• ”bottom line is these scumbags hate poor trans women and need to all fucking die”
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Culture 'Empire' star Jussie Smollett attacked in possible hate crimeRoping your own neck is now considered a possible hate crime

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by Chewy Suarez, Jan 29, 2019.

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  1. 'Empire' star Jussie Smollett attacked in possible hate crime
    By Sandra Gonzalez, CNN


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    #1 Chewy Suarez, Jan 29, 2019
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    Chewy Suarez

    Chewy Suarez i don’t bite, i promise uwu

  2. Okay, so two racist crackers were walking around the "Trump country" of downtown Chicago at 2AM in arctic temperatures carrying a noose and bleach and wearing ski masks, and they happened to recognize an actor who plays an HIV-infected black gay character on an African American musical television drama(racist rednecks would surely watch such a show), and they called him out by name (racist rednecks would surely know a "Literally who?" gay black actor by name) put a noose around his neck, splashed bleach on him(to viciously ruin his wardrobe), and then gave him a tussling so severe that he managed to get himself to a hospital upright and walking.

    That all makes perfect sense.

    I'm sure all the details will be corroborated when absolutely no other witness to this national tragedy comes forward.

    And the incident supposedly took place on the 300 block of Water Street. That's like four blocks from Navy Pier- smack dab in the heart of tourist country. Basically one of the safest streets, on the safest block, in the entire city. Exactly where two masked, noose-carrying racists peckerwoods would go to stalk their prey.


    It's like saying you got attacked by the KKK on Mainstreet USA in Disneyworld.

    It could only be more ridiculous if he said it happened in the lobby of the Trump Tower.

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    #2 Malodorous Merkin, Jan 29, 2019
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  3. C0471A19-C712-4F41-A8AA-755C92CED604.gif
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    potatoe Meets expectations

  4. Faker than that chick who carved a B into her a face and tried to blame Obama supporters.
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    Chan the Wizard

    Chan the Wizard My Gemsona is autistic

  5. I’m guessing this is either a publicity stunt or the perps are some type of Mexican.
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    thismanlies The Funnest Part of Gaming is Looting Corpses.
    True & Honest Fan

  6. Sounds more like someone forgot their safe word @ Chicago Rose (a bondage sex club and our very own Fire's favorite place).
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  7. And then everyone clapped!
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  8. ngl, if this was a publicity stunt (not gonna choose whether it was or wasn’t) than it was a pretty dumb one
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    Chewy Suarez

    Chewy Suarez i don’t bite, i promise uwu

  9. My guess... he got lippy with two crazy street trannies(redundant- of course they're crazy, they're street trannies) they slapped the shit out of him, doused him in Boone's Farm, and stole his cellphone.

    He doesn't want to be the chump who got rolled by street trannies, and so he made up a story that makes him a victim-hero of Orange Man's badness.
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  10. >poured an "unknown chemical" on him
    >no mention at all of any chemical burns or actual damage

    yeah, i'm calling bullshit.
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    BigRuler lmao bottom text

  11. A Chicago Police spokesperson is already denying TMZ's claim that the attackers shouted "This is MAGA country!"

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    sasazuka Standing in the school hallway.

  12. The media is going all out running the already denied by police version. They have learned nothing from Covington.
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    Arachnomatricide This dinner is spiraling out of control.

  13. I dunno, I was thinking islamic acid attack at first. Attacking a black gay dude and pouring a chemical on him?

    But yeah, after seeing more detail, the curious lack of description of any injuries....

    Whatcha doin there, rabbi?
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  14. Let me check and see if the leftist media learned anything from the Covington kids incident.


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  15. tl;dr an unknown overly dramatic actor sick of others hogging spotlight with their #metoo drama, wants in on it too.
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  16. That's a bingo.
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  17. I didn't believe this as soon as I didn't recognise the guy's name or the show he's on. If anyone was going to be targeted for a political beatdown, why would it be a lesser known actor nobody gives a shit about who conveniently only gets roughed up enough to walk away from what would've had to be a premeditated ambush?

    Also, how the fuck do you find and jump a specific person at 2 AM in a city of 2.7 million unless you know them personally?
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    #17 RJ MacReady, Jan 29, 2019
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    RJ MacReady

    RJ MacReady cheating bitch
    True & Honest Fan

  18. The most telling thing about this fake shit is how much this guy overestimated his fame because he's surrounded by (literal) cockriders all day every day. I've never met a single white person who revealed an ounce of awareness about Empire. I'm only reminded that it exists when it shows up on Hulu's ad rotation. It's clearly a black show that caters to a black audience, and he doesn't even appear to be a main character. He's a non-entity outside of Empire's tiny core audience.
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  19. Yeah this never happened. It's heartwarming in a way -- the demand for such cartoonishly evil racist attacks like this outweighs the actual supply which is likely near statistical zero. The latter would normally be cause for celebration but fuck trying to apply normal to [current year]
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  20. but much more expensive than The Manhole.
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    The Shadow

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