Horrorcow Erica Raelene Gifford / Richard T. Gifford / Sissy Baby Pansy / Pansy Gronski / Pansy Faggotte & Alfred John Schaerffer / "Master Al John" - Geriatric intersectional fetishist pretending to be a three year old girl and his sadistic master


BRUTAL beating and SEVERE raping
Sissy Baby Pansy or Pansy Gronski (born: Richard T. Gifford, legal name: Erica Raelene Gifford) is a deeply disturbed old man who's dedicated his entire life to living out his fetishes, of which there are many. He has an internet history spanning 15 years through which you can track his decline into total degeneracy and mental ruin.


Credit to @Fangsofjeff for discovering this one and to @zedkissed60 for the dox and legal documents.


Warning: Biohazard

From this point on, the contents of this thread will be very, very NSFW/NSFL
If you're not prepared to see some disturbing shit (sometimes literally), I suggest you don't open the spoilers

Early life
Richard T. Gifford was born in Neptune, New Jersey in 1961 to parents Thomas (a) and Virginia (a).

He claims several (a) times to have had his first sexual encounter at the at the age of 13 when he was allegedly forced to crossdress and prostitute himself for an older man. I was unable to confirm any of this, but I'm inclined to believe him.

He came out to his family as transgender in his twenties and officially changed his name in 1987.

He details the 1988-2002 period of his life in two blogposts (a1, a2). An excerpt:
in 1995, when it was going through a period of ALWAYS bieng in bondage, from 1997-1999, the sissy DID live in a total Bondage Lifestyle Poly-sexual House, where the sissy served as a House Maid/slave/ bondage toy...
... the sissy moved to San Diego Ca. This pic is from 1992, in the house of a Superior Male, who SO WANTED/TRIED to get Barbi addicted to popper/ pills and even cocaine. He was very, very serious in wanting to TRICK this sissy to other MALES that enjoyed using fairy TS white girls. this sissy actually did Prostitute itself for Its Owner..and after 3 times in jail ..and being beat up by REAL F Prostitutes ...
After being rescued by a Truck Driver in San Diego, this sissy was taken to the cabin/home of a Male that lived in Morrison (near Denver), CO. Within 3 days, this sissy was sucking cock, sucking cock, sucking cock.
The sissy lived as a log cabin slave for over a year, taking care of the house/cabin and serving the 50/60 different Superior Males a month, that needed a mouth to put there cock/ or a tight hole to put there cock
He claims repeatedly that in this period he was a ˝passable TS˝. The few pictures from this period he provides tell otherwise:

2002 - 2009: escalating humiliation fetish
In 2002, Richard met "Master Al John" (full name: Alfred John Schaerffer), soon moving in with him
Al John is a tranny chaser sadist extraordinaire. The pair formed a sadomasochist relationship, with Richard making his first blog (a) in 2005. This was followed by new blogs in 2006 (a) and 2007 (a). In their early content you can see further escalation in his humiliation fetish:
In 2006, Al John had Richard contact his mother and sister, the only family members still in contact with him after trooning out. He explain to them his new situation, asking them to disown him:

After first using the pseudonym "Barbi Schaerffer", he claims to have had his name legally changed to "Pansy Faggot/Faggotte". This is not true.

2009 - Present: adult baby girl
In 2009 (a), Richard decisively adopted the ABDL (adult baby/diaper lover) lifestyle, living since "permanently regressed to a 3 year old little baby girl". This has gone to such an extent that he allegedly allowed himself to be proclaimed Mentally Incompetant(a) and gave Al John legal guardianship(a). Once again, I've found no court records confirming this so I can't say if it's true or not. A few choice pictures:

Depths of degeneracy
In addition to all the typical sadistic stuff, Richard also boasts a scat and piss fetish:

Al John sometimes leaves him tied down in public:

To add an incestuous spin to this already disturbing arrangement, Al John's mother also takes part in Richard's humiliation (or at least used to until she died):
These are just some of the most notable examples. This section will be further edited in the future with more disturbing details. There's just too many to go through at once.

