Artcow Erik "Taz" Mokracek / MollyHaleIsMyFriend / MGHSHour / CowboyErik and Anti-Classix - How an autistic 38-year old attracts the attention of a whole slew of other autists

Is Erik a paedo?

  • No, just a emotionally stumped man

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  • Yes, and a scary one at that

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The Caillou fic is the most based thing I've ever read. Highlights:
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Is Erik okay?
Holy Saint Assburger, that is some DARK kid's shit. Erik's clearly going through his 'teenage edgelord' phase of psychosocial development. About right for a 40 year old slow-in-the-mind.

*edit* I'm puzzled. what's autistic about this post? is that Caillou story not the exceptional individual-equivalent of edgelord fanfic?
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This is probably his way of dealing with the stress of this virus shit.

Maybe somebody close to him was affected.
These were written a month ago, before shit really went down in the US. If these were written within the last two, maybe three weeks I'd agree that this is how a autistic manchild deals with plague 2.0. But since they're not I'm going to say this is most likely Erik being Erik, especially since he's written word salads featuring spanking before.

And while the second one does likely have something to do with Coronavirus, again, last month was before it got bad here. I'm more inclined to believe that he saw and heard things from his parents (or Cassie's) favorite news programs and was inspired to turn it into a story because he's literally a exceptional manchild. Like the way a young child would interpret a serious news story they hear but don't understand.