Skitzocow Eric Dubay - Flat-earther, neonazi, rapper, vegetarian

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man in pickle armor
Sep 21, 2016
Eric Dubay is a flat earth believer that has had a decent amount of traction recently. He is also into vegetarianism, jewish conspiracies, being a neonazi, and making quality rap music.

He has a youtube channel filled with flat earth explanations

Jewish conspiracies

Science denial

Rap music

his facebook page

as well as his facebook group

his many books

his website

All of this is barely scratching the surface, there is just so much content so sift through.

Phil Ken Sebben

The Potato Whisperer.
Dec 11, 2013
These idiots make my head hurt.

If they actually thought about this for a moment and used their brains they'd realize that none of what they're talking about made any sense.


By your genders combined, I am Captain Tumblr
True & Honest Fan
Mar 15, 2016
All the gobbledegook aside, even supposing the Earth was flat.. why would there be a huge global (discal?) conspiracy to keep it quiet and make everyone think it was spherical? I can't see what purpose that would serve. Like, what difference would it make to anyone's life?

sysctl --system

its amazing that adult human beings cannot understand the concept of perception beyond ground level earth.

how do satellites work you fucking ding dong they don't just hover indefinitely at a fixed point

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