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Based schizophrenic
It's kind of amazing how a fucking leaf managed to piss off Klein so much. (Also what day does his podcast air?)


Based schizophrenic
God damn, man. I'm watching that H3 Podcast now and it's so fucking infuriating because on one hand I feel like he responds to a lot of the criticisms very well, he concedes on things like the PewDiePie debacle, etc. But he has such a smug, condescending demeanor for a lot of shit. E.g. in the first section, when he's discussing that whole leafy shit, he says "you'd think after doing hours of research, he'd know that Leafy was the one who came up with the idea of doing a video in the first place"; I don't think anyone thought Leafy was a saint or that he wasn't doing shit like this. But for Ethan (at least when I first saw them), it was the first time people saw that really cunty, two-facedness that's only gotten worse over time.
At one point, when addressing the whole criticism with him focusing solely on podcasts instead of making content for his main channel, he just straight up says "yeah, so, what's wrong with that?" when the whole argument Gokanaru was making was that "do as many podcasts as you want, just don't give up on making your main channel videos because not many give a shit about your podcast".
There's a bunch of times where he uses the words "that's just him speculating" and in particular the words "bad faith argument" when Goku tries to put forth ideas for shit as a really dickish way to just dismiss his entire arguments. Like it's a bad faith argument for him to suggest that Ethan would lead people along with the idea of making videos on people he doesn't like (which I whole-heartedly believe is still the case, but he didn't want to own up to that). Another example I picked up on was when he was debunking the whole joke thief shit, where he says "well if you have a suspicion that this might just be dumb gossip, then why are you talking about it, too?", when chances are he'd never even address this shit had it not been brought up in Goku's video.
I get him doing this for the sake of brevity, but he just completely cut out the seventh and eighth chapters that makes him look like an unfunny retard, which was kind of funny. That also skips over the part where Goku says "Ethan, the only reason people like you is because you dress up like a retard. No one gives a shit about your politics."
I'm going through that Shoenice part, now, and it pisses me off how he says "why are you insulting Shoenice by calling him a crippling/raging alcoholic?"

Those are just some of the points I've noticed. You'd think if this was such a shit video, he would've addressed it when it came out instead of pretending like it doesn't exist until Keemstar had to put it up on his channel for the world at large to see.

EDIT: Watched more of the ShoeNice thing. Klein playing the full context of the clip (where ShoeNice participated in it) is actually pretty damning, and it's probably the best argument he's made in that entire podcast. But he fucks it up by bringing in the whole "oh well he didn't shit on Keemstar when Keemstar said ldsaklfedklsadkfl" when, like the Leafy thing, everyone knows Keem is a shitty person. For Ethan to be this moralfag who cries about how awful it is to make fun of Joey's World Tour and then go and make fun of ShoeNice, even if ShoeNice doesn't take it personally, just feels hypocritical. Same thing with that whole Jeff Bezos donation shaming thing Some Ordinary Gamers brought up in his video.
Also I'm laughing at them calling the whole ending sketch graphic and Hila saying she was uncomfortable watching it.
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BoJack Horseman

Back in the 00s...
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to summarize the podcast

Ethan: guess what, we have a surprise special guest. Hi, (person I wronged a long time ago!) Hey special guest, you forgive me, right?
special guest: uh, yeah, whatever
Ethan: see?
More like
"Uh, yeah I think."
-gets more nervous-
"No no I-"
-4 minutes earlier-
I think JonTron just clammed up, he was just nervous. I wonder why.

BoJack Horseman

Back in the 00s...
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Ethan trying to get on the current "Fuck the Police" wave:

Archive (720p):
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TL;DW Jewish man admits to a felony (drug trafficking) saying he wouldn't have gotten away with it if he was black.

His take on #AllLivesMatter:
"That's like saying you have 20 houses in a neighborhood and one of them is on fire. And the fire department shows up and starts squirting water on all the houses. And you go "what are you doing, this house is on fire, and the firefighter goes "well, all the houses matter"."

Then he finishes the video with "Yeah I've been a hypocrite, I've said the n-word on my podcast. I thought it was in a context that was okay. But sometimes a hypocrite represents a man who is in the process of changing".

Overall he seemed less preachy than his usual self, no obnoxious mocking or yelling.