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How sustainable is this YT gig in the long run? I'm surprised she's managed to squeeze this much out of it but being subject to YT's whims isn't a good place to be.
It’s not that sustainable, but Al doesn’t think in the long-term. If Al shows legs though, I’ll watch it with ads because I find them fascinating.

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She'll start off the year talking about all the changes she plans to make for her channel, those changes will last 3 days and then she'll go back to hauls and mukbangs...she will blame her hayders for her failure.

She'll go back on weight watchers, she'll be on it for 3 days, she'll blame her hayders for not being able to stay on track.

She'll find a new internet fad diet that she'll get really excited about and will praise for being so different than anything she's ever tried before. It'll last two days, then she'll binge, try it again for another two days, she'll go on a hayder blaming rant about why this didn't work and we'll never hear about it again.


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I recently watched an old react from the early days of the pandemic, when empathetic Lynn was just so heartbroken from even hearing about the virus. You guise don't understand, she felt so bad for everyone, she just wanted to take everyone's pain away~~~ and make it so it wasn't happening~~~ because she is such a good~~~~~~ person~~~~~~

in other words, she wanted there to not be a pandemic. Like every other person on earth. What a martyr.

Really puts her plague rat canoodling with guests and rolling her eyes at viewers concerned she was sick with covid into perspective. Now that more or less everyone truly is affected by the virus, it's not special enough to cry about it.

But for me a highlight of 2020 was that big mega grocery haul she got during the panic buying phase of history. And then she immediately threw out some of the cheese because she didn't trust it, and then the freezer got accidentally unplugged and it all went to waste. Like imagine being a nurse working at a hospital right then, when anxiety was high and people were panic buying. You want to get some groceries on the way home to feed your kids, but everything's been touched and/or bought out by fucking Amberlynn Reid. What a world.

ETA i also hopes she starts out strong with a big list of grand resolutions or 127 reasons why she wants to lose weight, etc. Those are great. I especially can't wait to hear how 2021 "rolls off the tongue," how much some random dumb thing like an account name means to her, or how she needs to know how much she weighs TO. THE. OUNCE!

ETA2: there is too much lore about this boring bitch, so please excuse the question: has she ever addressed why she doesn't just get a fucking sleep assessment? I know she blames vague sleep problems on vague trauma, but sleeping sitting up is beyond extra. Love yourself Amber and get a cpap machine so you can get a better night's sleep!
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What I actually hope for:

Destiny ditches Dana upon which AL dumps Becky and we get a AL & Dusty saga with Eric and Becky spilling the beans. Becky always gave me the impression that she has a vicious streak that comes out when provoked.

What may happen instead:

New car - Becky finally too fat to fit into current car
Marriage - F U Dusty
Covid Vaccine drama (lots of clickbait)
New pillow mountain saga with muk bangs
More MUH MENTALZ is bad
More fixing Muh Sleep Schedule
More tacky, new shit for her to touch once and then never again. (I wonder if she saw the new health anxiety journal on Amazon? Perfect gift for her.)
More coloring books and toys
Cats being even more neglected
Twinkie's nails growing even longer or her liver finally giving out - she looks exactly like a Chihuahua I knew, who had liver disease cause the owner wouldn't stop feeding her human food paired with too many treats - which I am sure Amber does as well

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My predictions:

1st January: Amber starts a new diet. She’s super excited, it’s the first day of her new life. This is the best diet she’s ever tried, just like every single diet she tried before this one. She MIGHT weigh in for us (I’d guess around 530 lbs), but I suspect she’ll keep her weight private.

3rd January: what has changed since starting her new diet. She feels lighter, she can cook without sitting, her breathing is so much better. Now she’s trying to fix her sleeping schedule.

5th January: crying video. Amber admits she hasn’t been following the new diet, she actually binged every single night but tried to use positive affirmation. However, it didn’t work and she can’t keep on with the diet because of mentulz, cellulitis and fat. She’ll go back to weight watchers.


12 January: crying, for whatever reason. It might be because of cancer, because of cellulitis, or because she’s a fat, dumb bitch.

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How sustainable is this YT gig in the long run? I'm surprised she's managed to squeeze this much out of it but being subject to YT's whims isn't a good place to be.

I’m betting on this. YouTube is getting increasingly more retarded with its independent creators and its about time Gorl branched out onto other platforms. Amber hasn’t heard of any platform other than tiktok however and I’m not sure her followers will follow her into the cyber Wild West that is bitchute etc.

These are the questions for 2021 - which will drop first, Amber’s corpse or Amber’s adsense? And if the latter will Null put the subsequent chimpout on the homepage?
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