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Johnny Bravo

Even when he's describing something he apparently enjoys he sounds pissed off.

He's also terrible at delivering a coherent narrative. It sounds almost like he recorded this all in one shot with nothing more than a hastily scribbled list of shorthand notes. Even though most of these shorts were new to me, I don't feel like I learned anything.
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Roger Rabbit

A rabbit who should die
Alright, thanks, but he does have to get his sources from somewhere, right? He can't just automatically know his information, he has to do research, which is what he did.
There's a little thing called plagiarism. He committed it.

Also, I know at least more about animation before he was even on the internet.
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AP 297

He talks too fast and needs to script better. The guy is a just constantly doing run on sentences and talking way to fast to the point he is losing his breath.

It is like a monotone teen voice running 90 mph into nowhere.

It almost reminds me of the MicroMachines man and Comic book guy from the Simpsons crossing paths.

This guy just makes no sense.

He calls using people instead of puppets, "Pixellation"‽ WTF, he really needs to do better research, it was like it was written by a 12 year old.

"I have a lot of research to do" - Understatement of the year!