Artcow Erik "Taz" Mokracek / MollyHaleIsMyFriend / MGHSHour / CowboyErik and Anti-Classix - How an autistic 38-year old attracts the attention of a whole slew of other autists

Is Erik a paedo?

  • No, just a emotionally stumped man

    Votes: 193 27.0%
  • Yes, and a scary one at that

    Votes: 179 25.0%
  • I don't even know

    Votes: 343 48.0%

  • Total voters

I’d like to think he’s talking about colorful tranny rocks and how morally unrighteous he thinks they are, a la One Angry Gamer, as opposed to just referring to sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll.
See, I thought he was referring to Adult Swim, since it premiered in 2001 and therefore isn't nostalgic for him. That and I think being a four years old forever manchild means that anything vaguely complicated and adult beyond drinking beer goes over his head.


I just realized the real problem with that image is the photo of a real girl. Nobody of any importance likes the live action shit on Cartoon Network.
Ironic that this is one of the few times he uses a picture of a real-life kid as opposed to a random picture of a cartoon kid. Erik should've at least put a picture of Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory or one of The Powerpuff Girls instead of a live-action kid.

This is kinda creepy, tbh.


Child of the 80s (or early 90s at least)
I think the girl was from Barney.
I think you're right. My sister used to make me watch Barney all the time and I think that's the girl who always carried that teddy bear around with her. Plus the clothes she's wearing just screams "early 90s".

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