Dramacow Eric Otness /Otnesse/Pokeria1/Weedle McHairybug -


His other names include Pokeria1, Otnesse, and Weedle McHairybug. He is a batshit insane autist and religious zealot who thinks that his crazy theories are 100% true, and that everyone who disagrees with him needs to be corrected. He refers to himself as an "absolutist" because of his extreme black-and-white worldview. He has been known to create drama everywhere he goes at the slightest hint that somebody disagrees with him.

He also seems to expect reality itself to bend to his ridiculous standards, as seen by his attempts to get the character Misty (who he has a disturbing obsession with) back into the Pokemon anime. I know the video is from 2008, but he has mentioned at one point that he still thinks he can somehow bring Misty back. How he plans to do it, we may never know.

In his many, many crusades to "open people's eyes" to what he thinks is reality, he claims that he isn't really trying to change anyone's opinion, although that doesn't stop him from trying anyway. His head is so far up his ass that he just thinks that his opinions (which he thinks are facts) should just be obvious and self-evident to everyone. Of course, whenever confronted with evidence that his opinion isn't a fact, his answer is to claim that the evidence doesn't exist.

One thing that makes Eric infamous in some places is how easily he gets triggered. Things that trigger Eric Otness include Hideo Kojima, Beauty and the Beast, people who aren't Christian, gays, facts that contradict his headcanon, plot twists that he didn't see coming, and anything that could remotely be interpreted as feminist or liberal. When triggered, Eric tends to go on long rants creating enormous text walls giving every single tiny detail about why the thing he doesn't like is the spawn of Satan.

You can see Eric's mad ravings for yourself on his Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, and various different wikis including Conservapedia.

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