Blog drama
Seeing as he's a humiliation fetishist, you may think Richard would like being insulted. That however isn't the case. Twice he threatened to close down the blog due to mean comments:
https://pansy-faggotte.blogspot.com/2010/07/asinine-anonymous-jackassery.html (archive)
https://pansy-faggotte.blogspot.com/2010/08/sorry-for-drama.html (archive)

You can see the same sentiment in some comments on his youtube videos:

Erica Raelene Gifford
9906 Golden Loop
New Port Richey FL 34654
DOB February 13, 1961 (age 59)

Alfred John Schaerffer
DOB October 12, 1954 (age 65)

IMG_1580.jpg IMG_1579.jpg

blog (inactive since 2014, archived above)
new blog (a)
youtube (a)
twitter (a)
fetlife (a)
pornhub (a)
sissykiss.com (a)
facebook (a)
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Here's some stuff from his fetlife.

neighbors (1).png

Also, he might be dying.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UPDATE 12/03/2019 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
at least this sissy found out that i don't have bone marrow cancer (yeah!) ….however my red blood cells rip and shred themselves apart, causing my hemoglobin to always be very low, that in turns keeps this sissy very weak seemingly at all times....(the cancer Dr's are going to do even more testing and whatever else after the Xmas holiday)…. i still would like to meet some other TV's and sissy's that have shown interest in meeting me, but this sissy little girl is always just so weak.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UPDATE 10/28/2019 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
so now I have bone marrow cancer...….pictures and contacts will be very limited from now on ~~~ thanks to everyone that has followed me and enjoyed my pictures over the years.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UPDATE 9/12/2019 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
had final cancer surgery on 9/6, so now all this sissy has to do is wait to heal up....(yeah!)

~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE 6/16/2019~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was in the hospital again Moffitt Cancer Center (again!) from 5/22 to 6/4, it seems that area where the cancer is was infected, its healing now, (at least I can sit and type). I also had a blood disease (Christ all mighty), but that is healed a as well. the Oncologist says things are progressing nicely (despite the small setbacks, and should have the cancer in full remission, hopefully Mid July/ early August)

~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE 04/13/ 2019 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So it seems that pansy still has a few small areas of cancer in the rectum/anal region. the Cancer had spread to her tiny sissygirl balls and sissy penis shaft. it was decided by all that it would be bets just to have those area's surgically removed, thus preventing any further cancer expansion.
So basically now pansy is sexless (would post of a picture of the penectomy, but fear of being deleted deters that, unfortunately).

pansy really now is 100% incontenent, previously pansy could sometimes tell when she had to make wee-wee and poopy, however she could never hold her movements long enough. However now, by the diaper is filling, the sissy feels whats happening. Master (whose health is not all that great either) has previously stated how HE wanted all of her teeth removed, I the last 6 month the sissy has lost 4 of her teeth, (this may be cancer related or not) so soon they hopefully should all be gone
He's not letting the health problems cramp his style though! He still proudly shits his diapers in public.



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BRUTAL beating and SEVERE raping
Also, he might be dying.
I'd say I feel sorry for him, but even when castrated and on his deathbed he still somehow menages to make everything about fetishes. I mean what am I supposed to think of this:
the Cancer had spread to her tiny sissygirl balls and sissy penis shaft.it was decided by all that it would be bets just to have those area's surgically removed, thus preventing any further cancer expansion.
So basically now pansy is sexless...

...i still would like to meet some other TV's and sissy's that have shown interest in meeting me


being beat up by REAL F Prostitutes ...

Holy shit lmao. I want to know more about what happened there. I'm just imagining it went down something like him trying to engage them in conversation with awful attempts at sounding feminine, basically attempting to make them participate in his fetish. If I was a hooker I'd probably beat his ass too for my own perceived safety.

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The subject is.... very unfortunate. I thought I’d be used to shit-eating degeneracy by now, but this is a very well-written OP. Newbies, take note. This is how it’s done.

Agreed this is a lovely OP. It was easy to read, wasn’t too long, and made good use of the spoiler tag with appropriate warnings. Amazing job!

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