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Philosophy Zombie

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Oct 13, 2014
I wrote this in page 2 of another thread earlier, but looks like it's been ignored so time to pimp it again.
Just bring ratings back to Feedback. It was a nice idea to eliminate ratings and see if that improved the quality of discussion any, and for maybe half a week it seemed like it was working but I think any groupthink eliminated by cutting out this system is overridden by the fact that frankly this subforum is terrible and I have a feeling that the lack of ratings has got something to do with it. 85 percent of the time it's literally a shitposting Inner Circle just with no ratings, which as we all know is fucking useless because shitposting is boring and lame if you can't ratings whore while doing it.

More seriously, ratings can cow people into not saying what's on their mind, but they also provide a means for people to discourage posts that aren't helpful or contribute to the discussion. Half of the posts on here are just "agree!" and "winner" and "that's informative", which if I recall correctly is the kind of the reason why we started adding ratings.

Plus Glaive was the person who really pushed for the no-ratings-in-feedback system in the first place (as well as a significant portion of changes in this site having to do with ratings in general) and he ded now.

Cuck Norris

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Dec 11, 2014
shitposting is boring and lame if you can't ratings whore while doing it.
Things like this are how we end up with people like Conrix and ADK showing everyone how good they are at "le ebin trollan posts". A good shitpost is its own reward.

melty chocolate

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Oct 10, 2014
Apparently some people won't post in feedback because they can't get ratings, keeping out people like this seems like a good reason to keep them away.


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May 27, 2014
Gimme my ratings Nool or else ill shove my foot up yo @$$ hard