sees herself as the little girl who was put in foster care all those yearts ago.
Difference is, she is twenty-nine years old and not only that, is a addict herself and a habitual liar and manipulator.
Her little act in this video was added in to seem like she is so hurt but really she is pulling out all the stops to gain a support system again. lol