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Proud self-hating degenerate is a magical place full of creative talent. Over a thousand games have been posted there by a diverse set of varying groups ranging from trannies to furries and even people who want to be magically turned into inanimate objects. There's a ton of femdom, cuckolding, bestiality, and ABDL to explore in this amazing repository of independently developed video games.
Might I interest you in the wholesome story of a totally-not-underage schoolboy who is forced to become a tranny and is then raped repeatedly? Not your thing? What about a similar story except it's an IT guy who sucks so bad at his job that his boss forces him to become a tranny (and he's presumably raped too)? Maybe the tale of a guy who's girlfriend forces him to become a tranny and then goes on to fuck a nigger is more up your alley. Perhaps trannies aren't your thing at all. Maybe we could switch things up with Dungeons and dragons except everything wants to rape you. Hell, there's even an erotic civilization clone to bring out the master strategist in you.
Did I mention there's a forum? Because there totally is. You can discuss your favorite projects and any games you're currently working on there. Or you can hop in on some hot roleplay action with the other fine members of this community.
This place truly has everything you could ever want. And it's only one click away!
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Sounds like it has potential but you might want to add some examples of actual users on the website and/or. even better any drama going on. Grab some good forum snippets, expand the OP a bit and this could be a good addition to CW.


Proud self-hating degenerate
Is there anything funny about the people there?
It might take a bit of digging to find any gold in the forums. But this is a community that centers around making fap material for trannies and furfags. I'd be hard pressed to imagine there's no ridiculous shit to be found there. I'll be back.

Nauseated Courgi

It's an Ass-Fuck-Get-Fucked world out there


Definitely not poisonous.
...So no consenticles, huh? Pass.

In all seriousness, though, what's with all the rape? Not just on that site, but in general. Especially when it comes to fantasy and sci-fi themed stuff. Is consent not sexy or something?